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Tyneside Folk Music
Geoff Grainger
Last updated: 01.05.22
Tyneside Folk Music ..... under construction.

Whilst waiting, please check out Pete Wood's article on Tyneside Song.

  Title Composer Performer Instruments
  DBE MP3 Sample      
audiodbemp315.gif Adam Buckham Geoff Grainger Voice, Concertina
audiodbemp315.gif Blow the Wind Southerly Geoff Grainger Voice, Concertina
audiodbemp315.gif Bobby Shaftoe Geoff Grainger Voice, Concertina
  Midi File(s)   Sequencer(s)
audiomidi15.gif Blow the Wind Southerly   Frank Petersohn
audiomidi15.gif Wor Geordie's Lost His Penka (?) Traditional Geoff Grainger
     Title Audio Files Remarks
nba15.gif A You a Hinny Burd (A U me Hinny Burd)   nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif Aa Could Hew   nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif Aall Together Like the Folks 'o Shields  
nba15.gif Adam Buckham  audiodbemp315.gif nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif Big River   nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif Billy to Bob  
nba15.gif Blanchland Tup, The  
nba15.gif Blaydon Races, The   nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif Blow the Wind Southerly  audiodbemp315.gifaudiomidi15.gif nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif Blyth Sailors's Farewell, The   nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif Bobby Shaftoe  audiodbemp315.gif nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif Bonny at Morn   nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif Bus to Morpeth, The  
nba15.gif Buy Broom Buzzems   nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif Byker Hill   nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif  Canny Aad Chrismis  
nba15.gif Canny Shepherd Laddies o' the Hills, The   nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif Captain Bover   nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif Champion Boatrace, The  
nba15.gif Charley's Across the Sea   nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif Church Wi' the Lantern Toor, The   nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif Clasper's Testimonial  
nba15.gif Cliffs of Old Tynemouth, The   nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif Collier's Rant, The   nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif Dance to Your Daddy   nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif Day We Went to the Coast, The  
nba15.gif Death of Renforth, The  
nba15.gif Drunken Bella Roy O  
nba15.gif Dunstan Lullaby, The   nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif Elsie Marley   nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif Goin' to the Mine   nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif  Here's the Tender Coming   nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif I Drew My Ship   nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif Jack's Listed i' the Ninety-Ite   nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif Just One Spark  
nba15.gif Keep Your Feet Still Geordie Hinny   nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif Lambton Worm, The   nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif Land Where the Fells Meet the Sky, The  
nba15.gif Liberty for the Sailors   nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif Mackerel Song, A  
nba15.gif Miller's Wife O' Blaydon, The   nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif Morpeth Olympics  
nba15.gif North Country Collier, The  
nba15.gif Ore Boats  
nba15.gif Paanshop Bleezin, The   nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif Sally Gee   nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif Salt Peolple, The  
nba15.gif  Sunderland Lighthouse  
nba15.gif Sweet Kumadee, The   nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif These Coal Town Days   nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif Water of Tyne, The   nlyrics.gif
nba15.gif Westoe Darling, The  
nba15.gif Wor Geordie's Lost His Penka  audiomidi15.gif nlyrics.gif
     Title Performer Composer
youtube15.jpg Adam Buckham (1:19) The High Level Ranters
youtube15.jpg Big River - Jimmy Nail (5:32) Jimmy Nail
youtube15.jpg Blaydon Races at Whitby by Ronnie Palmer 2010 (4:51) Ronnie Palmer
youtube15.jpg Canny Aad Christmas (2:28) B. Graham
youtube15.jpg The Dunstan Lullaby (2:55) B. Graham
youtube15.jpg Here's The Tender Coming (2:07) Willard's Leap
youtube15.jpg I Drew My Ship (2:24) Shirely Collins
youtube15.jpg Jenny Waits for Me (6:43) The Young 'Uns
youtube15.jpg Johnny Miner (4:24) B. Graham
youtube15.jpg  Lambton Worm Song.wmv (3:41) Dave Stogie
youtube15.jpg Lampton Worm (3:35) Dave Stogie
youtube15.jpg Meet me on the Corner (2:48) Billy Mitchell
youtube15.jpg Northumberland Olympics.mpg Morpeth (7:27) Morpeth Olympians
youtube15.jpg Pound a Week Rise (5:25) B. Graham
youtube15.jpg Ronnie Palmer at Whitby 2009 (4:35) Ronnie Palmer
youtube15.jpg Schoolday's Over (2:45) B. Graham
youtube15.jpg The Unthanks - Annachie Gordon (8:57) The Unthanks
youtube15.jpg The Unthanks - Here's The Tender Coming Live Later Jools Holland Oct 2009 (3:30) The Unthanks
youtube15.jpg The Unthanks - Queen Of Hearts Jools Holland Later Live April 2011 (3:59) The Unthanks
youtube15.jpg  The Unthanks - Shipbuilding (3:42) The Unthanks
youtube15.jpg The Waters Of Tyne (2:38) Barry Dransfield
youtube15.jpg The Whitby Tailor (9:09) Bob Fox
youtube15.jpg There’s Mackerel in the Bay (1899) (3:49) B. Graham
youtube15.jpg Tyneside Maritime Chorus (8:28) Tyneside Maritime Chorus
youtube15.jpg When the boat comes in (8:04) Bob Fox
youtube15.jpg The Young'uns Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2010 (4:51) The Young 'Uns