Thomas P. Westendorf (1848-1923)
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Thomas Paine Westendorf is best known as the songwriter of the eternally beloved I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen (1875) which he wrote for his wife, Jennie.
He was born of German parents in Virginia of German parents and was at the Indiana House of Refuge for Juvenile Offenders in Hendricks County, Indiana when the song was written.
Printings of his works over the previous almost 150 years have given a bewildering variety of attributions including T. P. Westendorf, T. Westendorf, T.P. Westendorf, T.P.Westendorf, Th. P. Westendorf, Thomas P. Westen Dorf, Thomas P. Westendorfer, Thomas P. Westendorp, Thomas P. Westerdorf, Thomas Westendorf, Thos. Westendorf, Trad., Westendorf, Westendorff, Westerndorf and simply Westondorp.
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     Title Attribution Remarks
url15.gif I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen Thomas Paine Westendorf (words & music)
John McCormack (perf. by)
     Title Instruments Remarks
pdf15.gif I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen Piano, Voice Thomas Paine Westendorf (Music)
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Title Year Attribution Remarks
I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen (w&m) 1875 John McCormack (perf. by)
Kate Smith (perf. by)
Mark Fisher (perf. by)
Dick Jergens (perf. by)
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Bye Baby Buntin' 1879
De Little Cabins All Am Empty Now 1881
De Ole Home Am Gone 1882
I'll Nebber Leave Old Dixie Land Again 1882
Me Be Like Mellican Man 1882