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Other Folk & Choral Music
Geoff Grainger
Last updated: 10.12.23

other15.gifOther Odds and Ends other15.gif

This webpage has been set-up to cover all those songs and choral items sung in languages not dealt with on the other folk music pages in this domain. An example of which is the mis-classified Cameroon song Bele Mama He! that I learned in Germany and widely sung by choirs and groups globally. Well, Bele Mama He has found a new home on this page.
Then there is the conundrum of songs written in English, for example, by a German songwriter. Is it English or German? Here I have determined that such a song such as Lemon Tree should be described on the German webpage crediting the songwriter. As a choir singer in Germany and the UK I have sung in Latin, Spanish, Portuguese and other languages, these item too are given here.
Finally, as a widely traveled folk singer, I have generously been given songs in Sweden, Poland and Japan - it would be churlish not to include them here also.

Geoff Grainger, Hillsborough, January 2020

  Title Composer Sequencer
  Midi File(s)    
audiomidi15.gif Siyahamba   Frank Petersohn
audiomidi15.gif Todos los bienes del mundo (1963) J. del Encina Brian Russell
     Title Attribution Instruments Source Remarks
pdf15.gif The Vesta Tilley Trail Map of Worcester Worcestershire World War One Hundred
pdf15.gif Concert Fantasia, Op.18 (n.d.) W.H. Clarke (music) Organ IMSLP wvicon.gif
pdf15.gif Ogontz Tyrolliene (1884) W.H. Clarke (music) Organ IMSLP wvicon.gif
pdf15.gif Todos los bienes del mundo (?) J. del Encina (music) Voice SATB Choral Public Domain Library
pdf15.gif At the Panama Pacific Fair (1914) L.S. King (w&m) Piano IMSLP wvicon.gif
pdf15.gif Sanctus (?) Clemens non Papa (music) 5-part canon Asociación Coral En Clave De Bach
pdf15.gif Come With Me (?) Y. Trabsky (music) S/A/T/B Euterpe zingt!
     Title Audio Files Remarks
other15.gif Agua de Beber  
other15.gif Audite silete  
other15.gif Auê! senhora terra  
other15.gif Bele Mama He!   nlyrics.gif
other15.gif Był sobie król   nlyrics.gif
other15.gif Come With Me My Love   pdf15.gif
other15.gif De profundus clamavi  
other15.gif Kyrie  
other15.gif Laudate omnes gente  
other15.gif Lion Sleeps Tonight, The  
other15.gif O salutaris hostia   nlyrics.gif
other15.gif Olha a rosa amarela   nlyrics.gif
other15.gif Sanctus   pdf15.gif
other15.gif Se l'aura spira   nlyrics.gif
other15.gif Siyahamba  audiomidi15.gif nlyrics.gif
other15.gif  Solfeggio  
other15.gif Todos los bienes  audiomidi15.gif nlyrics.gifpdf15.gif
other15.gif U Prząśniczki Siedzą   nlyrics.gif
other15.gif W murowanej piwnicy   nlyrics.gif
     Title Performer Composer
youtube15.jpg Agua de Beber (3:17) Popchor der HfK Bremen A.C. Jobim
youtube15.jpg Air des bijoux (3:23) Blanche Arral C. Gounod
youtube15.jpg Bele Mama (4:38) Viva
youtube15.jpg Come With Me My Love (1:29) Artemisia Koor Y. Trabsky
youtube15.jpg Come With Me My Love - Canon (1:38) Freundschaftskonzert "Cantate Bavaria 2010 Y. Trabsky
youtube15.jpg Il Trovatore - Ai nostri monti (4:22) Margaret Keyes
Dan Beddoe
G. Verdi
youtube15.jpg Je dis, que rien ne mèpouvante (4:25) Blanche Arral G. Bizet
youtube15.jpg Je veux vivre (3:27) Blanche Arral C. Gounod
youtube15.jpg Maråsis (2:43) Ingeborg Laudon E. Kálmán
youtube15.jpg  Prząśniczki (TVP 1973) (1:21) Irena Santor S. Moniuszko
youtube15.jpg Se l'aura spira (2:17) Alice Borciani, Sabine Stoffer, Maria Ferré, Magdalena Hasibeder G. Frescobaldi
youtube15.jpg Siyahamba (4:56) Mwamba Children's Choir
youtube15.jpg Yom Kippur (3:31) D. Jardon R. Silberta