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Cupid and the Clock
Words and Music by: Harry B. Norris.
Publisher: Francis, Day & Hunter
Suppliers: flag15us.gif flag15uk.gif flag15es.gif
Printed: 1905. Sheet Music.
This list is arranged by title and contains 7 lyrics written by Harry B. Norris. The lyrics/monologues and *.pdf files have been kindly compiled by monologues.co.uk/musichall
     Title Attribution Remarks
url15.gif Algy Vesta Tilley (sung by)  
url15.gif Burlington Bertie Vesta Tilley (sung by)  
url15.gif Oofless Duke, The Vesta Tilley (sung by)  
url15.gif Piccadilly Johnny Vesta Tilley (sung by)  
url15.gif Seaside Girls Vesta Tilley (sung by)  
url15.gif There Ain't No Gittin' Rid of 'im at All G. Elen (sung by)  
url15.gif You Could See As 'ow 'e Didn't Feel at 'ome G. Elen (sung by)  
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 32 works by Harry B. Norris. It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Keys: ER (w&m)
Title Year Attribution Remarks
Algy 1894 Vesta Tilley (sung by)  wvicon.gif
Wide World, The 1894 Charles H Taylor (words)
E. Shand (sung by)
Mary's Learning Something Every Day (w&m) 1895 Rose Harvey (sung by)  wvicon.gif
Nice Gal, Susie 1895  wvicon.gif
Piccadilly Johnny 1895 Vesta Tilley (sung by)  wvicon.gif
You Could See As 'ow 'e Didn't Feel at 'ome 1895 G. Elen (sung by)  wvicon.gif
At the Pantomime 1896  wvicon.gif
Bold Militiaman, The 1896 Vesta Tilley (sung by)  wvicon.gif
Gay Vivandiere, The 1896 Sisters Hawthorne (sung by)  wvicon.gif
There Ain't No Gittin' Rid of 'im at All 1896 G. Elen (sung by)  wvicon.gif
Two Little Sweethearts 1896  wvicon.gif
Afternoon Parade, The 1897 Vesta Tilley (sung by)  wvicon.gif
For the Week End 1897 Vesta Tilley (sung by)  wvicon.gif
Oofless Duke, The 1897 Vesta Tilley (sung by)  wvicon.gif
De Tennessee Christ'nin' (w&m) 1898 Amy Height (sung by)  wvicon.gif
Happy Hampton 1898 Vesta Tilley (sung by)  wvicon.gif
Lass For a Plain British Tar, The (w&m) 1898 Bert Haslem (sung by)  wvicon.gif
More Than Likely! 1898 Thomas E Murray (words)
Gus Garrick (sung by)
Only a Brave Little Drummer Boy 1898 Vesta Tilley (sung by)  wvicon.gif
Hupper Ten, The (w&m) 1899 Dolly Harmer (sung by)  wvicon.gif
Seaside Girls 1899 M Hanhart (words)
Vesta Tilley (sung by)
Burlington Bertie (w&m) 1900 Vesta Tilley (sung by)  wvicon.gif youtube15.jpg
Evening Star, The 1900 Vesta Tilley (sung by)  wvicon.gif
Paris Exhibition, The 1900 E. Shand (sung by)  wvicon.gif
Stay-At-Home Tourist, The 1900 Charles H Taylor (words)
Edward Laurie (sung by)
Walk Up An' See De Show 1900 Amy Height (sung by)  wvicon.gif
Automobile Honeymoon, The 1902  wvicon.gif
For a Day or Two 1903  wvicon.gif
Leedle Schnapps 1903  wvicon.gif
Only Girl on the Pier 1903  wvicon.gif
Right Girl, The 1903  wvicon.gif
Cupid and the Clock (w&m) 1905  amazon15.gif wvicon.gif
     Title Dur Performer Composer Score/Song
youtube15.jpg Burlington Bertie 3:46 Julie Andrews H.B. Norris 
youtube15.jpg Algy (1904) 0:59 Vesta Tilley H.B. Norris