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Good Night Ladies
Last updated: 22.01.22
"Good night ladies", just as For he's a jolly good fellow hardly needs describing as it is known to practically all people in the English-speaking world. This song only rates a mention here because I sing it every now and then on festive occasions.
In the Royal Navy and in rugby circles, so I'm told, sing this song is sung ceremoniously when it's time for the "ladies" to leave the proceedings as the lords of creation want get on with some serious debauchery. The version I sing can be found in 101 Pub Favourites for Buskers.
In my various searches through Amazon and the Internet in general, I've become amused to learn that "Good night ladies" is considered in Germany as a seaman's song.
     Performer CD Title Supplier
cd15.gif Various Artists Festival (Die schönsten Seemannslieder) flag15us.gif flag15uk.gif flag15de.gif flag15fr.gif flag15it.gif flag15es.gif
cd15.gif Various Artists The World Of - Eins, Zwei, g'suffa flag15uk.gif flag15de.gif flag15fr.gif
     Title Performer
youtube15.jpg Good Night Ladies (2:00) Mandskoret av 1914