Last updated: 08.04.20
p_dokuchor.jpgThe DOKU-Chor led by Cornelius Neitsch was at home in the DOKU Blumentthal, a documentation centre in North Bremen. The "choir" was a handful of mostly beginners but I was quite happy to take part when joining them in January, 2000. Completely different from the formal Collegium Musicum Bremen, the atmosphere was absolutely informal. New for me was being required to sway and make odd dance steps whilst singing. This took place before a mirror covered wall such as that found in dance studios.
I had only taken part in rehearsals for maybe three or four times when I received a phone call from Herr Neitsch saying that he could not continue and whether I would take over the choir. I never understood why he made such a request as I was and still am completely unqualified for such a task. A choir leader I am not!
I went to the DOK in Blumenthal to inform the members of Neitsch's decision. After a brief discussion we agreed to disband.. One of the members opined that we were simply not good enough. This was a typical bad choir experiences much toted in German and Norwegian Shape Note circles
I am grateful for the experience however. I learned the value of singing before a mirror and simply loved Epo i tai tai eh! which I then introduced to the The Vegesack Whalermen.
     Title Composer Parts Suppliers Remarks
sm15.gif Grün, Grün, Grün (M. Jehm) Margarete Jehn SATB book15.gif
sm15.gif Einsingübung/Hörübung Cornelius Neitsch SATB book15.gif
sm15.gif Am Sonntag will mein Süßer mit mir segeln gehen Anton Profes SATB book15.gifurl15.gif
sm15.gif Burden down, Lord Traditional SATB book15.gifurl15.gif
sm15.gif Epo i tai tai eh! Traditional SATB book15.gifurl15.gif
sm15.gif We Are Climbing Jacb's Ladder Traditional SATB book15.gifurl15.gif
sm15.gif Oh, Champs-Élysées Michael Wilshaw SATB book15.gifurl15.gif