Midi Ragtime Recorder Ensemble
Last updated: 18.04.22
The Midi Ragtime Recorder Ensemble was formed in September 2002 for the purpose of demonstrating the sheet music published by Ditty Box Enterprises. Their first piece was The Crush Collision March (1896) by Scott Joplin which was recorded on 24th September 2002.
As the ensemble's name suggests, this group is not "flesh-and-blood" but resides in various programmes and on various computers to be found in the Ditty Box Enterprises office. For the sake of humanising this interesting group, the following avatars have been selected for the various voices making up the ensemble:
Melody, tenor up to sopranino midi recorders: Lisa Simpson, Angela Anaconda, Lucy van Pelt
Rhythm, tenor down contra bass midi recorders: Pippi Langstrumpf, Elizabeth Allen, Wendy Darling
On occasions they are joined by Alice Liddel when performing the odd septet.
Their manner of music making is quite extraordinary. After a score has been written using a program called Capella 2002, this score is then converted into a midi file by the same programme. Now this midi file is not particularly interesting because a number of musical features are lacking. The midi file is then therefore converted to a wav file by an aptly named program called Midi2Wav Recorder. In this program, a stereo effect is introduced whereby the various voices form a horseshoe on stage, the highest voice being on the right and the lowest on the left facing the audience. The next step is to add dynamics (sometimes louder or quieter) and this is done in a wav file editor program called WaveLab whereby the volume level is changed over the various passages. The wav file is then equalised by MMWave2K Equaliser and is thus ready for recording. The equalised wav file is also converted into an mp3 format for use in Internet, especially at MP3.com when it was still a going concern.
This ensemble plays with fantastic accuracy with regard to pitch and timing as well as being in perfect harmony. They can change instruments at lightning speed without a hiccup. Their only defects are in the dynamics area and the limitations of the midi recorder which do not really compete with real recorders.
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