Ed. Kuhn 
Last updated: 18.11.18
All that is known about Ed. E. Kuhn has been gleaned from the covers of his still existing sheet music which date from 1908 to 1927. He is best known in ragtime circles for his Corn Shucks Rag (1908) and Pickled Beets Rag (1909) both of which were published by the Kansas City publisher, J. W. Jenkins Son's Music Co. He is also known for a handful of marches, songs, etc.

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b00pc182os_m.jpgJust a Little Kiss From a Little Miss
By Ed. Kuhn.
Publisher: J.W. Jenkins' Sons Music Co.
Suppliers: flag15us.gif
Printed: 1927. Sheet Music.
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DBE615 Corn Shucks Rag (1908) - March & Two Step
A+D/T/T/T/B/GB(B), approx. 3 mins.
1-2 days
DBE618 Glad Smiles (1909) - Intermezzo Two Step
A/T/T+D/B/B/GB(B), approx. 4¼ mins.
1-2 days
DBE616 Pickled Beets Rag (1909)
A/T/T/B/GB(B), approx. 3¾ mins.
1-2 days
DBE617 Some Pumpkins (1908) - March and Two Step
A/T/T/B/GB(B), approx. 4¾ mins.
1-2 days
     Title Instruments Remarks
sm15.gif Corn Shucks Rag (1908) A+D/T/T/B/GB(B) dbe15.gifmp315.gif
sm15.gif Glad Smiles (1909) A/T/T+D/B/B/GB(B) dbe15.gifmp315.gif
sm15.gif Pickled Beets Rag (1909) A/T/T/B/GB(B) dbe15.gifmp315.gif
sm15.gif Some Pumpkins (1908) A/T/T/B/GB(B) dbe15.gifmp315.gif
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 7 works by Ed. Kuhn. It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Key: Electronic Resource Items
Title Year Co-Author Words By Remarks
Black Beauty 1904  wvicon.gif
Corn Shucks Rag (1908) 1908  wvicon.gif
Some Pumpkins (1908) 1908  wvicon.gif
Glad Smiles (1909) 1909  wvicon.gif
Pickled Beets Rag (1909) 1909 Words & Music by Kuhn  wvicon.gif
If I Ever Cry 1925 Sylvia Clark, Bobbie Kuhn  wvicon.gif
Just a Little Kiss From a Little Miss 1927  amazon15.gif wvicon.gif
     Title Dur Composer Performer Score/Song
youtube15.jpg Black Beauty 2:33 E. Kuhn  Ragtime Dorian Henry
youtube15.jpg Corn Shucks Rag 2:24 E. Kuhn  Ragtime Dorian Henry Corn Shucks Rag (1908)
youtube15.jpg Pickled Beets Rag 3:00 E. Kuhn  Ragtime Dorian Henry Pickled Beets Rag (1909)
youtube15.jpg Some Pumpkins 3:46 E. Kuhn  Ragtime Dorian Henry Some Pumpkins (1908)