Got My Dancin' Boots On
Last updated: 22.11.22
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  1. Goin' To The Barn Dance
  2. Somebody's Been Using That Thing
  3. That Brown Skin Gal
  4. Solita
  5. Who Walks In When I Walk Out
  6. Oh Baby Blues
  7. Corn Shucks Rag (1908), Ed. Kuhn
  8. Some Of These Days, Shelton Brooks
  9. Tunes From Home Schottische
  10. The Painting
  11. Jessie Polka
  12. Mineola Rag (1930), by the East Texas Serenaders
  13. Going Back To My Texas Home
  14. Draggin' The Bow
  15. Everybody's Tryin' To Be My Baby
  16. Don't Let The Deal Go Down
  17. Beaumont Rag (1928), Anon
  18. Barnacle Bill The Sailor
  19. The Harvest Hop (1908) Charles L. Johnson's Barn Dance, Chas. L. Johnson
  20. Ragged Edges, Otto Frey
  21. Blessed Be The Name