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De profundus clamavi
Last updated: 22.01.22
I sang the Bassus part of an a capella quintet [Superius, Primus (contratenor), Secundus (contratenor) , Tenor, Bassus] arrangement of De profundus clamavi by Michel-Richard de Lalande when a member of KITO Chor sometime in 1999.
Where our leader, Hartmut Emig, obtained this work I have no idea whatsoever and is consequently listed in Geoff's Choral Odds and Ends.. My photocopy covers pages 26 to 32 and is titled "3 De profundus clamavi" It has 117 bars, is scored in E♭-major, has Latin and German lyrics. It notes Original eine klein Terz tiefer
As to the work itself, it is solemnly beautiful as befits Psalm 130.
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