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The Devil and the farmer's wife
Last updated: 22.01.22
I love singing "The Devil and the farmer's wife", which I got from one of Wilfried Drygala's songbooks. There are similar versions in the various Cecil Sharpe collections. Having been somewhat over-married myself, I can well sympathise with and feel sorry for the much maligned Devil. Consider the last two verses:
   "Now, this only goes to show, what a woman can do,
    She can whup out the devil and her husband too."
followed by
   "This shows that women are better than men,
    They can go down to hell and come back again."

Recently (October, 2013), I found another jolly 6-verse variant given in Marrow Bones.
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youtube15.jpg Devil and the farmer's wife (3:46) Atwater Donnelly Trio