Gene Austin  (1900-1972)
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b001is9awm_m.jpgMy Melancholy Baby
Music by: Ernie Burnett.
Words by: Geo. A. Norton
Performed by: Gene Austin
Publisher: Joe Morris Music Company
Suppliers: flag15us.gif
Printed: 1927. Sheet Music. Limited Availability.
Gene Austin on Cover
     Title Attribution Instruments Source Remarks
pdf15.gif St. Louis Blues (1914) W.C. Handy (w&m)
G. Austin (perf.)
Piano Indiana wvicon.gif
This list is arranged by composer and contains 12 works performed by Gene Austin who is featured on sheet music covers. It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Keys: (w&m) ER
     Title Composer Attribution Remarks
perf15.jpg Carolina Moon (1928) Joseph A. Burke Benny Davis (words)
Gene Austin (perf.)
Jack Fulton (perf.)
Mike Landau (perf.)
perf15.jpg Dream Mother (1929) Joseph A. Burke Al Lewis (words)
Al Sherman (words)
Gene Austin (perf.)
George Olsen (perf.)
perf15.jpg My Melancholy Baby (1911) Ernie Burnett George A. Norton (words)
Gene Austin (perf.)
Al Bowlly (perf.)
Bing Crosby (perf.)
Mozart Four (perf.)
Dot Kelly (perf.)
Vincent Lopez (perf.)
McKenna Twins (perf.)
Jack O'Leary (perf.)
Rena Santos (perf.)
Fred Watson (perf.)
Marion Werth (perf.)
perf15.jpg Carolina Moon (1928) Benny Davis(w&m) Joe Burke (co-author)
Gene Austin (perf.)
Jack Fulton (perf.)
Jimmie Green (perf.)
Mike Landau (perf.)
Don Santo (perf.)
perf15.jpg My Blue Heaven (1927) Walter Donaldson George Whiting (words)
Gene Austin (perf.)
Jeanne La Crosse (perf.)
Eddie Dunstedter (perf.)
Ruth Etting (perf.)
Vaughn de Leath (perf.)
Jack Osterman (perf.)
Muriel Pollock (perf.)
Paul Whiteman (perf.)
perf15.jpg St. Louis Blues (1914) William C. Handy(w&m) Gene Austin (perf.)
Boswell Sisters (perf.)
Marion Harris (perf.)
Dick Haymes (perf.)
Harry James (perf.)
Abe Lyman (perf.)
Maureen O'Hara (perf.)
Rudy Vallée (perf.)
perf15.jpg So Tired (1927) Arthur Lynn Sizemore George A Little (words)
Gene Austin (perf.)
perf15.jpg Don't Let This Waltz Mean Good-Bye (1934) Albert von Tilzer Jack Meskill (words)
Gus Arnheim (perf.)
Gene Austin (perf.)
Phil Baker (perf.)
Downey Sisters (perf.)
Ruth Etting (perf.)
June Knight (perf.)
Edmund Lowe (perf.)
Miller & Harling Walker (perf.)
Victor Moore (perf.)
Wini Shaw (perf.)
Gloria Stuart (perf.)
Ethel Waters (perf.)
Alice White (perf.)
perf15.jpg After My Laughter Came Tears (1928) Roy Turk(w&m) Charles Tobias (words)
Gene Austin (perf.)
Chas. Robles & Lou Sallee (perf.)
Hilda Glyder (perf.)
Ed Lowry (perf.)
Johnny Marvin (perf.)
Frankie Meadows (perf.)
Helene Miller (perf.)
perf15.jpg My Fate Is in Your Hands (1929) Thomas Waller Andy Razaf (co-author)
Gene Austin (perf.)
perf15.jpg  Voice in the Old Village Choir (1932), The Harry Woods Gus Kahn (words)
Gene Austin (perf.)
Ruth Etting (perf.)
perf15.jpg We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye (1932) Harry Woods(w&m) Gene Austin (perf.)
Boswell Sisters (perf.)
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 6 works by Gene Austin (1900-1972). It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Keys: pdf15.gif (w&m)
Title Year Attribution Remarks
Charleston Charley 1924 Emmet O'Hara (co-author)
Irving Mills (co-author)
How Come You Do Me Like You Do? (w&m) 1924 Roy Bergere (co-author)  wvicon.gif
When My Sugar Walks Down the Street 1924 Jimmy McHugh (co-author)
Irving Mills (co-author)
Frances Williams (perf.)
Abie's Irish Nose (w&m) 1925
Please Come Back to Me 1929 Eugene West (words)
Arr.:N Kalana;
Ridin' Around in the Rain (w&m) 1942 Carmen Lombardo (co-author)  wvicon.gif
     Composer Title Performer
youtube15.jpg G. Austin Charleston Charley (2:34) Ragtime Dorian Henry