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The Old Dun Cow
Last updated: 02.02.20
The Old Dun Cow is jolly old song that I learned from Brian Kelly while in the Idle Fellows but never got around to transcribing it until doing some research for its inclusion in We're Only Here For The Beer! - Light. It tells the story of one "Good Old Brown" who with great presence of mind took himself and his friends into the cellar of The Old Dun Cow when it caught fire in order to fill their bellies with free booze. They even barricaded themselves to prevent firemen from rescuing them until the booze ran out and they were all "blue blind paralytic drunk". The saga ends when the roof falls in. I still have a treasured recording of Brian singing it which was made during a rehearsal in Wifried Drygala's cellar sometime in the early 1980's.
Whilst I never sang it with Brian, I did get to sing it with Dr. Rosteck at Dieter Kandziora's candle workshop in November, 2006. Well done Brian!
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youtube15.jpg The Old Dun Cow (2:52) The Futureheads