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Childrens Music
Geoff Grainger
Last updated: 09.03.22
The listed children's songs comprise two categories namely the ones that I regularly sing to adult audiences and which are mostly to be found in the Clancy Brothers repertoire. The other category covers children's' songs which my mother, Peggy Grainger sang.
I had the good fortune to spend almost whole two days between 3rd and 4th October 2000 with my mother whilst on holiday in Singapore, taking down her repertoire of childhood songs. Some of these she sang to her five children and she sang others for her own pleasure either during her own childhood or later as a young mother.
She learned all these songs by rote from four main sources; a children's' home in Worcester (1920-1925), St. George's School, Barbourne, Worcester (1925-1929), Stanley Road School, Worcester (1930-1933) and The Worcester Secondary School for Girls (1933-1937).
She has very firm memories of her music teachers, a Miss Cole of St. George's School who she describes as being tall and thin with very black straight hair, and her Stanley Road teacher, Mrs Spires. Mrs Spires, who she personally liked very much, made a particular impression as she was a "widow-lady" whose husband had been killed in 1918. The tears in this good lady's eyes during the annual November Remembrance Services made a life-long impression on my mother, then a girl of some 10-11 years.
The number of songs, poems and ditties recovered during this two-day period was surprisingly large and we have enough material for a songbook and a CD, please watch this space!.

Geoff Grainger, Bremen-Vegesack, January 2001

  Title Composer Performer Instruments
  Midi File(s)   
audiomidi15.gif Down by the station   Unknown Midi
audiomidi15.gif I'll Tell Me Ma   Frank Petersohn Midi
audiomidi15.gif I'll Tell Me Ma   Unknown Midi
audiomidi15.gif Orange and lemons   Unknown Midi
     Title Audio Files Remarks
kids15.jpg Bailiff's Daughter of Islington, The   nlyrics.gif
kids15.jpg Cock Robin   nlyrics.gif
kids15.jpg Down by the station  audiomidi15.gif nlyrics.gif
kids15.jpg Farmer's in the Dell, The   nlyrics.gif
kids15.jpg Ferry me across the water   nlyrics.gif
kids15.jpg Go to sleep my baby   nlyrics.gif
kids15.jpg Golden Slumbers   nlyrics.gif
kids15.jpg Hush, my dear, lie still   nlyrics.gif
kids15.jpg I know an old lady who swallowed a fly   nlyrics.gif
kids15.jpg I met an engine   nlyrics.gif
kids15.jpg I'll tell me ma  audiomidi15.gif nlyrics.gif
kids15.jpg Irish Soldiers, The   nlyrics.gif
kids15.jpg Leary the Lamplighter   nlyrics.gif
kids15.jpg Little White Rabbit, A   nlyrics.gif
kids15.jpg Man of double deed, A   nlyrics.gif
kids15.jpg  My heart was light as a feather   nlyrics.gif
kids15.jpg Never tell lies   nlyrics.gif
kids15.jpg Oh can ye sew cushions   nlyrics.gif
kids15.jpg Oh mother, how pretty the moon is tonight   nlyrics.gif
kids15.jpg Okey Cokey, The   nlyrics.gif
kids15.jpg One day old   nlyrics.gif
kids15.jpg One man went to mow   nlyrics.gif
kids15.jpg Oranges and Lemons  audiomidi15.gif nlyrics.gif
kids15.jpg Paper of pins   nscore.gif
kids15.jpg Polly-Wolly-Doodle   nlyrics.gif
kids15.jpg Poor Mary sits a-weeping   nlyrics.gif
kids15.jpg Silver Moon, The   nlyrics.gif
kids15.jpg There were fairies at the bottom of the garden   nlyrics.gif
kids15.jpg There were three jolly Scotsmen   nlyrics.gif
kids15.jpg This old man   nlyrics.gif
kids15.jpg Three Little Foxes, The   nlyrics.gif
kids15.jpg  Three mice went into a hole to spin   nlyrics.gif
kids15.jpg When I was young   nscore.gif
kids15.jpg Wouldn't it be lovely   nlyrics.gif
kids15.jpg Wren Song, The   nlyrics.gif
     Title Performer Composer
youtube15.jpg The Bailiff's Daughter of Islington (3:22) Paul Clayton
youtube15.jpg Cock Robin (3:06) Nursery Rhymes
youtube15.jpg Down by the station (1:42) BBC Teach
youtube15.jpg The Farmer's in the Dell (2:16) Peekaboo Kidz
youtube15.jpg Ferry me across the water (0:31) Suraj Sonkhare
youtube15.jpg Ferry me across the water (0:44) KTB Music
youtube15.jpg Go to sleep my baby (1:48) Laurel and hardy
youtube15.jpg Go to sleep my baby (2:36) Appuseries
youtube15.jpg Golden Slumbers (1:28) Riley Cheer Guild
youtube15.jpg  Hush, my dear, lie still (3:04) Guildford Cathedral Choir,
youtube15.jpg I Know An Old Lady (2:40) Burl Ives
youtube15.jpg I met an engine (0:59) Renegade Scouter
youtube15.jpg I'll tell me ma (2:28) The Dubliners
youtube15.jpg The Irish Soldiers (1:52) The Clancy Children
youtube15.jpg Leary the Lamplighter (2:23) Phil Hogg
youtube15.jpg A Man of double deed (3:28) The Robert Clancy Grandchildren
youtube15.jpg Never tell lies (3:58) Dany Rosevear
youtube15.jpg Oh can ye sew cushions (2:53) Isabelle Baille
youtube15.jpg Oh mother, how pretty the moon is tonight (2:39) Dany Rosevear
youtube15.jpg  The Okey Cokey (2:47) kidsmusicshop1
youtube15.jpg One day old (1:56) Elizabeth Mitchel
youtube15.jpg One man went to mow (3:12) NurseryTracks
youtube15.jpg Oranges and Lemons (1:33) KiddieOK
youtube15.jpg Paper of pins (1:51) The Clancy Brothers
youtube15.jpg Polly-Wolly-Doodle (3:08) Tom Roush
youtube15.jpg Poor Mary sits a-weeping (1:21) Dany Rosevear
youtube15.jpg There were fairies at the bottom of the garden (4:12) Beatrice Lillie
youtube15.jpg This old man (2:03) My Little World of Song
youtube15.jpg The Three Little Foxes (2:28) tobydarling
youtube15.jpg  Three mice went into a hole spin (2:45) Gavin Atkin
youtube15.jpg When I was young (1:20) Dany Rosevear
youtube15.jpg The Wren Song (1:55) The Clancy Brothers
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