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Oh, Champs-Elysées
Last updated: 24.01.21
Oh, Champs-Elysées was originally written in English under the title Waterloo Road (lyrics by Michael Anthony Deighan, music by Michael Wilshaw) and released by the British rock band Jason Crest. The French lyricist Pierre Delanoë adapted the lyrics into French.
It is assumed that the source for Cornelius Neitsch's arrangement with its German lyrics by Thomas Bradke is Aux Champs Elysées published by Key Music. The Nietsch arrangement uses a piano and the lyrics are sung by the sopranos. The ATB voices just hum or (posh) ostinato. I had the joy of humming when singing with DOKU-Chor.
This arrangement can be found in the Neitsch Folio.
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