The Mobile Prance (1901)
Characteristic March, Cake Walk or Polka
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Composer: C.B. Brown Suppliers: dbe15.gif
Editor: Geoff Grainger Sextet A/T/T/B+T/B/GB(B)
Publisher: Ditty Box Enterprises Publication: DBE 388
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Length: approx. 3¾ mins.
With The Mobile Prance the publisher was obviously covering all bets as can be seen from the subtitle of Characteristic March, Cake Walk or Polka. A later edition even included the word "Rag" on the front cover. As it is the work itself is a very pleasant piece with charming, folksy strains. Its form is AABBACCDC with a 4-bar introduction. In this adaptation for recorder the A,B and C melodies are shared by the treble and 1st tenor voices. The D strain is perhaps better described as a 16-bar interlude opening with a dialogue between the melody and rhythm sections and concluding with a dramatic crescendo of chords leading into the final triumphant C strain.
The Mobile Prance was published by Chas. K. Harris, New York, USA.
A tempo of 80 crotchets/min. is suggested.
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