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Arkansas Traveler
Last updated: 22.04.22
"Arkansas Traveler" is an amusing song of a philosophical old man who could not give a damn, pardon me ladies!, whether it rains or not. He is entirely uninterested and just wants to play his fiddle. A man after my heart! Anyway, I found this song in 100 Best Folk Songs For Recorder along with John Riley and Black is the color of my true love's hair when looking for something to perform with Maike Weyerts. Although I sing it for my personal pleasure occasionally, I generally accompany Maike with my concertina.
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audioextmp315.gif Columbia Phonograph Company: 11098 L. Spencer
George Schweinfest
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audiomidi15.gif Midi Frank Petersohn
     Title Performer
youtube15.jpg Arkansas Traveler (2:37) Pete Seeger