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Clasper's Testimonial
Last updated: 02.02.20
I was introduced to Clasper's Testimonial on joining the Tyneside Maritime Chorus in 2011. It was written by John Taylor in 1862 and published in A Choice Collection of Tyneside Songs (1863). It celebrates the award of a testimonial to Harry Clasper for his great feats of world-class-sculling and boat-building. As the song goes in the final verse:
Spirited Harry, the pride iv wor river,
Yor nyem it will flourish when ye're gyen foriver.

The testimonial took the form of a memorial monument was erected over his grave in St Mary's churchyard, Whickham and can still be seen there.
This song may be found in the Tyneside Maritime Chorus songbook but not yet in my personal repertoire