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Epo i tai tai eh!
Last updated: 02.02.24
I have no idea where Cornelius Neitsch obtained the text and tune for his SATB arrangement of Epo i tai tai eh! which he wrote in 1992 and may be found in the Neitsch Folio. His notes erroneously ascribe its origins to "Gesang nach erfolgreichen Fischfang - trad Maori-Westaustralien" somewhat to the wry amusement of my Maori acquaintances. I wonder if Neitsch was aware of its bawdy misuse by New Zealand servicemen!
That being said I greatly enjoyed singing it with the DOKU-Chor and later introduced it to the The Vegesack Whalermen.
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youtube15.jpg Epo i tai tai eh! (1:12) Girl Guides in New Zealand Traditional