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There were fairies at the bottom of the garden
Last updated: 11.10.23
There were fairies at the bottom of the garden can be found in Peggy Grainger's A Mum's (Mostly Musical) Memories. I found it pretty soppy myself as a four-year old tearaway. If I ever came across any fairies at the bottom of my garden in Randsome Avenue, Worcester, I would have probably picked their wings off as I was apt to with other creepy-crawlies which were unfortunate enough to fall victims to my infant maulers. The song was OK for my kid sisters but it never turned me on.

Since writing the above sometime in 2000, I have now (July, 2019) found that this song was penned by the Nottingham poetess Rose Fyleman (1877 - 1957). It was set to music by English composer Liza Lehmann
Rose Fyleman also wrote Wouldn't it be lovely.
There were fairies at the bottom of our garden.
They often had a dance on summer nights.
Like butterflies and bees made a lovely little breeze
And the rabbit stands about and holds the light.

There's a little wood with moss in it and beetles
And a little stream that quietly runs through.
You wouldn't think they'd dare to go merrymaking there,
Well, the do, yes they do, yes they do.

     Title Performer Composer
youtube15.jpg There were fairies at the bottom of the garden (4:12) Beatrice Lillie