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Lemon Tree
Last updated: 22.01.22
This Lemon Tree is an English language song written by Fool's Garden and is not to be confused with traditional American Lemon Tree made famous by The Weavers amongst others.
laura_s.jpg It came into my repertoire through the good graces of Laura Schüler in September 2010. On her initiative she joined Nina Kreft and I to perform at fringe events during the 2010 Festival Maritim as a special guest. "Click" here for more about Festival Maritim. At that time, Laura, a precocious 11-year old wise far beyond her years, had learned the song as part of a school project.
The song itself was released as a single in 1995 and became a major international hit in 1996 being number one for four weeks in Germany. It is said that the song-write, Peter Freudenthaler, wrote it on a Sunday afternoon while waiting for his girlfriend.
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youtube15.jpg Lemon Tree - Fools Garden (3:05) Fools Garden