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Lilli Marlene
Last updated: 28.01.22
"Lilli Marlene" (English spelling) is a song I grew up and there cannot be very many people in the English and German speaking worlds that have never heard of it. Even as a child, I always loved to hear Marlene Dietrich singing it and I knew the first verse of the English version by heart. Wilfried Drygala, much to the surprise of Brian Kelly and myself, decided one fine day to take the German version of Lilli Marlen, somewhat for the Idle Fellows inappropriate, into our repertoire.
On turning solo, I decided to take the English version which I found in It's fun to sing into my repertoire. I've not sung "Lilli Marlene" very much, which I suppose is not very surprising as I have virtually no contact with W.W.II veterans. The music is accredited to Norbert Schultze.
An English lyrics version can also be found in , the lyrics being credited to Tommie Connor and is categorised as a reunion song..
A full version may be found in 70 years of Popular Music, 1940s, Pt. 1.
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