Leslie Stuart  (1864-1928)
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As written in the publisher's blurb to Leslie Stuart:
Leslie Stuart (1864-1928) was a British songwriter best remembered as the composer of the hit show, Florodora. He began writing popular songs as a teenager, first for blackface and vaudeville performers, and eventually for more "legitimate" shows and revues. Florodora (1899), written in collaboration with London's most fashionable librettist, Owen Hall, was a musical-comedy sensation. Its combination of the traditional slow love ballads and waltzes with more rhythmic and long-lined numbers made it a worldwide success. He continued to compose through the first decade of the 20th century, laying the groundwork for the coming innovations in British and American musical theater

     Title Author Supplier
  L. Stuart    
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This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 20 works by Leslie Stuart (1864-1928). It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Key: Electronic Resource Items
Title Year Co-Author Words By Remarks
The Bandolero 1894 Words & Music by Stuart  wvicon.gif
Louisiana Lou 1894 Words & Music by Stuart
Little Dolly Daydream 1897 Words & Music by Stuart  wvicon.gif
Lily of Laguna 1898 Words & Music by Stuart  wvicon.gif
The Soldiers of the Queen 1898-1901  wvicon.gif
The Fellow Who Might 1900 J. Hickory Wood
Floradora Lanciers 1900  wvicon.gif
Floradora March 1900  wvicon.gif
Floradora Selection 1900  wvicon.gif
The Queen of the Philippine Islands 1900 Owen Hall
The Shade of the Palm 1900 Words & Music by Stuart
Tell Me Pretty Maiden - Dance 1901  wvicon.gif
Tell Me Pretty Maiden - Medley March 1901  wvicon.gif
My Little Canoe 1903 Words & Music by Stuart
And the Weeping Willow Wept 1906 George Arthurs
Come to St. George's 1906 Chas. H.E. Brookfield, Cosmo Hamilton
Why Do They Call Me a Gibson Girl? 1906 Leslie Stiles  wvicon.gif
How Did the Bird Know That? 1907
Hello, People! 1908 George Arthurs  wvicon.gif
Floradora Waltz ?  wvicon.gif