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Men of Brass!

Men of Brass is the ringing title of an old LP record that I possess (Columbia: SMC 74 107) on which the combined bands of the Fairey, Foden's and B.M.C (Morris Motors) can be heard being conducted by Sir Malcom Sargent. For me, this LP record underscores the idea that brass is a man's business. Sorry ladies, I know many of you play at least as well and better than most men but it must surely be admitted that the brass world - be it band or quintet - is dominated by the male sex. A brass instrument is generally the instrument of choice for an Englishman with cojones, as much as the bagpipe is for the hairy Scot - no sissy stuff here!
My first acquaintance with the men of brass goes back to the late 1940's when I saw and heard the Regimental Band of the Worcestershire Regiment playing on the bandstand, set on an island in an artificial lake in Gheluvelt Park. Now for those not in the know, this park was set up for the "sons' of rest" commemorating the actions of the gallant 2nd Battalion of the Worcestershires who saved the day with their counterattack when the lines broke at Gheluvelt during the first battle of Ypres in November 1914. All stirring stuff for the little macho twerp that I then was and the start of a life-long admiration for brass instruments and their players.
Fast forward some 6 years or so to being a 13-year-old cadet marching behind the Bugle Band of Worcester Royal Grammar School CCF (Combined Cadet Force) proudly wearing the same regimental badge of Worcesters mentioned before down the lane to Flag Meadow, the school's principal sports ground for our annual review. Whilst not exactly Windsor Palace or the Royal Marines - a stirring enough occasion and the annual parades between 1953 and 1957 made an indelible mark on the conviction that brass was special.
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     Composer Title Performer
youtube15.jpg J.S. Bach Jesu, Joy of Mans Desiring - 2009 (3:43) Harmonic Brass Munich
youtube15.jpg G. Gershwin Harmonic Brass in Eningen: West Side Story - 2015 (11:06) Harmonic Brass Munich
youtube15.jpg N. Paganini Carnival of Venice - 2009 (7:55) Harmonic Brass Munich
youtube15.jpg M. Ravel Bolero - 2009 (7:49) Harmonic Brass Munich
youtube15.jpg F. Mendelssohn Sommernachtstraum - 2013 (14:26) Harmonic Brass Munich
youtube15.jpg G. Rossini The Barber of Seville - 2009 (5:14) Harmonic Brass Munich
youtube15.jpg Miscellaneous Mouse and Friends - Harmonic Brass in Crimmitschau - 2012 (6:35) Harmonic Brass Munich