The Young 'Uns
Last updated: 03.09.21
fmyounguns.jpgAccording to the Internet source given below, The Young 'Uns comprising Sean Cooney, David Eagle and Michael Hughes are three very fine singers who hale from Hartlepool, England. That they perform with passion and gusto can be confirmed by myself when thoroughly enjoying their performance at Festival Maritim in August, 2011. They have also been seen at festivals in Warwick, Shrewsbury, Sidmouth, Priddy, Shepley, Whitby, Saltburn, Bie Daip (Holland), Gate to Southwell, Balerno (Edinburgh) and Sedgefield, as well as many other major venues and folk clubs throughout the UK.
On a personal note I particularly admired Sean Cooney's deadpan delivery when introducing themselves to the predominantly German audience. In saying that the group came from Hartlepool, he deliberately provoked titters. When the tittering had died down, he then said that Hartlepool was not a joke provoking merriment and outright laughter.
Great stuff - well done lads!!

Photo © 2011 by Alan Cole.
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youtube15.jpg Jenny Waits for Me (6:43)
youtube15.jpg The Young'uns - Banana Boat Song (3:32)
youtube15.jpg The Young'uns - Sweet Chiming Bells (2:36) Sweet Christmas Bells
youtube15.jpg The Young'Uns at Shepley Spring Festival 2010 (2:00) The Jolly Waggoner
youtube15.jpg The Young'uns Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2010 (4:51)