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Pub and Music Hall Songs
Geoff Grainger
Last updated: 04.09.21
pub15.gif Pub Songs heard in England and the Royal Navy pub15.gif
The pub and music-hall songs listed below are represent perhaps about only a third of this class of song that I have sung in public at some stage in my life. I have only listed those songs which I have taken into my unpublished song books. This list may be extended if I ever get round to completing this task.
Music-hall and pub songs together with nursery rhymes formed the first encounter with the world of music which started on my mothers knee. They provided the staple self-entertainment for my seven-member family (parents, 1 brother and 3 sisters) in the 1940's and early 1950's. My father was a natural entertainer and had a huge repertoire of jokes, pub songs and monologues. My mother, too, was no slouch and was au fait with all the well-known and lesser-known nursery rhymes. She even had some songs that I've never seen in print or heard from others. Chiefly in winter, we would sit in a tiny back-room (the only heated room in the house) round a coke-fire and sing these songs. All had to a "turn" even the youngest.
Later as radio and television came into our lives, variety and music-hall programmes in both media gradually took over our family sing-songs (sadly when looking-back but in those days we were quite in-step with the march of time and bang-up-to-date). On joining the Royal Navy in 1957, pub-singing entered my life which I very much enjoyed until leaving the service in 1968. This was generally in the meaner pubs in Portsmouth and Plymouth as well as in the various fleet-canteens around the world (Gibraltar, Malta, Singapore, Hong Kong) not forgetting the tiny bars just outside the Singapore Royal Navy Base in the kampong of Sembewang. Since then I have never sung any of these songs, except for once or twice with Brian Kelly in the Irish Pub, Schnoor, Bremen.
For those dear surfers that don't know, music-hall songs were quite complicated. They generally were made up of two tunes and sets of lyrics, one, a narrative-part for the performer and the other, a chorus for the listeners. The chorus was normally sung twice.
The pub "singing" that I knew and loved was a raucous affair. It was just one long never-ending medley of one verse songs or choruses from music-hall songs. The main thing was that it had to be as loud as possible.

Geoff Grainger, Bremen-Vegesack, January 2001

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     Title Files Remarks
pub15.gif All by Yourself in the Moonlight  nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Ballad of Jack the Ripper, The  nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Bill Bailey won't you please come home  notes5usa.gif notes5uk.gif notes5de.gif notes5fr.gif  nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Champagne Charlie  notes5usa.gif  nlyrics.gifmp315.gif
pub15.gif Come Landlord Fill the Flowing Bowl  nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me A Bow Wow  notes5de.gif notes5fr.gif  nlyrics.gifmidi15.gif
pub15.gif Daisy Bell  notes5de.gif notes5fr.gif  nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Don't Dilly Dally on the Way  notes5usa.gif notes5uk.gif  nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Drinking Song  notes5usa.gif notes5uk.gif notes5de.gif notes5fr.gif  nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Eleven more months and ten more days  nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif For he's a jolly good fellow  notes5usa.gif notes5uk.gif notes5de.gif notes5fr.gif  nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Glorious Beer  mp315.gif nscore.gif
pub15.gif Good Night Ladies  nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Goodnight Sweetheart  notes5usa.gif notes5uk.gif notes5de.gif notes5fr.gif  nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Happy birthday to you  notes5usa.gif notes5uk.gif notes5de.gif notes5fr.gif  nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif  Happy days and lonely nights  nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Happy days are here again  notes5usa.gif notes5uk.gif notes5de.gif notes5fr.gif  nlyrics.gifmidi15.gif
pub15.gif Hatikvah  nlyrics.gifmidi15.gif
pub15.gif Havah Nagilah  nlyrics.gifmidi15.gif
pub15.gif Henery the Eighth I Am  nlyrics.gifmp315.gif
pub15.gif How the money rolls in  nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif I'll be Your Sweetheart  notes5usa.gif notes5uk.gif  nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Jolly Good Company (Here we are again)  notes5usa.gif notes5uk.gif notes5de.gif notes5fr.gif  nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Knees Up Mother Brown  notes5de.gif notes5fr.gif  nlyrics.gifmp315.gif
pub15.gif Leaning on a lamppost  nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Lilli Marlene  notes5usa.gif notes5uk.gif notes5de.gif notes5fr.gif  nlyrics.gifmidi15.gif
pub15.gif Mama don't allow no beer drinking here  
pub15.gif Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner  notes5de.gif notes5fr.gif  nlyrics.gifmidi15.gif
pub15.gif My Old Dutch  nlyrics.gif pdfunav15.gif
pub15.gif My Old Man's a Dustman  nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Nellie Dean  nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif  Nobody loves a fairy when she's forty  nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Oh I Do Like to Be Be Beside the Seaside  nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Old Dun Cow, The  nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Quartermaster's Stores  nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Run Rabbit Run!  nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Show Me The Way To Go Home  notes5usa.gif notes5uk.gif notes5de.gif notes5fr.gif  nlyrics.gifmp315.gif
pub15.gif Side by side  notes5usa.gif notes5uk.gif notes5de.gif notes5fr.gif  nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Sugartime  notes5usa.gif notes5uk.gif  nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif There is a Tavern in the Town  notes5usa.gif notes5uk.gif  nlyrics.gifmidi15.gifmp315.gif
pub15.gif Waiting at the church  notes5de.gif notes5fr.gif  nlyrics.gif pdfunav15.gif
pub15.gif We'll meet again  nlyrics.gifmidi15.gif
pub15.gif Whelk Song, The  nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif When I grow too old to dream  notes5usa.gif notes5uk.gif notes5de.gif notes5fr.gif  nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif When I'm Cleaning Windows  nlyrics.gifmidi15.gif
     Title Performer Song
youtube15.jpg Adeline (1930) (2:49) Ella Shields
youtube15.jpg Agatha Green (4:22) Margaret Cooper
youtube15.jpg Alabamy Bound (1925) (2:55) Blossom Seeley
youtube15.jpg Algy (1904) (0:59) Vesta Tilley
youtube15.jpg All by Yourself in the Moonlight (2:50) Eddie Grossbart All by Yourself in the Moonlight
youtube15.jpg All of a Sudden It Struck Me (1915) (3:01) George Formby Sr.
youtube15.jpg And That's That (1915) (4:04) George Robey
youtube15.jpg Angel Eyes (1910) (3:17) Elida Morris
youtube15.jpg Any Old Iron (3:10) Harry Champion
youtube15.jpg  Bill Are We To Part Like This (2:55) Kate Carney
youtube15.jpg Arf a Pint of Ale (3:20) Gus Elen
youtube15.jpg 'Arry, 'Arry (1902) Arry (2:32) Alec Hurley
youtube15.jpg As I Strode Out One Morning (4:16) Stella Mayhew
youtube15.jpg At the Football Match Last Saturday (1897) (2:32) Mark Sheridan
youtube15.jpg At Trinity Church I Met My Doom (1934) (3:02) Tom Costello
youtube15.jpg Baby Sister Blues (2:31) Duncan Sisters
youtube15.jpg Baby (1898) Baby (2:45) Minnie Emmett
youtube15.jpg A Bad Bad Woman (2:37) Julie Wilson
youtube15.jpg The Barrister (19--) (4:04) George Robey
youtube15.jpg  Bedelia (1904) (3:05) Lloyd Morgan
youtube15.jpg Belgium Put The Kibosh On The Kaiser (1915) (2:50) Mark Sheridan
youtube15.jpg Bill Bailey won't you please come home (3:49) Monty Sunshine Bill Bailey won't you please come home
youtube15.jpg Bill Bailey Wont You Please Come Home (3:23) Ella Fitzgerald Bill Bailey won't you please come home
youtube15.jpg Billiards (1934) (5:05) Harry Tate
youtube15.jpg Black and Blue Blues (3:19) Duncan Sisters
youtube15.jpg The Blasted Oak (3:13) Nellie Wallace
youtube15.jpg The Blind Boy (3:26) G.H. Chirgwin
youtube15.jpg Blue Moon (1934) (2:52) Belle Baker
youtube15.jpg Boiled Beef and Carrots (2:50) Harry Champion
youtube15.jpg  Bread and Marmalade (3:00) Sam Mayo
youtube15.jpg Bully Song (3:34) May Irwin
youtube15.jpg Bully Song (4:47) Fred Feild
youtube15.jpg Burlington Bertie (4:10) Ella Shields
youtube15.jpg Burlington Bertie (3:46) Julie Andrews
youtube15.jpg Burn My Candle (3:19) Shirley Bassey
youtube15.jpg Captain Ginjah (3:09) George Bastow
youtube15.jpg Chalk Farm to Camberwell Green (1915) (4:10) Gertie Millar
youtube15.jpg Champagne Charlie (1:32) Tommy Trinder Champagne Charlie
youtube15.jpg Champagne Charlie (1868) (5:22) Fred Feild Champagne Charlie
youtube15.jpg  Clarice Mayne Medley (7:55) Clarice Mayne
youtube15.jpg Clarice Mayne Songs (7:19) Clarice Mayne
youtube15.jpg Ma Evenin' Star Come Down (2:49) Lillian Russell
youtube15.jpg Comrades (1887) (5:20) Fred Feild
youtube15.jpg Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me A Bow Wow (3:30) Fred Feild Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me A Bow Wow
youtube15.jpg Daisy Bell (4:22) Vocoder, IBM704 and VOCALOID4 Daisy Bell
youtube15.jpg Daisy Bell (4:15) Fred Feild Daisy Bell
youtube15.jpg Dancing 'Neath The Irish Moon (1915) (3:03) Daisy Dormer
youtube15.jpg Visions of Bliss (1911) Day Dreams (3:08) Christie MacDonald
youtube15.jpg Desdemona (1927) (3:56) Billy Merson
youtube15.jpg  Did Your First Wife Ever Do That? (3:10) Marie Kendall
youtube15.jpg Dinna Forget (3:06) Gertie Gitana
youtube15.jpg Don't Dilly Dally on the Way (2:47) Unknown Don't Dilly Dally on the Way
youtube15.jpg Don't Have Any More Missus Moore (3:54) Lily Morris
youtube15.jpg Down At The Old Bull And Bush (3:00) Florrie Forde
youtube15.jpg Dream-Girl O' Mine (3:40) Chauncey Olcott
youtube15.jpg Drinking Song (2:11) Mario Lanza Drinking Song
youtube15.jpg The Dusky Salome (2:44) Maude Raymond
youtube15.jpg Eleven more months and ten more days (2:40) Lew Dite Eleven more months and ten more days
youtube15.jpg Ellaline Terriss - Early Life (0:45) Ellaline Terriss
youtube15.jpg  Every Bit of Loving (4:16) José Collins
youtube15.jpg You Beautiful Doll Everybody's Doing It Now/ Oh (3:59) Ida Barr
youtube15.jpg The Famous Whispering Whatnot (1931) (4:17) Sam Mayo
youtube15.jpg Florrie Was a Flapper (1914) (3:30) Elsie Janis
youtube15.jpg Foolish Questions (1915) (3:05) Ada Reeve
youtube15.jpg For he's a jolly good fellow (0:42) from "Some Like It Hot" (1959) For he's a jolly good fellow
youtube15.jpg The Future Mrs 'Awkins (3:51) Albert Chevalier
youtube15.jpg Georgie Took Me Walking in the Park (1:30) Clarice Mayne
youtube15.jpg The Germans Are Coming, So They Say (2:58) Harry Bedford
youtube15.jpg Germs (3:50) Alfred Lester
youtube15.jpg  Gir Gir Girl Shy (1925) (2:45) The "Star" Syncopators (Wag Abbey)
youtube15.jpg Glorious Beer (1899) (3:30) Dan W. Quinn Glorious Beer
youtube15.jpg Good Night Ladies (2:00) Mandskoret av 1914 Good Night Ladies
youtube15.jpg Molly Brown Good-Bye (2:37) Maude Raymond
youtube15.jpg Goodnight Sweetheart (3:07) Dean Martin Goodnight Sweetheart
youtube15.jpg Grandfather's Clock (1917) (3:16) George Formby Sr.
youtube15.jpg The Green Eye of the Little Yellow God (3:48) Bransby Williams
youtube15.jpg Happy Birthday to You (1:01) Infobells Happy birthday to you
youtube15.jpg Happy Birthday to You (3:50) Marilyn Monroe Happy birthday to you
youtube15.jpg Happy Days and Lonely Nights (2:10) Connie Francis Happy days and lonely nights
youtube15.jpg  Happy days are here again (3:10) Annette Hanshaw Happy days are here again
youtube15.jpg Happy Go Lucky Days 1926 (3:18) Duncan Sisters
youtube15.jpg Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly (2:25) Florrie Forde
youtube15.jpg Hatikva at Bergen-Belsen (3:44) Inmates at Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp Hatikvah
youtube15.jpg Hatikvah (2:20) Israeli children in Ashdod, Israel Hatikvah
youtube15.jpg Havah Nagilah (5:50) Jednego Serca Jednego Ducha Havah Nagilah
youtube15.jpg Hello! Hello! Who's Your Lady Friend? (2:46) Harry Fragson
youtube15.jpg Henery the Eighth I Am (3:05) Harry Champion Henery the Eighth I Am
youtube15.jpg Herbert Mundin - Life and career (2:33) Herbert Mundin
youtube15.jpg Hey Little Hen (3:03) Harry Roy
youtube15.jpg  The High Cost of Loving (3:35) Elida Morris
youtube15.jpg A High Old Time In Dixie (1899) (3:21) Ragtime Dorian Henry
youtube15.jpg A High Old Time (4:01) W. Louis Bradfield
youtube15.jpg Hock Hock Der Kaiser (1914) (1:27) Whit Cunliffe
youtube15.jpg The Honeysuckle and the Bee (1901) (8:35) Ellaline Terriss
youtube15.jpg The Honeysuckle and the Bee (1901) (2:37) Belle Davis
youtube15.jpg The Hoosier Hop 1929 (5:10) Duncan Sisters
youtube15.jpg How the money rolls in (4:50) Bledyn McWiIliams & His Group How the money rolls in
youtube15.jpg How'd You Like to Be My Daddy (1:37) Farber Sisters
youtube15.jpg Hullo Tu Tu) (1909) (3:50) Margaret Cooper
youtube15.jpg  I Ain't Never Been Kissed (3:18) Sam Brown, Jack Hylton and his Orchestra
youtube15.jpg I Do Like Cheap Sea Trips (2:54)
youtube15.jpg I do like to be beside the seaside (3:20) Florrie Forde Oh I Do Like to Be Be Beside the Seaside
youtube15.jpg I Don't Care (1904) (2:45) Lloyd Morgan
youtube15.jpg I Love A Lassie (1926) (4:05) Harry Lauder
youtube15.jpg I Never Forget I'm a Lady (1932) (4:29) Ada Reeve
youtube15.jpg I Used to Be Poor Myself (2:54) Tom E. Leamore
youtube15.jpg I Want to Be a Military Man (2:00) W. Louis Bradfield
youtube15.jpg I Want To Sing In Opera (2:37) Wilkie Bard
youtube15.jpg I Wants Yer My Honey (2:52) Ellaline Terriss
youtube15.jpg  I Was a Good Little Girl Till I Met You (3:58) Clarice Mayne
youtube15.jpg I Won't Tell A Soul I Love You (3:14) Andy Kirk
youtube15.jpg I'd Like To Live In Paris All The Time (3:27) Marie Lloyd
youtube15.jpg I'd Rather Be Blue Over You (6:11) Isabella Patricola
youtube15.jpg I'd Rather Two Step Than Waltz, Bill (2:38) Clarice Vance
youtube15.jpg I'll Be Your Rain-Beau (1902) (2:10) Minnie Emmett
youtube15.jpg I'll be Your Sweetheart (3:26) Margaret Lockwood I'll be Your Sweetheart
youtube15.jpg I'll be Your Sweetheart (1899) (1:55) Lily Hawthorne I'll be Your Sweetheart
youtube15.jpg I'm Afraid To Come Home in the Dark (2:57) Clarice Vance
youtube15.jpg I'm Following In Father's Footsteps (2:13) Vesta Tilley
youtube15.jpg  I'm Following You 1930 (3:09) Duncan Sisters
youtube15.jpg I'm Playing With Fire (1933) (5:04) Watson Sisters
youtube15.jpg I've a Bit of a Blighty One (4:48) Vesta Tilley
youtube15.jpg I've Got Rings on My Fingers (1909) (2:32) Blanche Ring
youtube15.jpg I've Got The ''Yes! We Have No Bananas'' Blues (3:17) Belle Baker
youtube15.jpg An Idle Woman's Busy Day (4:53) Marie Cahill
youtube15.jpg If He Can Fight Like He Can Love - Good Night, Germany 1918 (3:16) Farber Sisters
youtube15.jpg If It Wasn't For The 'Ouses In Between (2:05) Tom Carradine
youtube15.jpg If Those Lips Could Only Speak (2:58) Dave Derry
youtube15.jpg If Those Lips Could Only Speak (3:08) George Baker
youtube15.jpg  If You Knew Susie (1925) (3:06) Ella Shields
youtube15.jpg In the Shade of the Palm From "Florodora" (3:39) George Baker
youtube15.jpg In the Twi-Twi-Twilight (2:59) George Lashwood
youtube15.jpg Innocent Bessie Brown (3:08) Beth Tate
youtube15.jpg Interruptions - Tom Woottwell (1909) (4:15) Tom Woottwell
youtube15.jpg and It Ain't All Jam (1907) It Ain't All Honey (2:11) Vesta Victoria
youtube15.jpg It's a Bit of a Ruin That Cromwell Knocked About a Bit (2:50) Marie Lloyd
youtube15.jpg It's a Great Big Shame (1932) (2:59) Gus Elen
youtube15.jpg It's Part of a Policeman's Duty (2:19) Vesta Tilley
youtube15.jpg It's the First Time I've Ever Done That (1931) (3:44) George Robey
youtube15.jpg  Ivory Rag (2:29) Lou Busch as Joe Fingerd Carr
youtube15.jpg Jolly Good Company (2:13) Alma Cogan Jolly Good Company (Here we are again)
youtube15.jpg Jolly Good Company (1:26) Lilian (3) & June (4) Trent Jolly Good Company (Here we are again)
youtube15.jpg Jolly Good Luck To The Girl Who Loves A Soldier (1906) (2:59) Vesta Tilley
youtube15.jpg Just A Wee Deoch & Doris (1912) (4:28) Harry Lauder
youtube15.jpg Just A Wee Deoch & Doris (1912) (2:32) Dugal Cratur
youtube15.jpg Just Because She Made Dem Goo-Goo Eyes (1900) (2:05) Belle Davis
youtube15.jpg Just Like the Ivy (2:01) Marie Kendall
youtube15.jpg Just You and I and the Moon (1913) (4:30) José Collins
youtube15.jpg Keep Off the Grass (1901) (1:49) Gertie Millar
youtube15.jpg  Keep off the Grass / My Mother's Birthday (1936) (4:26) Billy Merson
youtube15.jpg Keep Right On to the End of the Road (2:51) Harry Lauder
youtube15.jpg The King's Navy (1929) (2:40) Ella Shields
youtube15.jpg Knees Up Mother Brown (1:52) ViC Gilmore Knees Up Mother Brown
youtube15.jpg Knees Up Mother Brown (12:06) Annie Woods with Lilly, Maud and Sarah Knees Up Mother Brown
youtube15.jpg The Lads From Our Village (2:38) Zona Vevey
youtube15.jpg Lambeth Walk Me and My Girl 1939 (5:05) From "Me and My Girl"
youtube15.jpg Land of Hope and Glory (3:16) Clara Butt
youtube15.jpg Land of Hope and Glory (3:22) Edna Thornton
youtube15.jpg The Last Pub (3:07) Ernest Shand
youtube15.jpg  Lazy (1924) (3:06) Blossom Seeley
youtube15.jpg Leaning on a lamppost (2:30) George Formby Leaning on a lamppost
youtube15.jpg Let's Have a Tiddley at the Milk Bar (3:13) Nellie Wallace
youtube15.jpg Lets Have the Lights Up (3:00) Chas R. Whittle
youtube15.jpg Lilli Marlene (English) (3:33) Marlene Dietrich Lilli Marlene
youtube15.jpg Lily of Laguna (3:42) Eugene Stratton
youtube15.jpg Little Annie Rooney (3:55) Arthur C. Clough
youtube15.jpg Little Annie Rooney (1890) (5:15) Fred Feild
youtube15.jpg A Little Bit of Cucumber (1915) (2:25) Harry Champion
youtube15.jpg Little Dolly Daydream (3:52) Eugene Stratton
youtube15.jpg  A Little of What You Fancy Does You Good! (3:30) Marie Lloyd
youtube15.jpg Liza Johnson (3:19) Kate Carney
youtube15.jpg Lonnie Donegan - My Old Man's a Dustman (Live) 1/6/1961 (4:06) Lonnie Donegan My Old Man's a Dustman
youtube15.jpg Finian's Rainbow Look to the Rainbow (3:21) Ella Logan
youtube15.jpg Look What Percy's Picked Up in the Park (4:24) Vesta Victoria
youtube15.jpg The Lost Chord (4:07) Clara Butt
youtube15.jpg Love Will Find A Way (1:39) José Collins
youtube15.jpg Lucy Lu (3:20) Lily Hawthorne
youtube15.jpg Mabel's Busy Day (1914) (13:13) Mabel Normand
youtube15.jpg Mabel's Married Life (1914) (14:40) Mabel Normand
youtube15.jpg  The Magic Fountain (4:03) Elizabeth Coyle
youtube15.jpg The Maiden With The Dreamy Eyes (1904) (2:21) Thomas Q. Seabrooke
youtube15.jpg Mamie May (2:51) Lily Hawthorne
youtube15.jpg The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo (2:41) Frank Dunne
youtube15.jpg Mariar (1:57) Clarice Vance
youtube15.jpg Marie Dainton - Early career (2:20) Marie Dainton
youtube15.jpg Mary Ann She's After Me (1912) (3:30) George Bastow
youtube15.jpg Matrimony (1907) (3:13) May Irwin
youtube15.jpg Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner (1:23) Echo Gamer Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner
youtube15.jpg Miners Dream of Home (4:41) Kate Rusby
youtube15.jpg  Miners Dream of Home (3:19) Peter Dawson
youtube15.jpg Miss Jose Collins (1922) (1:17) José Collins
youtube15.jpg Mixed Ginx (1934) (4:59) Harry Tate
youtube15.jpg Molly O' Morgan (1910) (2:25) Ella Retford
youtube15.jpg Montgomery and Stone perform "Gay Paree" (4:08) David Craig Montgomery
youtube15.jpg The Moody Mariner (1905) (2:26) Rutland Barrington
youtube15.jpg The Moonlight Promenade (1910) (2:42) George Lashwood
youtube15.jpg Moonstruck (1910) (3:00) Gertie Millar
youtube15.jpg Motoring (1936) (2:17) Harry Tate
youtube15.jpg You're Wrong (1908) Mr Wright (2:56) Ella Retford
youtube15.jpg  Mrs. Kelly (1901 (2:56) Dan Leno
youtube15.jpg Music Hall star & Male Impersonator Hetty King in "Performer " Part 1 (7:24) Hetty King
youtube15.jpg Music Hall star & Male Impersonator Hetty King in "Performer " Part 2 (6:19) Hetty King
youtube15.jpg Music Hall star & Male Impersonator Hetty King in "Performer " Part 3 (9:08) Hetty King
youtube15.jpg The My Fiddle is my Sweetheart (2:29) G.H. Chirgwin
youtube15.jpg My Little Deitcher Girl (3:00) Wilkie Bard
youtube15.jpg My Lou (1912) (3:38) Stella Mayhew
youtube15.jpg My Melancholy Baby (3:08) Al Bowlly
youtube15.jpg My Old Dutch (3:03) Roy Hudd My Old Dutch
youtube15.jpg My Old Dutch (1898) (1:59) Albert Chevalier My Old Dutch
youtube15.jpg  My Old Man Said Follow the Van (2:11) Jessie Wallace Don't Dilly Dally on the Way
youtube15.jpg My Sin (1929) (2:48) Belle Baker
youtube15.jpg Nellie Dean (3:23) Gertie Gitana
youtube15.jpg Nellie Dean (1:18) Gertie Gitana Nellie Dean
youtube15.jpg Never Been Courtin' Afore (1912) (3:47) George Bastow
youtube15.jpg Nobody Cares Nobody Knows (4:10) Ada Reeve
youtube15.jpg Nobody loves a fairy when she's forty (2:16) Tesse O'Shea Nobody loves a fairy when she's forty
youtube15.jpg Nobody loves a fairy when she's forty (4:30) Fairy Snowdrop. Nobody loves a fairy when she's forty
youtube15.jpg Now I Have To Call Him Father (3:01) Vesta Victoria
youtube15.jpg Now You've Got Your Khaki On (3:06) Marie Lloyd
youtube15.jpg  Oh I Do Like to Be Be Beside the Seaside (1909) (3:07) Mark Sheridan Oh I Do Like to Be Be Beside the Seaside
youtube15.jpg Oh! Blow the Scenery on the Railway Line (2:50) George Lashwood
youtube15.jpg The Old Dun Cow (2:52) The Futureheads The Old Dun Cow
youtube15.jpg Ombra mai fu (1917) (3:48) Clara Butt
youtube15.jpg On Mother Kelly's Doorstep (3:14) Randolf Sutton
youtube15.jpg Only a Hundred Girls in the World For Me (1899) (2:43) Thomas Q. Seabrooke
youtube15.jpg Oh (1911 Ouh (2:44) Charles Austin
youtube15.jpg Ow I 'ate Women (4:42) A. W. Baskcomb
youtube15.jpg The Pavement Artist (1906) (3:15) Gus Elen
youtube15.jpg Percy from Pimlico (4:19) Tom E. Leamore
youtube15.jpg  Phoebe Brown (3:56) Maude Raymond
youtube15.jpg Play Us Another Before You Go (3:10) Chas R. Whittle
youtube15.jpg Plink Plonk (1909) (4:16) George Formby Sr.
youtube15.jpg Poor John (1907) (2:34) Vesta Victoria
youtube15.jpg The Postman's Holiday' (1932) (2:38) Gus Elen
youtube15.jpg Quartermaster's Stores (2:17) The Billy Watson Band & Singers Quartermaster's Stores
youtube15.jpg Quartermaster's Stores (4:21) Dirty Ditties Quartermaster's Stores
youtube15.jpg Queen of the English Music Hall (4:30) Florrie Forde
youtube15.jpg The Rollicking Rajah (3:25) Harry Fay
youtube15.jpg Run Rabbit Run (4:54) Max Bygraves Run Rabbit Run!
youtube15.jpg  Run Rabbit Run (2:18) Harry Roy Run Rabbit Run!
youtube15.jpg Sam Mayo (1930) (5:52) Sam Mayo
youtube15.jpg Sam Mayo (1932) (3:34) Sam Mayo
youtube15.jpg The Shade of the Palm (3:39) George Baker
youtube15.jpg She Sells Sea Shell on the Sea Shore (2:31) Wilkie Bard
youtube15.jpg She's My Secret Passion (1930) (4:08) Albert Whelan
youtube15.jpg Show Me The Way To Go Home (2:00) Robin Rose & Gang Show Me The Way To Go Home
youtube15.jpg Side by side (3:01) Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis Side by side
youtube15.jpg Silver Bell (2:54) Gertie Gitana
youtube15.jpg Sing Me to Sleep With a Twilight Song (2:55) Harry Bigwood
youtube15.jpg  So Little Time (3:09) Betty Driver
youtube15.jpg A Song of the Wind Fantasie (4:41) Harp Ensemble
youtube15.jpg Sound An Alarm (4:00) Edward Lloyd
youtube15.jpg The Spaniard Who Blighted My Life! (2:32) Billy Merson
youtube15.jpg Standing at the Corner of the Street (1910) (7:01) George Formby Sr.
youtube15.jpg Stop! Stop! Stop! (2:06) Elida Morris
youtube15.jpg Sugartime (2:02) The McGuire Sisters Sugartime
youtube15.jpg Summertime - Abbie Mitchell (2:10) Abbie Mitchell Cook Summertime
youtube15.jpg Summertime - Harolyn Blackwell (2:54) Harolyn Blackwell Summertime
youtube15.jpg Sweet Rosie O'Grady (1896) (3:17) Fred Feild
youtube15.jpg  Sweet Rosie O'Grady (1949) (2:03) Maude Nugent
youtube15.jpg Sweethearts (1913) (3:03) Christie MacDonald
youtube15.jpg Tablets (1:57) James Fawn
youtube15.jpg Tangled Tangoists (14:15) Louise Beaudet
youtube15.jpg The Termite's Love Song 1942 (3:03) Duncan Sisters
youtube15.jpg Tessie (1904) (3:02) Lily Hawthorne
youtube15.jpg The Holy City (1908) (3:44) Edward Lloyd
youtube15.jpg The Soul of Broadway (1915) - photo slide show (3:16) Valeska Suratt
youtube15.jpg There is a Tavern in the Town (3:05) Fred Feild There is a Tavern in the Town
youtube15.jpg There'll Always Be an England (2:59) Vera Lynn
youtube15.jpg  This Little Girl and That (The Little Michus) (2:30) W. Louis Bradfield
youtube15.jpg The Tower Of London (1901) (3:09) Dan Leno
youtube15.jpg Travel Little Star (1911) Travel (3:43) David Craig Montgomery
youtube15.jpg Two Lovely Black Eyes (2:35) Charles Coborn
youtube15.jpg Under The Bamboo Tree (1917) (3:12) Marie Cahill
youtube15.jpg Under The Bed (1929) (3:16) Nellie Wallace
youtube15.jpg Up I Came With My Little Lot. (1903) (3:01) Herbert Campbell
youtube15.jpg The Very Thought of You (1934) by Ray Noble (3:14) Al Bowlly
youtube15.jpg Vesta Tilley (2:55) Vesta Tilley
youtube15.jpg Wait a Minute (2:48) Tom Woottwell
youtube15.jpg  Waiting at the Church (1907) (3:08) Vesta Victoria
youtube15.jpg We All Go The Same Way Home (3:02) Chas R. Whittle
youtube15.jpg We'll Meet Again (1943) (1:34) Vera Lynn We'll meet again
youtube15.jpg We're All Going to the Seaside (3:15) Harry Bluff
youtube15.jpg What a Game It Is! Wow! Wow! (1913) (3:02) Mark Sheridan
youtube15.jpg What a Kid 'e Is (1902) (3:05) Alec Hurley
youtube15.jpg What Does It Matter To Me? (2:07) Whit Cunliffe
youtube15.jpg What More Can I Say? (2:36) Betty Driver
youtube15.jpg When I Leave The World Behind (3:44) Gertie Gitana
youtube15.jpg When I Marry Amelia (1:45) Henry Lytton
youtube15.jpg  When I Take My Morning Promenade (3:10) Marie Lloyd
youtube15.jpg When You Ain't Got No Money (1898) (4:38) May Irwin
youtube15.jpg Where's the Butler? (19--) (4:56) George Robey
youtube15.jpg The Whistling Bowry Boy (1900) (2:54) Albert Whelan
youtube15.jpg Why am I Always the Bridesmaid? (3:05) Lily Morris
youtube15.jpg Wintertime (1911) (2:50) Beth Tate
youtube15.jpg Woolloomooloo (3:16) Leonard Nelson
youtube15.jpg Yip! I Adee I Ay! (1909) (3:06) Blanche Ring
youtube15.jpg You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me (1930) (3:13) Belle Baker
youtube15.jpg You're Not the Only Pebble on the Beach (3:56) Fred Feild