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Dear friends and relatives, esteemed customers, aficionados of brass, folk and recorder music and all those other welcome cyberspace visitors who find themselves on this webpage,
Quite frankly, I'm getting past it! Already in an acute pre-senile phase when starting these pages in 1997, I have now descended into a "couldn't give a damm" phase and have become your actual "grumpy old man". The ever increasing tide of e-mails and astronomical volumes of spam overwhelming this domain has taken its toll. I can no longer cope with the present situation and have regretfully taken the step of removing all mailto: links from these webpages. (The experts tell me this is a very good way to reduce spam!). Of course I love to hear from you all and indeed welcome correspondence but I would be exceedingly grateful if you would observe the following guidelines.
Please give a meaningful reference in the heading to your e-mail, especially to avoid the dreaded over-enthuastic spam filter.

CD and sheet music oders are generally dealt within 1 working day. If you have not heard from us within 3 working days SOMETHING HAS GONE WRONG. Please do not hesitate to e-mail us again and please give your Customer No. if you have one.
Surfer aus Deutschland:
Hier versteht man Deutsch. Wenn Sie wollen, können Sie uns Ihre Nachrichten ins Deutsch verfassen. Aus Zeitgründen werden jedoch unsere Antworten auf Englisch geschrieben.
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If you lack a sense of humour then please do not use this link. No harm or insults are intended. Happily only one surfer has taken offence since 2004. In general if you cannot find the item you are looking for using our internal search/contact webpage then we know no more than you. If you have time you might try this useful and amusing search link given above.
Friends and Relatives:
E-mail is not the best way to contact me in urgent matters. If possible or convenient then please use the phone, fax or send me a post card. Real greeting cards are much treasured, virtual ones are for the majority of my generation infra dig.
You have not received an answer?
This may be because:
  1. We have had a head crash.
  2. Our E-mail/Anti-Spam software has mucked things up.
  3. Our provider has mucked things up.
  4. Confusion/Forgetfullness: This old codger has an endearing habit of occasionally replying to an e-mail more than once in the belief that he has not yet answered it. He also has a less endearing habit of believing that he has answered an e-mail when in fact he has not.
Whatever the reason, please do not hestitate to remind me.

Geoff Grainger, January 2005