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Last updated: 28.01.22
 Dirk lbbeken leading Chor Courage. Click to enlarge. Siyahamba is/was a great favourite with the Chor Courage, under the direction of Dirk lbbeken, with whom I had the great pleasure as a bass to sing Wolfgang A. Mozart's Krönungsmesse KV 317 during rehearsals in 2001/2002 and finally at a concert given in the St. Aegidus Kirche in Berne in 2002. Here the choir loved to sing it as relaxation between the more serious stuff and for me, this was a completely new gospel which I too joined in with gusto. At my retirement "concert" (Ceilidh 2003) the Courage Chor gave a terrific rendering of Siyahamba and left the stage to weave among the audience in a sort of conga line as shown on the left. Great stuff indeed!
Siyahamba can be found in Chor aktuell junior.
Photo: Egbert Heiß © 2003.
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youtube15.jpg Siyahamba (4:56) Mwamba Children's Choir