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American Folk Music
Geoff Grainger
Last updated: 07.01.24
Yankee Doodle (Wilfried's Favourite!)
At the present time I don't sing these songs very often. Whilst still in the Idle Fellows, Wilfried Drygala, who was especially interested in and had a wide knowledge of American folk music, and Brian Kelly sung them mostly, my part being limited to looking intelligent and providing an unobtrusive backing. "Banks of the Ohio" is well known in Germany and that is probably the song that I now sing the most.
My first recollections of American folk music outside school and the family concern Burl Ives who I quite enjoyed as a child. Another source was a class-mate at grammar school who was a Lonnie Donegan fan (an English skiffle and jazz musician, popular in the 1950's) and an imitator. I well remember him entertaining us with the latest hits such as "Rock Island Line", "The Wabash Cannon Ball" et al during lunch breaks and we, the keen listeners, joining heartily in the choruses.

Geoff Grainger, Bremen-Vegesack, January 2001

  Title Composer Sequencer
audiomidi15.gif Arkansas Traveler   Frank Petersohn
audiomidi15.gif Beautiful Dreamer   Frank Petersohn
audiomidi15.gif Clementine   Frank Petersohn
audiomidi15.gif Donna, Donna   Frank Petersohn
audiomidi15.gif Froggie went a-courtin   Frank Petersohn
audiomidi15.gif I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen T.P. Westendorf Frank Petersohn
audiomidi15.gif Pick a bale of cotton   Frank Petersohn
audiomidi15.gif She'll be coming round the mountain   Frank Petersohn
audiomidi15.gif Skip to my Lou   Unknown
audiomidi15.gif Sweet Genevieve H. Tucker Frank Petersohn
audiomidi15.gif There is a house in New Orleans   Frank Petersohn
audiomidi15.gif Way down upon the Swanee River   Unknown
audiomidi15.gif When Johnny comes marching home   Frank Petersohn
audiomidi15.gif Yankee Doodle   Frank Petersohn
  Title (Release Year) Composer Performers Issue
audioextmp315.gif The Arkansas Traveler (1902) Traditional L. Spencer
George Schweinfest
Columbia Phonograph Company: 11098
     Title Audio Files Remarks
flag15us.gif Alcoholic Blues, The   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Arkansas Traveler   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Asleep in the Deep   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Banks of the Ohio   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Beautiful Dreamer   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Big Rock Candy Mountain, The   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Black is the color of my true love's hair   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Blowin' in the wind   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Blue Moon   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Bridge Over Troubled Water   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Bye Bye Blues   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Camptown Races   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Careless Love   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Clementine   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Corinna   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif  Cripple Creek   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Cumberland Gap   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Devil and the farmer's wife, The   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Devilish Mary   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Donna, Donna   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Dust in the Wind   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif El Paso   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Elements, The   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Erie Canal   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Every night when the sun goes in   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Farewell Angelina   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Farmer is the man, The   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Four Walls   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Froggie went a-courtin   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Go to Work on Monday   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Goodnight Sweetheart   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif  Grandfather's Clock   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Guy is Guy, A   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Home in Pasadena   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif I hold your hand in mine dear   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen   nlyrics.gifpdf15.gif
flag15us.gif I'm a getting ready to go   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif If I had a hammer   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Irish Ballad, The   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Jeanie with the light brown hair   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Joe Bowers   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Joe Hill   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif John Riley   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Lemon Tree   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Music! Music! Music!   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Nellie Gray   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Oh, Susanna   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif  Ol' Man River   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Old Rustic Bridge, The   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Pick a bale of cotton   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Prohibition Blues   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Puff the magic dragon   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Shawneetown   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif She'll be coming round the mountain   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Skip to my Lou   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Sound of silence   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Summertime   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Sweet Betsy   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Sweet Genevieve   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Sweet Georgia Brown   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Tea for Two   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif There is a house in New Orleans   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Universal Soldier, The   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif  Wabash Cannon Ball, The   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Way down upon the Swanee River   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Wayfaring stranger   nscore.gifnlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif We shall overcome   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif When Johnny comes marching home   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Where have all the flowers gone   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Working on the New Railroad   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Wreck of the Number Nine, The   nlyrics.gif
flag15us.gif Yankee Doodle   nlyrics.gif
     Title Performer Composer
youtube15.jpg A Fool There Was (1915) (1:06:39) Theda Bara
youtube15.jpg A Guy is Guy (2:42) Dorris Day
youtube15.jpg All I Want to Do-Do-Do Is Dance (2:35) Marilyn Miller J.A. Burke
youtube15.jpg Am I Blue? (4:09) E. Waters H. Akst
youtube15.jpg Arkansas Traveler (2:37) P. Seeger
youtube15.jpg Asleep in the Deep (1897) (4:07) Fred Feild H.W. Petrie
youtube15.jpg Asleep in the Deep (1930) (6:13) P. Dawson H.W. Petrie
youtube15.jpg Banks of the Ohio (3:13) Olivia Newton-John
youtube15.jpg Beautiful Dreamer (3:24) Jonathan Guyot Smith & Stephen Sasloe S. Foster
youtube15.jpg  A Beautiful Waste of Time (2:40) M. Small V. Mizzy
youtube15.jpg Big Rock Candy Mountain (2:36) Burl Ives
youtube15.jpg Bigger and Better Than Ever (2:50) Frances Williams C. Friend
youtube15.jpg The Bird On Nellie's Hat (2:07) H. Trix A. Solman
youtube15.jpg Black is the color of my true love's hair (2:48) Joan Baez
youtube15.jpg Blowin' in the wind (2:37) Bob Dylan
youtube15.jpg Blue Moon (3:17) E. Fitzgerald R. Rodgers
youtube15.jpg Blue Shadows (3:08) Earl & Bell L. Alter
youtube15.jpg Bottoms Up (2:52) Frances Williams C. Friend
youtube15.jpg Carry Me Back to Old Virginny (4:21) Alma Gluck J. Bland
youtube15.jpg  Charmant Oiseau (3:24) Evangeline Florence F. David
youtube15.jpg A Chip of the Block (2:11) H. Trix W.H. Squire
youtube15.jpg The Church Across the Way (1:49) Annie Carter W.B. Gray
youtube15.jpg The Coffee Song (2:17) M. Small B. Hilliard
youtube15.jpg Cripple Creek (2:56) Billy Connolly
youtube15.jpg Cry-Baby Blues (3:20) Elsie Clark G.W. Meyer
youtube15.jpg Darling Nelly Gray (1856) (3:07) Alma Gluck B.R. Hanby
youtube15.jpg Devil and the farmer's wife (3:46) Atwater Donnelly Trio
youtube15.jpg Devilish Mary (1:16) P. Seeger
youtube15.jpg Did You Ever See a Dream Walking? (3:09) Pickens Sisters H. Revel
youtube15.jpg  Diga Diga Doo (1931) (2:57) H. Trix J.F. McHugh
youtube15.jpg El Paso (4:43) Marty Robbins
youtube15.jpg Every night when the sun goes in (2:44) Shelby Flint
youtube15.jpg Everything Is Hotsy Totsy Now (2:56) Earl & Bell J.F. McHugh
youtube15.jpg Far Off I Hear a Lover's Flute (3:47) Agnes Kimball C.W. Cadman
youtube15.jpg Farewell Angelina - 1965 (3:16) Joan Baez
youtube15.jpg The Farmer is the man (1:47) P. Seeger
youtube15.jpg The Fate of Talmedge Osborn (3:13) E.V. Stoneman E.V. Stoneman
youtube15.jpg Foolin' Me (2:46) Maureen Englin S. Bechet
youtube15.jpg For the Two of Us (3:04) R. Dietrich
Horace Wright
H. Ruby
youtube15.jpg  Four Walls (2:30) Jim Reeves
youtube15.jpg Gennett Laughing Record (2:54) Irene Young Unknown
youtube15.jpg George Lewis and Acker Bilk - Corine Corinna - May 1965 (3:33) A. Bilk Traditional
youtube15.jpg Go to Work on Monday (5:52) Roy Bailey
youtube15.jpg Goodnight Sweetheart (1:51) Psycho-Chor der FSU Jena C. Carter
youtube15.jpg Grandfather's Clock (2:23) Burl Ives H.C. Work
youtube15.jpg Habanera from Carmen (3:22) Margaret Keyes G. Bizet
youtube15.jpg He's a Nice Boy (1927) (1:53) Edith Clifford
C. Kellard
B. Foy
youtube15.jpg Home in Pasadena (3:07) The Temperance Seven
youtube15.jpg The Home Road (3:14) Ernestine Schumann-Heink J.A. Carpenter
youtube15.jpg  Home Sweet Home (2:26) Lillian Blauvelt H.R. Bishop
youtube15.jpg Honey (2:21) M.M. Hunt S.B. Simons
youtube15.jpg House of the Rising Sun - 1960 (2:58) Joan Baez
youtube15.jpg How My Sweetie Loves Me (2:56) Martha Pryor L. Pollack
youtube15.jpg I Ain't Lazy - I'm Just Dreamin' (1:48) Irene Taylor D. Franklin
youtube15.jpg I Can Do Wonders With You (3:51) Doree Leslie R. Rodgers
youtube15.jpg I Hold Her Hand and She Holds Mine (3:11) Elsie Clark I.M. Bibo
youtube15.jpg I hold your hand in mine dear (2;24) Tom Lehrer
youtube15.jpg I List the Trill in Golden Throat. . Act Ii (3:02) Agnes Kimball V. Herbert
youtube15.jpg I'll See You Again (3:16) Olga Albani N. Coward
youtube15.jpg  I'll See You in My Dreams (3:07) Earl & Bell I. Jones
youtube15.jpg I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen (3:12) Josef Locke
youtube15.jpg I'm a getting ready to go (2:57) Riley Pucket
youtube15.jpg I'm Happy Go Lucky There's Nothing on My Mind (2:56) Elsie Clark H. Creamer
youtube15.jpg I'se Gwine Back to Dixie (3:15) Alma Gluck C.A. White
youtube15.jpg If I had a hammer (1:58) Peter Paul and Mary
youtube15.jpg If I Had A Hammer (1956) (2:30) P. Seeger P. Seeger
youtube15.jpg In My Little Hope Chest (3:04) Olga Albani W.F. Harling
youtube15.jpg In the Dim Dim Dawning (2:31) Irene Taylor A. Hoffman
youtube15.jpg In the Evening (3:11) Keller Sisters & Lynch W. Donaldson
youtube15.jpg  The Irish Ballad (5:28) Tom Lehrer
youtube15.jpg Is Everybody Happy? (2:04) Madge P. Maitland E. Hogan
youtube15.jpg Is Your Mother In, Molly Malone (1:57) H. Trix A.J. Mills
youtube15.jpg It's Unanimous Now (2:55) Frances Williams B. Green
youtube15.jpg It's You I Love (2:52) Olga Albani J.F. Coots
youtube15.jpg Jeanie with the light brown hair (3:01) John McCormack S. Foster
youtube15.jpg Joe Bowers (4:56) Pat 'N Rob
youtube15.jpg Joe Hill (3:24) Joan Baez
youtube15.jpg John Riley (3:50) Joan Baez
youtube15.jpg Johnny Zero (2:42) M. Small V. Lawnhurst
youtube15.jpg  Just a Bundle of Sunshine (2:59) Earl & Bell E. Herbert
youtube15.jpg The Lady of the Slipper (4:18) E. Spencer V. Herbert
youtube15.jpg Laugh and the World Laughs With You (3:44) Irene Young Unknown
youtube15.jpg Lazy (2:58) Martha Pryor I. Berlin
youtube15.jpg Learning How to Love (3:06) Edith Clifford B. Rose
youtube15.jpg Lemon Tree (2:56) Peter Paul and Mary
youtube15.jpg Lemon Tree (2:56) Peter Paul and Mary
youtube15.jpg Let It Rain! Let It Pour! (2:42) Earl & Bell W. Donaldson
youtube15.jpg Let the Rest of the World Go By (2:54) E. Spencer E.R. Ball
youtube15.jpg Listen to the Mocking Bird (4:07) Alma Gluck S. Winner
youtube15.jpg  A Little Hilarity (0:31) Carrie DeMar J. Hart
youtube15.jpg Lo! Here the Gentle Lark (3:26) Evangeline Florence H.R. Bishop
youtube15.jpg Lonnie Donegan - Cumberland Gap (2:03) L. Donegan
youtube15.jpg Louisville Lou (1:34) Martha Pryor M. Ager
youtube15.jpg Love Me While the Lovin' Is Good (3:26) I. D'Armond H. von Tilzer
youtube15.jpg Maybe This Is Love (2:46) Keller Sisters & Lynch R. Henderson
youtube15.jpg Me and the Man in the Moon (2:41) Earl & Bell J.V. Monaco
youtube15.jpg Meet Julian Rose (2:32) J. Rose J. Rose
youtube15.jpg Mindin' My Bus'ness (2:47) Maureen Englin W. Donaldson
youtube15.jpg Mississippi Mud (3:31) Irene Taylor H. Barris
youtube15.jpg  The Mouse and the Thomas Cat (3:11) A. Francis A. Francis
youtube15.jpg Mr. Froggie Went A-Courtin (3:02) Burl Ives
youtube15.jpg My Bairnie (2:37) Lillian Blauvelt K. Vannah
youtube15.jpg My Honolulu Hula Girl (2:51) R. Dietrich
Horace Wright
Helen Louise
Frank Ferera
S. Cunha
youtube15.jpg My Own Iona (2:58) R. Dietrich
Horace Wright
Frank Ferera
Helen Louise
A. Friedland
youtube15.jpg My Sweetheart Is Somewhere in France (3:12) E. Spencer R.A. King
youtube15.jpg Nagasaki (1;35) Keller Sisters & Lynch H. Warren
youtube15.jpg Nellie Gray (4:53) Tom Roush
youtube15.jpg The Next Horse I Ride On (2:50) H. Trix F. Murray
youtube15.jpg The Nightingale Song (3:31) Alma Gluck C. Zeller
youtube15.jpg  No Wonder She's a Blushing Bride (3:03) Edith Clifford C. Edwards
youtube15.jpg O Come With Me in the Summer Night (2:47) Agnes Kimball F.V. v.d. Stucken
youtube15.jpg O schöne Zeit, o sel'ge Zeit (3:28) Margaret Keyes K. Götze
youtube15.jpg Odetta - House of the Rising Sun (3:16) Odetta
youtube15.jpg Odetta - The Waterboy (1954) (4:05) Odetta
youtube15.jpg Oh my darling Clementine (2:15) The Sweptaways
youtube15.jpg Oh, Susanna (3:02) Tom Roush
youtube15.jpg Ol' Man River (4:18) Paul Robeson J. Kern
youtube15.jpg Ol' Man River (3:11) B. Beiderbecke J. Kern
youtube15.jpg On the Banks of the Wabash, Far Away (2:07) Annie Carter P. Dresser
youtube15.jpg  Oogie Oogie Wa Wa (3:01) Elsie Clark A. Gottler
youtube15.jpg Organlogue (5:19) Ann Leaf Miscellaneous
youtube15.jpg The Original Radio Girl (62:52) V. de Leath Miscellaneous
youtube15.jpg Pick a bale of cotton (2:54) L. Donegan
youtube15.jpg Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone (2:48) M.M. Hunt S.H. Stept
youtube15.jpg Prohibition Blues performed by Nora Bayes (3:10) Nora Bayes N. Bayes
youtube15.jpg Puff the magic dragon (3:50) Peter Paul and Mary
youtube15.jpg Redskin (2:47) M.M. Hunt J.S. Zamecnik
youtube15.jpg Ring the Bells of Heaven (1:59) Rix Tillman G.F. Root
youtube15.jpg Romance Me (2:54) M. Small V. Mizzy
youtube15.jpg  Says I to Myself, Says I (3:07) A. Francis H. von Tilzer
youtube15.jpg September in the Rain (2:35) Olga Albani H. Warren
youtube15.jpg Shawneetown (4:25) Chris Vallillo
youtube15.jpg She'll be coming round the mountain (1:49) ListenAndReadAlong
youtube15.jpg Shirley Kellog (2:52) Shirley Kellogg H.E. Darewski
youtube15.jpg The Shoemaker and the Brownies (3:26) A. Francis A. Francis
youtube15.jpg Skip to my Lou (4:44) P. Seeger
youtube15.jpg Skip to My Lou (1:26) Wally Whyton
youtube15.jpg Sleepy Valley (3:19) M.M. Hunt J.F. Hanley
youtube15.jpg Somebody and Me (2:56) Keller Sisters & Lynch E. Golden
youtube15.jpg  Somebody Loves You (2:59) Pickens Sisters P.De Rose
youtube15.jpg Sound of silence (3:05) Simon and Garfunkel
youtube15.jpg Stormy Weather (3:06) E. Waters H. Arlen
youtube15.jpg Sugar Babe (3:11) B. Senter B. Senter
youtube15.jpg Summertime - Abbie Mitchell (2:10) Abbie Mitchell Cook G. Gershwin
youtube15.jpg Summertime - Harolyn Blackwell (2:54) Harolyn Blackwell G. Gershwin
youtube15.jpg Sunny Disposish (2:03) Frances Williams P. Charig
youtube15.jpg The Suns in My Heart (1932) (2:29) Sylvia Froos A. Baer
youtube15.jpg Sweet (1:54) Toby Wing P. Tomlin
youtube15.jpg Sweet Betsy (3:18) Johnny Cash
youtube15.jpg  Sweet Genevieve (1:59) Charles Elmer Szabo,
youtube15.jpg Sweet Georgia Brown (3:03) Pickens Sisters B. Bernie
youtube15.jpg Sweet Georgia Brown (4:17) Louis Armstrong B. Bernie
youtube15.jpg Sweet Georgia Brown (3:10) E. Fitzgerald B. Bernie
youtube15.jpg Sweet Hawaiian Moonlight - Song (3:17) Vivian Holt
L. Rosedale
F.H. Klickmann
youtube15.jpg Sweetheart Blues (2:58) B. Senter B. Senter
youtube15.jpg Tea for Two (3:50) Anita O'Day V.M. Youmans
youtube15.jpg That's What The Rose Said To Me (2:18) Louise Le Baron L. Edwards
youtube15.jpg The Alcoholic Blues (3:46) Sheet Music Singer A. von Tilzer
youtube15.jpg The Elements (3:02) Tom Lehrer
youtube15.jpg  The Old Rustic Bridge (2:55) Daniel O'Donnell
youtube15.jpg The Unchastened Woman (1925) (51:30) Theda Bara
youtube15.jpg The Universal Soldier (2:29) Buffy Saint-Marie
youtube15.jpg There is a house in New Orleans (5:15) Bob Dylan
youtube15.jpg This Land Is Your Land (2:18) Woodie Guthrie
youtube15.jpg Too Many Tears (3:06) Pickens Sisters H. Warren
youtube15.jpg The Venus Waltz (3:00) D. Jardon I. Caryll
youtube15.jpg Vipers Skiffle Group (Live 1957) (2:28) Wally Whyton
youtube15.jpg The Wabash Cannon Ball (2:37) Roy Acuff
youtube15.jpg Was That the Human Thing to Do? (3:21) Pickens Sisters S. Fain
youtube15.jpg  Way down upon the Swanee River (3:15) Paul Robeson S. Foster
youtube15.jpg Wayfaring stranger (4:30) Joan Baez
youtube15.jpg We Shall Overcome, Berlin, DDR, 1967 (3:42) P. Seeger
youtube15.jpg When Celia Sings (3:09) Lillian Blauvelt F.L. Moir
youtube15.jpg When Johnny comes marching home (3:34) Bobby Horton
youtube15.jpg When My Sugar Walks Down the Street (2:47) Earl & Bell J.F. McHugh
youtube15.jpg When the Red, Red, Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along (2:56) Keller Sisters & Lynch H. Woods
youtube15.jpg When the Shadows Softly Come and Go (2:40) Vivian Holt
L. Rosedale
H. Creamer
youtube15.jpg Where Have all the Flowers Gone (1:57) P. Seeger P. Seeger
youtube15.jpg Where the Lazy Daisies Grow (2:50) Maureen Englin C. Friend
youtube15.jpg  Whisper and I Shall Hear (2:15) Louise Le Baron G. Hubi-Newcombe
youtube15.jpg Who Takes Care of the Caretaker's Daughter (2:32) Earl & Bell C. Endor
youtube15.jpg Why Do I Love You? (3:44) Olga Albani
Frank Munn
J. Kern
youtube15.jpg Why Do They Call Them Flappers? (1927) (3:54) Edith Clifford B. Foy
youtube15.jpg Willow Weep For Me (3:28) Irene Taylor A. Ronell
youtube15.jpg Working on the New Railroad (6:11) Joe Hickerson,
youtube15.jpg Wreck of Number Nine (2:52) E.V. Stoneman Traditional
youtube15.jpg The Wreck of the Number Nine (2:23) Jim Reeves
youtube15.jpg Yankee Doodle (2:47) ListenAndReadAlong
youtube15.jpg Yiddisher Jazz - Levinsky's Jubilee (3:45) J. Rose W.K. Wells
youtube15.jpg  Yodel-Oh (1927) (2:48) Edith Clifford
C. Kellard
B. Foy
youtube15.jpg You're Here and I'm Here (3:15) Agnes Kimball J. Kern