Books Galore
Last updated: 19.12.19
Quite frankly, my books are in a mess. When this site was started in the beginning of 1997, only my source song books were listed. As time has passed and the recorder webpages started to develop, more and more books, particularly for composers, have come in. Initially only books that were in my personal library and which I could vouch for were mentioned but due to the fact that most of my books, as indeed myself, are out-of-print and as such my mentioning of these sources is not of much assistance to people trying to find such books today. The purpose of this webpage is to tie everything regarding books together and to try to explain the mad logic behind it. (Blame it on the corned-beef and beer!) Oh, and before I start, books that can be found in my personal library are marked bold and black The word library in these webpages initially signified personal possession. This definition is now extended to include works relevant to this whole website (i.e. my lifetime repertoire of folk and recorder music) or to put it another way, if someone felt disposed to make a present of the named books then be assured, they'd have made a life-long friend.
The library has three main groups namely:
Reference Books: General |  American |  Australian |  Canadian |  Chinese |  Dutch |  English |  French |  German |  Irish |  Maritime |  NZ |  Norwegian |  Plattdüütsche Bücher |  Pub |  Sacred Harp |  Scottish |  Tyneside |  Welsh |  Yorkshire | 
Music Books: |  Brass |  Ceilidh |  Choral |  Composer |  Jazz |  Performer |  Pipe |  Ragtime |  Recorder |  Tutors | 
Folk Songbooks: General |  American |  Australian |  Beatle's |  Canadian |  Children's |  Chilean |  Chinese |  Dutch |  English |  French |  German |  Gospel |  Greek |  Irish |  New Zealand |  Norwegian |  Plattdeutsch |  Pub |  Sacred Harp |  Scottish |  Sea Songs |  Tyneside |  Welsh |  Yorkshire | 
These group sections will be greatly increased as the site develops.
Books in the library are give a pretty full description as to content, ISBN number, publisher, author and as often or not, personal and detailed anecdotes and reviews. Surfers to these pages are invited to send their own Book Review, which if considered fit will the be added to the anecdotes and reviews.