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Bele Mama He!
Last updated: 03.08.18
This is another round that I first heard by and learned from Cornelius Neitsch, erstwhile and short-term choir leader of the DOKU Choir, Rönnebeck, Bremen in January 2000. This round comes from West Africa and is therefore incorrectly classified here (I do not have an African section - yet!). Cornelius's version is quite difficult in that he requires his choir to clap and stamp their feet all a-while singing this rhythmically demanding item with a few triplets thrown in. So much so that choir members have been heard to grumble and murmur that they were here to sing and not to dance!
We also sing this song with enthusiasm in the Vegesack Whalermen, but we leave off the clapping and foot stamping.
     Title Performer
youtube15.jpg Bele Mama (4:38) Viva