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One day old
Last updated: 11.10.23
I first heard One day old sung by Wally Whyton on his own radio programme, "Wally Whyton's Folk Music" on BFBS sometime in August 1983. I taped and transcribed it almost immediately as I liked it so much; it is the absolute correct song for doting fathers to euologise over their just-born offspring, perhaps also as a lulluby.
One thing about this song is that in my searches through the Amazon database in March 1999, whilst looking for a real audio, I finally came across Wally Whyton's real name. Ever since I first heard his broadcast for the first time, I assumed and recorded his name as Wally Whiteman! His name crops up so often in these anecdotes that I have quite a little work in front of me.
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youtube15.jpg One day old (1:56) Elizabeth Mitchel