Glad Smiles (1909)
Intermezzo Two Step
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Composer: E. Kuhn Suppliers: dbe15.gif
Editor: Geoff Grainger Sextet A/T/T+D/B/B/GB(B)
Publisher: Ditty Box Enterprises Publication: DBE 618
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Length: approx. 4¼ mins.
The pictorial Glad Smiles as depicted on the cover of the original sheet music is a bevy of five smiling beauties bound up and made into a bouquet of red roses set against a tasteful pale blue pastel background. The intermezzo itself is a happy charming affair in AABBAACCCC with a 6-bar introduction and an 8-bar interlude the splitting the CC-strains. The AB- and C-strains are written in the major keys of F and Bb respectively.
In this adaptation for recorder sextet, there is quite a bit of bar-counting to be done except for the basses who have a whale of time with long solo passages and a little walking bass. The treble and 1st tenor both have melodies whilst the 2nd tenor has the joy of alternating to descant. A great ensemble piece to bring glad smiles all around!
Glad Smiles was published by J.W. Jenkins' Sons Music Co., Kansas City, Missouri, USA.
A tempo of 80 crotchets/min. is suggested.
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