Kate Smith (1907-1986)
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The peformer is featured on 47 sheet music/recording covers. It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Keys: (w&m) ER
     Title Composer Attribution Items
perf15.jpg You Can't Pull the Wool Over My Eyes (1936) Milton Ager Charles Newman (co-author)
Murray Mencher (co-author)
perf15.jpg Just a Little Home For the Old Folks (1932) Frederick Emil Ahlert Edgar Leslie (words)
perf15.jpg I Wake Up Smiling (1933) Frederick Emil Ahlert Edgar Leslie (words)
perf15.jpg Tell Me With a Love Song (1931) Harry Arlen Ted Koehler (words)
perf15.jpg God Bless America (1939) Irving Berlin
perf15.jpg I Threw a Kiss in the Ocean (1942) Irving Berlin(w&m)
perf15.jpg This Time (1942) Irving Berlin(w&m)
perf15.jpg All of My Life (1944) Irving Berlin(w&m)
perf15.jpg Help Me to Help My Neighbor (1947) Irving Berlin(w&m)
perf15.jpg Kate (1947) Irving Berlin(w&m)
perf15.jpg  Love and the Weather (1947) Irving Berlin(w&m)
perf15.jpg Many Happy Returns of the Day (1931) Joseph A. Burke Al Dubin (words)
perf15.jpg Sierra Sue (1940) Joseph B. Carey(w&m)
perf15.jpg Can't Get Indiana Off My Mind (1940) Hoagy Carmichael Robert DeLeon (words)
perf15.jpg Love Letters in the Sand (1931) J. Fred Coots Charles Kenny (words)
Nick Kenny (words)
perf15.jpg Wake Up and Sing (1936) Cliff Friend(w&m) Carmen Lombardo (co-author)
Charlie Tobias (co-author)
perf15.jpg Solider Dreams (1942), A Cliff Friend Al Dubin (words)
perf15.jpg Old Spinning Wheel (1933), The Billy Hill(w&m)
perf15.jpg In the Chapel in the Moonlight (1936) Billy Hill(w&m)
perf15.jpg Timber (1936) Billy Hill Bob Emmerich (co-author)
perf15.jpg When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain (1931) Howard E. Johnson(w&m)
perf15.jpg  Did Your Mother Come From Ireland? (1936) Jimmy Kennedy(w&m) Michael Carr (co-author)
perf15.jpg South of the Border (1939) Jimmy Kennedy(w&m) Michael Carr (co-author)
perf15.jpg Apple Blossom Wedding (1942), An Jimmy Kennedy(w&m) Nat Simon (co-author)
perf15.jpg Last Time I Saw Paris (1940), The Jerome Kern Oscar Hammerstein (words)
perf15.jpg Don't Change Be As You Are (1933) Vee Lawnhurst Roy Turk (words)
perf15.jpg I Couldn't Tell Them What to Do (1933) Vee Lawnhurst Roy Turk (words)
perf15.jpg I'll Never Be the Same (1932) Matt Malneck Frank Signorelli (co-author)
Gus Kahn (words)
perf15.jpg She'll Always Remember (1942) Johnny Marks(w&m) Eddie Pola (co-author)
perf15.jpg How's Your Uncle? (1931) James Francis McHugh Dorothy Fields (co-author)
perf15.jpg Hurry Home (1938) Joseph Meyer Buddy Bernter (words)
Bob Emmerich (words)
perf15.jpg You're Gonna Lose Your Gal (1933) James V. Monaco Joe Young (words)
perf15.jpg  In the Gloaming by the Fireside (1931) Ray Noble(w&m) Reg. Connelly Jimmy Campbell (co-author)
perf15.jpg Please (1932) Ralph Rainger Leo Robin (words)
perf15.jpg Makin' Faces at the Man in the Moon (1931) Max Rich Al Hoffman (co-author)
Ned Washington (co-author)
perf15.jpg Rain (1934) Peter De Rose Billy Hill (words)
perf15.jpg Were You Sincere? (1931) Vincent Rose Jack Meskill (words)
perf15.jpg Pretending (1925) Al Sherman Marty Symes (words)
perf15.jpg Little Did I Know (1943) Abner Silver Nick Kenny (words)
Chas. Kenny (words)
perf15.jpg Bless Your Heart (1933) Harry Stride Duke Enston (co-author)
Milton Drake (words)
perf15.jpg Heaven Only Knows (1933) Harry Stride Milton Drake (words)
perf15.jpg Walkin' My Baby Back Home (1930) Roy Turk Fred E. Ahlert (words)
perf15.jpg By the River Sainte Marie (1931) Harry Warren Edgar Leslie (words)
perf15.jpg  Crying Myself to Sleep (1930) Pete Wendling John Klenner (words)
perf15.jpg I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen (1875) Thomas Paine Westendorf(w&m)
perf15.jpg I'll Be Faithful (1933) Allie Wrubel Ned Washington (words)
perf15.jpg I'm Alone Because I Love You (1930) Joe Young(w&m)