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The Silver Moon
Last updated: 22.01.22
The Silver Moon can be found in Peggy Grainger's A Mum's (Mostly Musical) Memories. She says that she learned this song from Mrs Spires at Stanley Road School, Worcester, when she was about eight-years old and that it was also the favourite of one of my sisters, Mary. It is a nice, gentle lullaby which she sing extremely softly.
The silver moon is shining, the stars are peeping bright.
Their little heads reclining so drowsy t'wards the night.
The may tree in the moonlight gleams, and whispers as in dreams,
"Lullaby, lullaby sleep soft my darling child".

The birds that filled the bowers while skies were bright and blue,
Are weary like the flowers, and they are sleeping too.
The crickets from the meadow near are chirping as in fear.
"Lullaby, lullaby sleep soft my darling child".
"Lullaby, lullaby sleep soft my darling child".