J. Fred Helf  (1870?-1915?)
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J. Fred Helf was an American composer, songwriter and publisher of popular music. His best known piece was probably If Money Talks, It Ain't On Speaking Terms With Me ( 1902). His Every Race Has a Flag but the Coon (1900), interesting for its social comment, Texas Tommy's Dance (1911) and The Fatal Rose of Red (1900) also enjoyed limited popularity. Whilst scarcely ragtime, his A Bit O'Blarney - An Irish Intermezzo (1904) is also interesting.
After several years of success, his publishing business went bankrupt through a dispute with songwriter Ballard Macdonald over Play That Barbershop Chord (1910) which he worked on together with Lewis F. Muir and William Tracey.

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Contentment Song
Music by J. Fredric Helf. Words by: Leonard G. Vance.
Publisher: Leo Feist
Suppliers: flag15us.gif flag15uk.gif flag15es.gif
Printed: 1907. Sheet Music. Limited availability.
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 67 works by J. Fred Helf (1870?-1915?). It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Key: Electronic Resource Items
Title Year Co-Author Words By Remarks
Please Mr. Conductor Don't Put Me Off 1898 E.P. Moran  wvicon.gif
Tillie Tootie the Coney Island Beauty 1898 Arthur J. Lamb  wvicon.gif
The Two Sweethearts of Mine 1898 E.P. Moran  wvicon.gif
I Ain't Got No Happy Home to Leave 1899 Words & Music by Helf  wvicon.gif
Only a Hard Boiled Egg From Home 1899 Words & Music by Helf  wvicon.gif
A Picture No Artist Can Paint 1899 Words & Music by Helf  wvicon.gif
Every Race Has a Flag But the Coon 1900 Will. A. Heelan  wvicon.gif
The Fatal Rose of Red 1900 Ed Gardenier  wvicon.gif
In the House of Too Much Trouble 1900 Will A. Heelan  wvicon.gif
Set 'Em Up in the Other Alley 1900 Ren. Shields, Andrew B. Sterling  wvicon.gif
Tobie I Kind O' Likes You 1900 Will A. Heelan  wvicon.gif
I'll Be Your Rain-Beau 1902 Ed. Gardenier  wvicon.gif
If Money Talks, It Ain't on Speaking Terms With Me 1902 Words & Music by Helf  wvicon.gif
My Mother Was a Northern Girl 1902 Words & Music by Helf  wvicon.gif
Please Leave the Gate Ajar 1902 Rob't F. Roden  wvicon.gif
Ev'ry Man Is a Volunteer 1903 Will A Heelan  wvicon.gif
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep 1903 Words & Music by Helf  wvicon.gif
Since Sally Left Our Alley 1903 Will A. Heelan  wvicon.gif
The Battle of the Daisies & the Ferns 1904 Heelan  wvicon.gif
A Bit O' Blarney 1904  wvicon.gif
Title Year Co-Author Words By Remarks
Bit O' Blarney, A - Song 1904 Will A Heelan  wvicon.gif
A Sprig O'Shillalah 1904  wvicon.gif
Stingy 1904 Ed. Gardenier  wvicon.gif
When the Coons Have a Dreamland of Their Own 1904  wvicon.gif
Everybody Works But Father 1905 Words & Music by Helf  wvicon.gif
I'll Be Waiting in the Gloaming, Sweet Genevieve 1905 Words & Music by Helf  wvicon.gif
Mamma's Boy 1905 Harry Sinclair  wvicon.gif
Someone Thinks of Someone 1905 Ed. Gardenier  wvicon.gif
The Waltz Must Change to a March Marie 1905 Arthur J. Lamb  wvicon.gif
Afloat on a Five Dollar Note 1906 Arthur J. Lamb  wvicon.gif
Ain't You Coming Back to Old New Hampshire, Molly 1906 Robert F. Roden  wvicon.gif
The Bee That Gets the Honey 1906 Ed Rose  wvicon.gif
Captain Baby Bunting 1906 Will D Cobb, Ed Gardenier  wvicon.gif
Colleen Bawn 1906 Words & Music by Helf Ed Madden  wvicon.gif
When the Whippoorwill Sings Marguerite 1906 Words & Music by Helf  wvicon.gif
When You Know You're Not Forgotten by the Girl You Can't Forget 1906 Ed. Gardenier  wvicon.gif
Contentment 1907 Leonard G. Vance  amazon15.gif wvicon.gif
I'm Tying the Leaves So They Won't Come Down 1907 E. S. S. Huntington  wvicon.gif
Neath the Old Acorn Tree, Sweet Estelle 1907 C. Marion Denison  wvicon.gif
Somebody's Always Willin' to Do Somethin' For Somebody 1907 Ed. Gardenier  wvicon.gif
Title Year Co-Author Words By Remarks
When It's Moonlight Mary Darling 'neath the Old Grape Arbor Shade 1907 Bertley Costello  wvicon.gif
When Summer Tells Autumn Good-Bye 1907 Arthur J Lamb  wvicon.gif
When the Bluebirds Nest Again Sweet Nellie Gray 1907 Bartley Costello  wvicon.gif
When the Sheep Are in the Fold, Jennie Dear 1907 C. Marion Denison  wvicon.gif
When the Springtime Brings the Roses, Jessie Dear 1907 Robert F Roden  wvicon.gif
Won't You Come Over to Chilly Willie? 1907 Ed Gardenier  wvicon.gif
The Booker T's Are on Parade To-Day 1908 Ed. Moran  wvicon.gif
Daddy's Little Tom Boy Girl 1908 Robert F Roden  wvicon.gif
I Don't Want the Morning to Come 1908 Arthur J. Lamb  wvicon.gif
I Lost My Heart When I Saw Your Eyes 1908 Arthur J. Lamb  wvicon.gif
When Darling Bess First Whispered Yes 1908 Robert F Roden  wvicon.gif
When We Listened to the Chiming of the Old Church Bell 1908 Robert F Roden  wvicon.gif
Whoop! Whoop!! Whoop!!! Make a Noise Like a Hoop and Roll Away 1908 Ren Shields  wvicon.gif
Go Easy Mabel 1909 Will D, Cobb, Ren Shields, Eddie Moran  wvicon.gif
When the Bloom Is on the Cotton Dixie Lee 1909 C.M Dennison  wvicon.gif
When the Evening Bells Are Chiming Songs of Auld Lang Syne 1909 Robert F Roden  wvicon.gif
My Love Is Greater Than the World 1910 Arthur J. Lamb  wvicon.gif
Teddy Da Roose 1910 E. Moran  wvicon.gif
When a Boy From Old New Hampshire Loves a Girl From Tennessee 1910 William Cahalin, Robert F. Roden  wvicon.gif
Hands Up 1911 Arthur J. Lamb  wvicon.gif
Title Year Co-Author Words By Remarks
You're Just As Sweet at Sixty As You Were at Sweet Sixteen 1912 Will A. Heelan  wvicon.gif
On a Barnyard Honeymoon 1913 Wm Tracey  wvicon.gif
When an Old School Boy Meets an Old School Girl 1913 Arthur J. Lamb  wvicon.gif
When God Gave Me You 1913 Edgar Leslie  wvicon.gif
When the Maid You've Made Your Sweetheart 1913 Arthur J. Lamb  wvicon.gif
In the Valley of the Shannon 1914 Bartley Costello  wvicon.gif
Pick Up the Pieces and Bring Them Home 1914 Arthur J Lamb  wvicon.gif