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Pub and Music Hall Songs
Geoff Grainger
Last updated: 01.09.18
pub15.gif Pub Songs heard in England and the Royal Navy pub15.gif
The pub and music-hall songs listed below are represent perhaps about only a third of this class of song that I have sung in public at some stage in my life. I have only listed those songs which I have taken into my unpublished song books. This list may be extended if I ever get round to completing this task.
Music-hall and pub songs together with nursery rhymes formed the first encounter with the world of music which started on my mothers knee. They provided the staple self-entertainment for my seven-member family (parents, 1 brother and 3 sisters) in the 1940's and early 1950's. My father was a natural entertainer and had a huge repertoire of jokes, pub songs and monologues. My mother, too, was no slouch and was au fait with all the well-known and lesser-known nursery rhymes. She even had some songs that I've never seen in print or heard from others. Chiefly in winter, we would sit in a tiny back-room (the only heated room in the house) round a coke-fire and sing these songs. All had to a "turn" even the youngest.
Later as radio and television came into our lives, variety and music-hall programmes in both media gradually took over our family sing-songs (sadly when looking-back but in those days we were quite in-step with the march of time and bang-up-to-date). On joining the Royal Navy in 1957, pub-singing entered my life which I very much enjoyed until leaving the service in 1968. This was generally in the meaner pubs in Portsmouth and Plymouth as well as in the various fleet-canteens around the world (Gibraltar, Malta, Singapore, Hong Kong) not forgetting the tiny bars just outside the Singapore Royal Navy Base in the kampong of Sembewang. Since then I have never sung any of these songs, except for once or twice with Brian Kelly in the Irish Pub, Schnoor, Bremen.
For those dear surfers that don't know, music-hall songs were quite complicated. They generally were made up of two tunes and sets of lyrics, one, a narrative-part for the performer and the other, a chorus for the listeners. The chorus was normally sung twice.
The pub "singing" that I knew and loved was a raucous affair. It was just one long never-ending medley of one verse songs or choruses from music-hall songs. The main thing was that it had to be as loud as possible.

Geoff Grainger, Bremen-Vegesack, January 2001

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     Title Files Remarks
pub15.gif All by Yourself in the Moonlight   nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Ballad of Jack the Ripper, The   nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Bill Bailey won't you please come home  notes5usa.gif notes5uk.gif notes5de.gif notes5fr.gif   nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Champagne Charlie  notes5usa.gif  mp315.gif nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Come Landlord Fill the Flowing Bowl   nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me A Bow Wow  notes5de.gif notes5fr.gif  midi15.gif nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Daisy Bell  
pub15.gif Don't Dilly Dally on the Way  notes5usa.gif notes5uk.gif   nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Drinking Song  notes5usa.gif notes5uk.gif notes5de.gif notes5fr.gif   nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Eleven more months and ten more days   nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif For he's a jolly good fellow  notes5usa.gif notes5uk.gif notes5de.gif notes5fr.gif   nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Glorious Beer  midi15.gif nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Good Night Ladies   nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Goodnight Sweetheart  notes5usa.gif notes5uk.gif notes5de.gif notes5fr.gif   nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Happy birthday to you  notes5usa.gif notes5uk.gif notes5de.gif notes5fr.gif   nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif  Happy days and lonely nights   nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Happy days are here again  notes5usa.gif notes5uk.gif notes5de.gif notes5fr.gif  midi15.gif nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Hatikvah  midi15.gif nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Havah Nagilah  midi15.gif nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Henery the Eighth I Am  mp315.gif nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif How the money rolls in   nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif I'll be Your Sweetheart  notes5usa.gif notes5uk.gif   nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Jolly Good Company (Here we are again)  notes5usa.gif notes5uk.gif notes5de.gif notes5fr.gif   nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Knees Up Mother Brown  notes5de.gif notes5fr.gif  mp315.gif nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Leaning on a lamppost  midi15.gif nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Lilli Marlene  notes5usa.gif notes5uk.gif notes5de.gif notes5fr.gif  midi15.gif nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Mama don't allow no beer drinking here  
pub15.gif Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner  notes5de.gif notes5fr.gif  midi15.gif nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif My Old Dutch   nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif My Old Man's a Dustman   nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Nellie Dean   nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif  Nobody loves a fairy when she's forty   nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Oh I Do Like to Be Be Beside the Seaside   nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Old Dun Cow, The   nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Quartermaster's Stores   nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Run Rabbit Run!   nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Show Me The Way To Go Home  notes5usa.gif notes5uk.gif notes5de.gif notes5fr.gif  mp315.gif nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Side by side  notes5usa.gif notes5uk.gif notes5de.gif notes5fr.gif   nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Sugartime  notes5usa.gif notes5uk.gif   nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif There is a Tavern in the Town  notes5usa.gif notes5uk.gif  mp315.gifmidi15.gif nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Waiting at the church  notes5de.gif notes5fr.gif   nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif We'll meet again  midi15.gif nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif Whelk Song, The   nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif When I grow too old to dream  notes5usa.gif notes5uk.gif notes5de.gif notes5fr.gif   nlyrics.gif
pub15.gif When I'm Cleaning Windows  midi15.gif nlyrics.gif