Ragtime Recorder Music
Geoff Grainger
Last updated: 11.11.17
This webpage was started on 3rd March, 2003 and deals with adaptions of music from the cakewalk ragtime era, very roughly from 1880 to 1923, for the recorder. Please "click" the above menu tabs for relevant lists covering books, CDs, sheet music and more.

Why Ragtime Music for the Recorder?
My simple answer is why not!! My interest in ragtime first started when I first came across the Hugh Blake arrangement of Scott Joplin's Fig Leaf Rag in Consort With a Swing for a recorder quartet (descant, treble, tenor and bass). I was so enchanted that thereafter I was always on the look-out for more ragtime music for the recorder and over the years purchased everything I came across. Considering the vast amount of recorder literature available, literally thousands of items of sheet music, the percentage of this dedicated to ragtime is abysmally small.
Delightful and charming as these few items are/were, I was always just a little disappointed because of the resulting thin sound partly due no doubt to the inexperience of myself and players involved (a notable exception is the Stan Davis arrangement of Paul Desmond's Take Five). It was not until 1998 however, when I worked on my first Joplin arrangement, The Augustan Club Waltzes (1901) together with Blue Tuesday, that I finally realised what the problem was. All the recorder ragtime works which I purchased had the same property, they all were either arranged for the traditional recorder consort (D/A/T/B) ensuring that each voice had plenty to do. Completely artificial and quite opposed to the composers intentions with regard especially to the lower registers. For my taste, a recorder adaptation of ragtime era music should retain the same keys and all the notes as intended by the composer. That generally means that a "traditional" recorder quartet cannot meet this requirement - lots of tenors, basses are needed along with a great bass and where possible a contra bass. In addition the ensemble players should generally be able to play all voices. In the 1246 pieces which I have adapted as of 11.11.17, not one has the D/A/T/B format - quintets and sextets are the rule with plenty of doubling and nifty instrument changing.
Adapting the music of the ragtime era (the music that I love) for the recorder (the instrument that I love) is a great joy and immensely satisfying. Finally I have the music I always wanted to play and am looking forward to performing these delights with Bremen Recorder Touring Company and others in the near future.
A final word. There is a vast amount of ragtime era music available and can be adapted for the recorder, surfers' suggestions, comments and anecdotes are very welcome.

Geoff Grainger, Sunday, 3rd March 2003


Ragtime Composers

Classic Kings Scott Joplin   James Sylvester Scott   Joseph F. Lamb
Pioneers Charles H. Hunter   Arthur Marshall   Thomas Million Turpin  
Louis Chauvin   Lee Edgar Settle
March Kings Frank Hoyt Losey   Arthur Willard Pryor   John Philip Sousa  
Harry J. Lincoln   Abe Holzmann
The Prolific Charles Neil Daniels  Thomas Henry Lodge   Chas. L. Johnson   Percy Wenrich
Top Ladies May Aufderheide   Charlotte Blake   Irene M. Giblin   Adaline Shepherd
Early Bluesmen William C. Handy   Clarence Williams   Spencer Williams
Top Pianists Eubie Blake   Ferdinand Morton [Jelly Roll]   James Price Johnson  
Thomas (Fats) Waller
Crown Princes Felix Arndt   Roy Frederick Bargy   Zez Confrey   Artie Matthews
The Roll Call (see tab above) of some 718 ragtime composers, great and small presently (11.11.17) listed in these webpages.

Ragtime Era Composer Roll Call

| A |B |C |D |E |F |G |H |I |J |K |L |M |N |O |P |R |S |T |U |V |W |Y |Z |
 Edward J. AbramStephen O. Jones
 Clifford AdamsTimothy Jones
 Bernard AdlerScott Joplin (1868-1917)
 Milton Ager (1893-1979)Joe Jordan (1882-1971)
 Fred E. Ahlert (1892-1953)Archibald Joyce (1873-1963)
 William Albright (1944-1998)Gus Kahn (1886-1941)
 M. AlexanderVerdi Karns (1882-1925)
 Harry L. Alford (1875-1939)Elena Kats-Chernin (1957-)
 Euphemia Allen (1861-1949)Mel B. Kaufman (1879-1932)
 Louise AllenFrank C. Keithley
 Thomas S. Allen (1876-1919)Sue Keller
 S.L. AlpertH. Alf Kelley
 Egbert A. van Alstyne (1878-1951)Tom Kelley
 Edith AlthoffEdward Harry Kelly (1879-1955)
 O.H. AndersenJames E.C. Kelly
 Willie Anderson (-1927)Edwin F. Kendall (1870-)
 Julius AndinoMargaret Kenney
  Anon (ignoto)Margaret H. Kenney
 Bert Anthony (1876-1923)Jerome Kern (1885-1945)
 Bulah ArensWilliam H. Kiefer
 Harry Arlen (1905-1986)S.G. Kiesling
 Henry W. Armstrong (1879-1951)Karl K. King (1891-1972)
 T.J. ArnallRobert A. King (1862-1932)
 Felix Arndt (1889-1918)Lilburn Kingsbury (1884-1983)
 John ArpinMaurice Kirwin
 Emil Ascher (1859-1922)Barbara F. Kleinbeck
 Mabel Littlefield Asher (1879-1969)Henry Kleinkauf
 Glenn W. AshleighFrank Henri Klickmann (1885-1966)
 Winifred Atwell (1914-1983)Ruth Knippenberg
 May Aufderheide (1888-1972)Sadie Koninsky (1879-1952)
 Nathan D. Ayer (1897-1952)Max Kortlander (1890-1961)
 Chas. L. van BaarStefan Kozinski
 Harvey M. BabcockWilliam H. Krell (1873-1933)
 Mike L. BairdWilliam Fred Krenz
 Edythe Ruth BakerEd. Kuhn
  Frank E. Banta (1897-1969)Jean-Baptiste Lafreniere
 Frank P. Banta (1870-1903)Mayhew Lester Lake (1879-1955)
 Chris BarberJoseph F. Lamb (1887-1960)
 Samuel BarberJames Bodewalt Lampe (1869-1929)
 Roy Frederick Bargy (1894-1974)H. Harry Landrum
 George D. Barnard (1853-1933)Arthur Lange (1889-1959)
 Paul BarnesJohn Nelson Lang
 C.L. Barnhouse (1865-1929)George L. Lansing
 Ted S. Barron (1879-1943)"Nick" D.J. La Rocca (1889-1961)
 John Frederic BarthMorten Gunnar Lasen
 Marshall M. BartholomewKenneth Laufer
 Margaret Bartlett (1891-1963)Garnett Lee
 Horace R. BaslerMarvin Lee
 Arthur W. Bauer (1884-)Leighton Bros.
 Hubert Theodore Bauersachs (1882-1964)Tom Lemonier (1870-1945)
 Nora Bayes (1880-1928)Karl Lenox
 Eleanora Beauchamp (1892-1981)James I. Lent
 Sidney Bechet (1897-1959)Julius Lenzberg (1878-1956)
  Bix Beiderbecke (1903-1931)Meade Lux Lewis
 Harry BeldingPaul Lincke (1866-1946)
 Harry BellHarry J. Lincoln (1878-1937)
 C. BellstedtGrace Walls Linn
 E.K. BennettRaymond Litzenberger
 Harry BennettThomas Henry Lodge (1884-1933)
 Theron Catlan Bennett (1879-1937)E.E. Loftis
 Minnie BergerArthur Longbrake
 Leo E. BerlinerRay Lopez
 Irving Berlin (1888-1989)William Loraine
 Mike Bernard (1881-1936)Frank Hoyt Losey (1870-1931)
 Ben Bernie (1891-1943)George L. Lowry
 J. Rollie BibbGustav Luders (1865-1913)
 Ida G. Bierman (1884-?)Charles Luke
 Paul BieseLyons & Yosco
 Mimi BlaisJ. Reginald MacEachron
 Charlotte Blake (1885-1979)Alan Macey
 Eubie Blake (1883-1983)W.R. MacKanless
  Mitch le BlancCecil Macklin (1883-1944)
 Leon Meier Block (1885-1969)Mary Mageau (1934-)
 Rube BloomAnthony Maggio
 Jimmy BlytheAlexander Maloof
 A.E. BohrerClaudio Mandonico (1957-)
 William Bolcom (1938-)Arthur Marshall (1881-1968)
 Grace Marie Bolen (1883-1974)John Martin
 Claude Bolling (1930-)Albert F. Marzian
 Bessie Boniel (1883-)Clare Mast
 Otto BonnellArtie Matthews (1888-1958)
 John W. Boone (1869-1927)Billy Mayerl (1902-1959)
 George Botsford (1874-1949)Charles R. McCarron (1891-1919)
 Euday Louis Bowman (1887-1949)George McClellan
 Grace le Boy (1890-1983)Elma Ney McClure
 Perry Bradford (1893-1970)Frank X. McFadden
 Philip Braham (1881-1934)F.T. McGrath
 Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)James Francis McHugh (1894-1969)
 Clarence E. BrandonLindsay McPhail (1895-1965)
  John Walter Bratton (1867-1947)H.H. McSkimming
 William J. BraunFrank W. Meacham (?1856-1909)
 Alma C. BreenFred. Meinken
 Tom BrierFelix Mendelssohn (1809-1847)
 Thomas E. BroadyLouis H. Mentel
 James Brockman (1886-1967)Johnny Mercer (1909-1976)
 Ellis BrooksTheo A. Metz
 Shelton Brooks (1886-1975)George W. Meyer (1884-1959)
 Charles B. BrownVeronica Mikova (1887-1937)
 Clarence F. BrownDuncan S. Miller
 Harry BrownHazel Million
 Nacio Herbert BrownKerry Mills (1869-1948)
 Sid BrownHarry H. Mincer
 Tom Brown (1881-1950)Coleman L. Minor
 Frederick M. BryanMiscellaneous
 James Timothy Brymn (1881-1946)Jimmie V. Monaco (1885-1945)
 Mattie Harl BurgessVittorio Monti (1868-1922)
 Ernie Burnett (1884-1959)Luella Lockwood Moore (1864-1927)
  Earl Burtnett (1896-1936)Sam Moore
 Lou BuschMax Morath
 Henry Busse (1894-1955)Joe Morley (1867 - 1937)
 M. CadenzaMelville Morris
 Alberto CajaniWilliam B. Morrison (1874-1937)
 Jerre Cammack (1890-1963)Arthur Cleveland Morse
 Brun CampbellTheodore F. Morse (1873-1924)
 Hughie Cannon (1877-1912)Ferdinand Morton (1885-1941)
 Roy J. Carew (1875-1968)Kathryn Athol Morton (1879-1969)
 Bob Carleton (1896-1956)Otto Motzan (1880-1937)
 Ermenegildo Carosio (1886-1926)Arthur W. Mueller
 Robert CarrikerGus Mueller
 Harry Carroll (1892-1962)Lewis F. Muir (1884-1950)
 Paul CarterCharles E. Mullen
 Ivan Caryll (1861-1921)Bill Munro
 Anna Case (1889-1984)Eddie Munson
 Dan H. CaslarTurk Murphy
 Jo Ann CastleWill Nash
  E.L. CatlinErnesto Nazareth (1863-1934)
 Oscar CelestinRoyal Neel
 Gus ChandlerHal. G. Nichols
 James ChapmanJulia Lee Niebergall (1886-1968)
 Louis Chauvin (1883-1908)Eva Nieman
 Goldie E. ChesnutTheodore Havemeyer Northrup (1866-1919)
 Axel W. ChristensenJos. C. Northup
 Edward Clark Jr.George A. Norton (1880-1923)
 Grant ClarkeOlly Oakley
 Edward B. Claypoole (1883-1952)Jean de Ockeghem (1420-1495)
 George Linus Cobb (1886-1942)J. Fred O'Connor
 Nellie Weldon Cocroft (1885-1986)William Christopher O'Hare (1867-1943(?))
 Lily Coffee (1891-1937)Joe Oliver (1885-1938)
 George. M. Cohan (1878-1942)Abe Olman (1888-1984)
 Chas. CohenElmer Olson
 Leroy Earl ColburnMargaret Onderdonk
 Carleton L. ColbyJames C. Osborne
 David ComerHilda Ossusky
  Al B. ConeyAnita Owen (?-1932)
 Zez Confrey (1895-1971)Frank Panella
 Con Conrad (1891-1938)Fay Parker
 Charles L. Cooke (1891-1958)Terry Parrish
 S. Gibson CookeEdward Taylor Paull (1858-1924)
 Harry L. CookFlorence M. Pearce
 Sarah E. CookAlbert Perfect
 Will Marion Cook (1869-1944)Ross Petot
 Alfred H. CooperW.H. Petway
 Les C. CopelandLucy B. Phillips
 William J. Cornish (?-1950)Al Piantadosi (1884-1955)
 El CotaJesse Pickett
 Ida CoxWilliam Thomas Pierson
 Irene Cozad (1888-1970)Al Pinard (1880-1943)
 Cecil Duane CrabbArmand J. Piron
 Kathy CraigThomas Pitts
 Creamer & LaytonEugene Platzmann
 Budd L. CrossLew Pollack (1895-1946)
  Ford T. Dabney (1883-1958)William C. Polla (1876-1939)
 Phil J. DahmMuriel Pollock (1895-1971)
 Charles Neil Daniels (1878-1943)C.E. Pomeroy
 Robert R. DarchCole Porter (1891-1964)
 Irwin DashPaul Charles Pratt (1890-1948)
 Charles DavenportGeorge E. Price
 Matthew DavidsonArthur Willard Pryor (1870-1942)
 Gary DavisHarry Puck (1891-1964)
 Jimmie DavisHenry Purcell (1659-1695)
 Joe DavisHenry W. Ragas
 Marian I. Davis (1888-1970)Zema Randale (1900-1918)
 Ella Hudson DayJames Ryder Randall (1839-1905)
 Guido DeiroBen Rawls
 Tom Delaney (1889-1963)Don Raye
 Jeanne DelmarMarguerite Ray (1891-1981)
 Homer DenneyEzra Read (1862-1922)
 Al DexterGeorge A. Reeg, Jr
 Ed. A. DiceyHarry F. Reser
  Peter DickinsonMartha Retzlaff
 Russell A. DickinsonWilliam Ridgley
 Dippy DipJustin Ringleben
 Geraldine Dobyns (1883-)Leah Monks Robb (1887-)
 Kate DolbyCharles Luckyth Roberts (1887-1968)
 Leon DonaldsonDavid Thomas Roberts
 Clyde DouglassJay Roberts (1889-1932)
 Alfred J. DoyleLew Roberts
 Walter L. DunnLee S. Roberts (1884-1949)
 Brian DykstraHarry G. Robinson
 Ethel May Earnist (1888-1957)J. Russel Robinson (1892-1963)
 Ted EastwoodOtto Roeder
 Helen S. EatonWalter Rolfe (1880-1944)
 Willie Eckstein (1888-1963)Sigmund Romberg (1887-1951)
 Bill EdwardsDavid Rose (1910-1990)
 Duke Ellington (1899-1974)Monroe H. Rosenfeld (1861-1918)
 Edwin EllisVincent Rose
 Jacob Henry EllisGeorge Rosey (1864-1936)
  Hans Engelmann (1872-1914)Joe Rosey
 Walter P. English (1867-1916)Eddie Ross (1882-1931)
 Charles B. EnnisGioacchino Rossini (1792-1868)
 Paul Eno (1869-1924)Madeline Rossiter (1886-)
 Ellis R. EphraimCharles H. Roth
 Ernie Erdman (1879-1946)Bessie E. Rudisill (1884-1957)
 James Reese Europe (1881-1919)Sydney King Russell
 Montague Ewing (1890-1957)Elmer G. Ruth
 Barney Fagan (1850-1937)Fred L. Ryder
 Orion R. Farrar (1866-1929)Cora Salisbury (?-1916)
 Henry Fillmore (1881-1956)Alma M. Sanders (1882-1945)
 Herman Finck (1872-1939)Everett Sanderson
 Burton Edward FischerEmma Laurence Sankey (1889-1979)
 Tad FischerErik Satie (1866-1925)
 Harry A. Fischler (1879-1959)Archie W. Scheu (1880-1963)
 Fred Fisher (1875-1942)Eugene E. Schmitz
 Maie FitzgeraldElmer Schoebel
 P. Hans FlathGunther Schuller (1925-)
  C. Roland Flick (1875-1940)Arthur Schutt
 Lemuel FowlerJean Schwartz (1878-1956)
 Ray FoxleyJames Sylvester Scott (1886-1938)
 Abe FranklGabriel Sebek
 Bernard FranklinChristopher Seppe
 Irene Franklin (1876-1941)Lee Edgar Settle (1882-)
 Malvin FranklinThomas W. Shea
 Henry Frantzen (1850-1931)Adaline Shepherd (1883-1950)
 Julian FredericksLarry Shields
 Vinton Freedley (1891-1969)Ren Shields (1868-1913)
 Frank FrenchNathaniel Shilkret
 Hugo Frey (1873-1952)Jack Sight
 Otto FreyJ. Alex Silberberg
 Leo Friedman (1869-1927)Walter C. Simon
 Rudolf Friml (1879-1972)Wm. Murray Simpson
 Robin FrostArthur Lynn Sizemore (1891-1954)
 Julius Fucik (1872-1916)Logan Sizemore (1884-1944)
 Frank Fuhrer (1870-1955)Alma Smith
  Charles M. FunkBessie Smith
 E. Warren FurryChris Smith (1879-1949)
 Donald GaniardEthyl B. Smith
 Donald GarciaLee Orean Smith (1874-1942)
 John B. GardnerMaurice K. Smith
 J.T. GardnerRussell Smith
 Joe GarlandWillie "The Lion" Smith
 Blind Leroy GarnettBilly Smythe
 Clarence Gaskill (1892-1947)Ted Snyder (1881-1965)
 Byron GayJohn Philip Sousa (1854-1933)
 Joseph GearenGeorge A. Spink
 James W. GearhartBertha Stanfield (1890-1925)
 Edward GeorgeJoseph Franklin Stansell (1873-1964)
 George Gershwin (1898-1937)Cal. Stark (1881-1972)
 A. Harrington Gibbs (1895-1956)Etilmon J. Stark (1867-1962)
 Irene M. Giblin (1888-1974)Anthony J. Stasny
 Lucian Porter GibsonAlbert Stedman
 Melville J. Gideon (1884-1933)Max R. Steiner (1888-1971)
  Louis Wolfe Gilbert (1886-1970)Gwendolyn Stevenson (1876-1933)
 Imogene Giles (1877-1964)Clyde I. Stewart
 Frank R. GillisKate Myers Stith (1878-1925)
 Maude GilmoreClarence H. St. John
 Joseph GiosciaS.J. Stocco
 Neil Gladd (1955-)Nellie W. Stokes (1882-)
 Jack Glogau (1886-1953)Fred S. Stone (1873-1912)
 Phil GoldbergPauline Brutting Story (1869-1951)
 Dan Goldsmith (-1920)Charles T. Straight (1891-1940)
 Grace Gooding (1878-1948)Johann Strauss (1804-1849)
 Stephen Kent GoodmanJohann Strauss (1825-1899)
 Sam GooldRobert Morrison Stults (1861-1933)
 Archie GottlerEmma Y. Suckert (1867-)
 Louis M. Gottschalk (1829-1869)Joe Sullivan
 Lee B. GrabbeDan. J. Sullivan (1875-1948)
 R.G. GradyWilbur C. Sweatman (1882-1961)
 Bert F. Grant (1878-1951)Charles C. Sweeley
 Charles N. GrantRaymond Taylor
  Burt Green (1874-1922)Carl Albert Hermann Teike (1864-1922)
 Eddie GreenLogan Thane
 Geo. Hamilton Green (1893-1970)Camilla Thiele (1886-1915)
 Vivian GreyGeorge W. Thomas (1985-1930)
 David W. Guion (1892-1981)Harry Thomas (1890-1941)
 Albert Gumble (1883-1946)Lucy Thomas
 Louise V. Gustin (c. 1870-1910)Charles Thompson (1891-1964)
 Ferdinand Alexander GuttenbergerHarry C. Thompson
 Harry P. Guy (1870-1950)Mattie Claire Thompson
 Phil M. HackerVirgil Thomson (1896-1989)
 Frederick W. HagerDonald Thorne
 Teddy HahnT.W. Thurban
 Guy R. HallBlanche M. Tice (1878-1933)
 Robert Browne Hall (1858-1907)Trebor Jay Tichenor
 Kittie M. HamelHarry Austin Tierney (1890-1965)
 Richard HamiltonEdna Chappell Tiff
 R.J. HamiltonMabel Tilton
 Robert Hampton (1890-1945)Albert von Tilzer (1878-1956)
  George F. Handel (1685-1759)Harry von Tilzer (1872-1946)
 William C. Handy (1873-1958)Fynn Titford-Mock
 James F. Hanley (1892-1942)Theodore Moses Tobani (1855-1933)
 Laverne HanshawTraditional
 Benjamin R. Harney (1871-1938)T.H. Trenholm
 Dave HarrisGeorge Lem Trombley
 Rose de Haven (1881-1972)Thomas Million Turpin (1873-1922)
 Scott Hayden (1882-1915)William H. Tyers (1876-1924)
 Clancy HayesCharles A. Tyler
 Peter M. HeatonUnknown (ignito)
 Edward HeeseAnna M. De Varennes
 Silvio Hein (1879-1928)Isabel Varney (1892-1967)
 Otto M. HeinzmanAlphonse A. Verges (1874-1924)
 William HeldHeitor Villa-Lobos (1887-1959)
 Fred Dunham Heltman (1887-1960)William H. Vodery
 Ray Henderson (1896-1970)Fred Vokoun
 A.E. HenrichWheeler Wadsworth
 Marcella A. Henry (1885-1978)Joseph Franz Wagner (1856-1908)
  Stephen R. Henry (1874-1966)Dorothy Ingersol Wahl
 T. Fred HenryF.A. Walker
 Victor Herbert (1859-1924)Oliver G. Wallace (1887-1963)
 Frank HerbinThomas (Fats) Waller (1904-1943)
 Wallie HerzerHart A. Wand
 Cliff Hess (1894-1959)Charles B. Ward (1865-1917)
 J. Leubrie Hill (1873-1916)Harry Warren (1893-1981)
 Louis Achille Hirsch (1887-1924)Mary Baugh Watson
 Max Hoffmann (1873-1963)Arthur J. Weidt (1866-1945)
 Robert George Hoffman (1878-1964)William E. Weigel
 Joe HollanderStephen Weiss
 Abe Holzmann (1874-1939)Arthur Wellesley
 George P. HowardPete Wendling (1888-1974)
 John Raymond Hubbell (1879-1954)Percy Wenrich (1880-1952)
 Edward HudsonJames Whidden (1890-1968)
 Charles HumfeldJames White
 Charles H. Hunter (1876-1906)Leroy (Lasses) White
 William HyderMargaret Agnew White (1885-1968)
  Dick HymanM. E. White
 Clara Mae C. Igelman (1884-1960)Willy White
 Herbert Ingraham (1883-1910)B.R. Whitlow
 Robert George IngrahamHoward Whitney
 Geo. S. IrishKathryn L. Widmer
 M.H. IrishClarence C. Wiley
 Fred IrvinGalen Wilkes
 May Irwin (1862-1938)Herbert W. Willett
 Hal IsbitzClarence Williams (1898-1965)
 Collis Welborn JacksonMamie E. Williams
 Sam JacksonJane O. Williams
 Roy JacobsCarlotta Williamson
 Elsie Janis (1889-1956)Spencer Williams (1889-1965)
 Benjamin H. JanssenFloyd Willis
 Mark JanzaRoger Williams
 Percy M. JaquesE.A. Windell
 Glen JenksGus Winkler (1887-1921)
 Jonathan JensenSam Wishnuff
  Harry Jentes (1887-1958)Buell N. Withrow
 Ben M. Jerome (1881-1938)Florence M. Wood
 Léon Jessel (1871-1942)Margaret Woodin
 Elijah W. JimersonLeo Wood
 Billy JoelClarence Woods (1888-1956)
 Chas. L. Johnson (1876-1950)Fannie Bell Woods (1892-1974)
 Frederick G. JohnsonHughe Woolford
 Howard E. Johnson (1887-1941)Calvin Lee Woolsey (1884-1946)
 James Price Johnson (1894-1955)Frank Wooster (1885-1942)
 J. Rosamond Johnson (1873-1954)Henry Clay Work (1832-1884)
 Lloyd L. JohnsonTex Wyndham
 Nat. JohnsonGladys Yelvington (1891-1957)
 Pete JohnsonVincent Millie Youmans (1898-1946)
 Ted JohnsonJudith Lang Zaimont (1945-)
 Clarence M. JonesJohn Stepan Zamecnik (1872-1953)
 Harry W. JonesHarry H. Zickel
 Isham JonesChas. A. Zimmermann (1861-1916)
 Jazzou Jones
We are pleased to announce that as of 11.11.17, a total of 1246 items of recorder sheet music in the Recorder Ragtime Sheet Music Series are in stock. Except where otherwise stated the items comprise small-type scores with full-type parts. Full- or large-type scores can be provided, please send for details. Bulk orders can be made at special rates.
Piano Sheet Music on Hold
As of 11.11.17, we have a total of 4175 items of sheet music at Ditty Box Enterprises in our library and in electronic resources which could be adapted to be played by the recorder or put to other uses.

| A |B |C |D |E |F |G |H |I |J |K |L |M |N |O |P |R |S |T |U |V |W |Y |Z |
 A.E. Aarons (1865-1936)All Together (1918)
 Ragtime Liz (1898)Zamparite (1912)
 J.F. AbbotJ.F. Lamb (1887-1960)
 Belle of the Orient (1897)Celestine Waltzes (1905)
 G.W. AdamsFlorentine Waltz (1906)
 The Cake Winner (1899)The Lilliputian's Bazaar (1905)
 Death at the Post (1899)J.B. Lampe (1869-1929)
 B. AdlerCamouflage (1917)
 That Dreamy Rag (1909)The Glad Girl (1915)
 J. AdlerHarmony Blues (1917)
 University of Pennsylvania (1893)Home Sweet Home the World Over (1912)
 M. Ager (1893-1979)The Masterstroke (1904)
 Erin Is Calling (1916)Paddy Whack (1907)
 Everything Is Peaches Down in Georgia (1918)Pig Tails (1908)
 France We Have Not Forgotten You (1918)A Red Hot Esmeralda (1900)
 Lovin' Sam (1922)Turkey Trot (1912)
 Rockaway Hunt (1915)Valse Mauve (1913)
  Tom, Dick and Harry and Jack (1917)A Vision of Salome (1908)
 Who Cares? (1922)Yankee Dude (1907)
 You Can't Pull the Wool Over My Eyes (1936)Yankee Girl March (1904)
 A Young Man's Fancy (1920)J. de Lancey
 A. AgratiBlack Cat Dance (1916)
 The Viceroy Tea Waltz (192?)Tin Soldiers March (1913)
 F.G. AlbersWitches Dance (1909)
 Basket of Roses (1913)M.G. Lander
 O.H. AlbrechtDuskey Maids (1902)
 The Darkies Honeymoon (1905)S. Landfield
 B. Alden (-1932)Bone Dry (1918)
 The American Dancers (1908)H.H. Landrum
 J. AldenMississippi Smilax (1907)
 La Veeda (1920)C. Lane
 J.I. AlexanderThe Man Who Leads the Cake-Walk (1910)
 Laurel Line March (1904)A. Lange (1889-1959)
 Upatree March (1896)America, Here's My Boy (1917)
 M. AlexanderBeautiful Chimes at Sunset (1914)
  A Ticklish Sensation (1914)Come on and La-La With Me (1914)
 N. AlexanderGoodbye, That Means You (1917)
 Oh! That Lovey Rag! (1914)In the Garden (1914)
 H.L. Alford (1875-1939)In the Sweet Long Ago (1916)
 The Peacemaker (1905)Look Out For the Irish Tonight (1917)
 AlfredoMy Lonely Lola Lo (1916)
 The Alfredo Rag (1916)On Again (1899)
 D. AllenRaus Mit Der Kaiser (1917)
 A Bit O' Sunshine (n.d.)That Girl of Mine (1916)
 Grand March to Jones' (1907)There's Something About You That Makes Me Love You (1917)
 L. AllenTho' I'm Not the First to Call You Sweetheart (1916)
 The Allen Glide (1915)To Lou (1915)
 T.S. Allen (1876-1919)Virginia Lee (1915)
 Any Rags? - Schottische (1903)We're Going Over (1917)
 Any Rags? - Song (1903)What Money Can't Buy (1915)
 By the Watermelon Vine - Song (1904)What'll We Do With Him Boys? (1918)
 Chicken Pickin's (1900)When It's Orange Blossom Time in Loveland (1915)
 Convention City (1912)When Yankee Doodle Marches Thro' Berlin There'll Be a Hot Time in the U.S.A. (1917)
  Dance of the Lunatics (1912)J.N Lang
 Dance of the Skeletons (1918)The American Rag (1917)
 Dixie Rube (1906)G.L. Lansing
 Don't Tell the Folks You Saw Me (1915)The Darkie's Dream (1891)
 Girl of the Orient (1916)Darkies Patrol (1919)
 Good-Bye Mister Greenback (1906)Drowsy Dempsey (1908)
 Homespun Rag (1913)Westward Ho! (1914)
 Hoop-E-Kack (1909)W.H. Lanyon
 I'll Put Mine Against Yours Anytime (1912)A Ride With Santa Claus (1899)
 I'll Wait For You 'till the Cows Come Home (1911)S. Lapin
 I'm Going Crazy (1910)The Darkies Delight (1899)
 Let Me Be Your Lemon Coon (1908)The Ferris Wheel (1899)
 M'm M'm M'm Mazie (1904)Miss Cinda's Walk (1899)
 Mandy Lou (1911)D.J. La Rocca (1889-1961)
 Miss Caroline (1914)At the Jazz Band Ball (1918)
 My Dusky Rose (1905)Tiger Rag (1917)
 Numa (1914)H.J Lautz
 On Yo' Way (1905)Little Wah Sid March (1896)
  Sandy River Rag (1915)The Octoroon (1896)
 Scissors to Grind (1904)M.B. Lawry
 Sleepy Hollow (1904)The Nicodemus Two Step (1896)
 Strawberries (1909)B. Leach
 They're All Going Into the Movies (1915)Slippery Steps (1915)
 Turkish Towel Rag (1912)G.C. Leap
 Under the Spell (1908)Stewed Chicken Rag (1912)
 Wonderland (1906)A.L. Lee
 You Can't Jolly Molly Any More (1910)Fly Paper Rag (1909)
 You Can't Stop Me From Loving You (1909)L. Lee
 S.L. AlpertWanita (1904)
 The Hurricane (1906)S.A. Legg (1855-1927)
 E.A. van Alstyne (1878-1951)Dreams of Old Kentucky (1897)
 Afterwhile (1918)General Grant's Funeral March (1885)
 Alabama (1908)In the Shadow of the Pines (1895)
 Baby (1919)N. Leigh
 Back, Back, Back to Baltimore (1904)By an Old Mill Stream (1923)
 Back, Back, Back to Indiana (1914)Expectancy (1916)
  Because You're Irish (1917)The Gob Ashore (1920)
 Bright Eyes, Good-Bye (1905)La Sevillana (1918)
 Camp Meeting Time (1906)The Mandarin (1915)
 Cavalier' Rustican' Rag (1910)Moxie (1921)
 Cheyenne (1905)Toddle Top Rag (1921)
 Darkies' Spring Song (1901)T. Lemonier (1870-1945)
 Don't Forget to Drop a Line to Mother (1908)In Search of a Husband (1914)
 Down in the Everglade (1906)K. Lenox
 Down in the Old Meadow Lane (1911)The Bell of Freedom (1915)
 Dreamy Paradise (1920)Cathedral Bells (1914)
 Every Heart Must Have Its Sorrow (1910)Chimes of Trinity (1914)
 For Your Boy and My Boy, Buy Bonds! Buy Bonds! (1918)A Cup 'o Tea (1910)
 Forget Me Not (1909)Feathers (1905)
 Ginger Snaps (1904)Ida Clare I Declare! (1907)
 The Girl of the Olden West (1923)Monastery Chimes (1914)
 Going Up (1910)The Serenade Waltzes (1906)
 Golden Arrow - Song (1909)Skidoo (1906)
 He Got Right Up on the Wagon (1910)Star of the Night (1905)
  Heinze (1909)Thoughts of You (1914)
 The Hold Up Rag (1912)Twinkling Star (1910)
 Honey, Dat's All (1921)J. Lenzberg (1878-1956)
 Honolulu Rag (1910)Merry Whirl (1915)
 Hu-La Hu-La Cakewalk (1899)Rag-A-Minor (1917)
 I Can't Get Along Without You (1918)Razzle-Dazzle (1919)
 I Like It Better Every Day (1912)The Reindeer (1902)
 I Used to Be Afraid to Go Home in the Dark (1908)Valse Inspiration (1906)
 I Want Somebody to Play With (1909)P. Léon
 I Want Someone to Call Me Dearie (1908)Ever Ready (n.d.)
 I Was a Hero Too (1908)J.W. Leopold (1890-1956)
 I Wonder What's the Matter With My Eyes (1908)That Chiming Rag (1912)
 I'm Afraid to Come Home in the Dark (1907)J.W. Lerman (1865-1935)
 I'm Going Right Back to Chicago (1906)Alaska Galop (1882)
 I'm in Love With the Mother of My Best Girl (1913)Cleveland's 1892 Campaign March (1892)
 I'm Just a Little Blue For You (1922)The Flatiron (1903)
 I'm Just Pinin' For You (1910)Glen Island (1880)
 I've Lost My Gal (1909)The Old Farmhouse on the Hill (1899)
  In Dear Old Georgia (1905)Prayer of the Drunkard's Child (1885)
 In the Land of the Buffalo (1907)A Southern Jamboree (1899)
 In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree (1905)When You Want a Kiss Just Take It (1883)
 Is There Anything Else That I Can Do For You? (1912)B.C. Lesser
 It Looks Like a Big Night Tonight (1908)The Aide De Camp (1901)
 It Might As Well Be You (1918)Gossip (1901)
 A Little China Doll (1908)B. Lestrange
 Love Light (1909)Hobble-Skirt Walk (1902)
 Memories (1915)M. Levi
 My Dreamy China Lady (1916)Ethiopean Mardi Gras (1899)
 My Irish Girl (1906)Gay Coney Island (1896)
 Oh! You Lovable Chile (1913)Genee Waltzes (1908)
 Old Kentucky Moonlight Waltz (1921)Happy Days (1907)
 On an Old Fashioned Buggy Ride (1907)Linda Look Out De Windah' (1902)
 On the Road to Home Sweet Home (1917)The Napolean (1895)
 On the Road to Mexico Through Dixieland (1914)The Rolling Chair (1908)
 Patocka Waltzes (1901)When Reuben Comes to Town (1900)
 Piccolo (1912)S.P. Levy (1981-1920)
  Pretty Baby (1916)Hunkatin (1918)
 Ramona (1904)Rag Carpet (1912)
 The Rivals Two-Step (1896)That Naughty Waltz (1920)
 Sailin' Away on the Henry Clay (1917)A. Lewis (1923-2006)
 San Antonio (1907)The Dixie Rag (1908)
 Santa Fe (1910)C.L. Lewis
 Since Hiram Went to Yale (1906)Sunshine Gavotte (1910)
 So Long, Mother (1917)D.A. Lewis
 That Old Girl of Mine (1912)Missus Johnson's Rent Rag Ball - Song (1897)
 That's the Sign of a Honeymoon (1908)L. Lewis
 There Never Was a Girl Like You (1907)Buxton Slow Drag (1905)
 Way Down on Tampa Bay (1914)C. Lexhoizt
 What Makes the World Go Round (1908)The Ebony Funeral (1894)
 When I Was a Dreamer and You Were My Dream (1914)P. Lincke (1866-1946)
 When I Was Twenty-One and You Were Sweet Sixteen (1911)Siamese Patrol (1902)
 Who Are You With Tonight? (1910)H.J. Lincoln (1878-1937)
 Why Don't You Try (1905)Ace of Diamonds (1914)
 Won't You Come Over to My House? (1906)American Emblem (1923)
  Wrap Me in a Bundle and Take Me Home With You (1914)Angel Whispers (1914)
 Ypsilanti (1915)Angels of the Night (1909)
 B. AltermanArbitration (1915)
 The Flapper Blues (1922)Babbling Brook (1908)
 E. AlthoffBang Up (1913)
 Daffy Dill (1922)Bees Wax Rag (1911)
 Dancing Fingers (1922)Black Diamond Rag (1914)
 Honky Dory (1922)Blaze of Honor (1914)
 M.A. AlthouseThe Buffalo Flyer (1904)
 The Reading Sesqui-Centennial March (1898)Capitol City (1911)
 A. AmatoThe Circuit (1908)
 Allied Victory (1918)Crossing the Bar (1915)
 W.L. AmesDecember Morn (1915)
 Melody Maids (1910)Dixie (1911)
 W.R. Anderson (-1927)A Dream of the South (1909)
 Bring Me a Letter From My Old Home Town (1917)Dreaming at Twilight (1915)
 Good Night, Dear (1918)Excuse Me, But Isn't Your Name Johnson (1907)
 She Was One of the Working Girls (1900)Fairies of Dawn (1910)
  Tessie, You Are the Only, Only, Only (1902)The False Alarm (1905)
 J.E. AndinoFidelity (1912)
 Maine Woods (1914)Fire Drill (1909)
 That Military Rag (1912)The Fire Master (1904)
 Anon (ignoto)The Flash-Light (1908)
 History March (1895)The Focus (1908)
 W.H. AnsteadThe Four Aces (1907)
 The Messenger Boy (1902)The Four Deuces (1907)
 B. Anthony (1876-1923)The Four Jacks (1907)
 Budding Flowers (1913)The Four Kings (1907)
 Cherry Blossoms Op. 51 (1910)Frolics of the Imps (1911)
 Dancing With Ma Baby (1899)Garden of Dreams (1909)
 Fan-Tan (1900)Gee Whiz! (1919)
 The Imperial (1901)Goblins (1915)
 Mocking Eyes (1917)The Great American (1919)
 Morning Breezes (1913)Heaven's Artillery (1904)
 Salute to the Colors (1921)High Speed (1914)
 Sparkling Eyes (1911)Homeland (1910)
  Uncle Zeb With His Fiddle (1923)Honest Confession (1909)
 A Warm Reception (1899)I-X-L (1911)
 The Waterfall Op.48 (1913)In a Summer Garden (1914)
 H. AppelThe Joker (1906)
 Boys of Australia (1917c.)Just at the Break of Day (1905)
 Brass Buttons (1906)The King of Hearts (1911)
 Dainty Rosebuds (1906)King of the Forest (1909)
 Dolly Madison (1906)Kings and Queens (1912)
 M.R. ApplerA Little More Pepper (1914)
 The Aeroplane Waltz (1911)Little Princess (1914)
 B. ArensThe Lost Phase (1907)
 Checker (1908)The Midnight Fire-Alarm (1900)
 F.M. ArmstrongMrs Maximum (1915)
 International Electrical Exhibition March (1894)My Southern Home (1907)
 H. Armstrong (1879-1951)My Western Rose (1910)
 Can't You See I'm Lonely (1905)Nippono (1907)
 You're My Heart's Desire, I Love You Nellie Dean (1905)None But You (1911)
 You're the Flower of My Heart, Sweet Adeline (1903)Nuptial Waltzes (1906)
  F. Arndt (1889-1918)Observatory (1906)
 Kakúda (1914)Old Reliable (1916)
 An Operatic Nightmare (1916)Only a Dream of You (1909)
 Snow Time (1921)Orpheus (1907)
 J. ArnoldPeace Conference (1905)
 Soko March Two Step (191?)Pioneer (1915)
 V. ArnoldPioneer Limited (1910)
 The Dare Devil (1899)The Police Patrol (1901)
 S. ArnoPoverty Rag (1909)
 Bentzen Tango (191?)Rag-Bag Rag (1909)
 Caro Mio Tango (1914)Recess (1916)
 R. AronsonRepasz Band (1901)
 First Victory (1898)Repasz on Parade (1919)
 The Man of the Hour (1908)The Rifle Range (1905)
 Our President (1904)Schoolmates (1911)
 Sleigh Ride Galop (?)Sereno (1913)
 Sweet Sixteen (1880)Showers of Spring (1913)
 S.S. AronsonSliding Sid (1918)
  Brown's in Town (1889)Sounds From the Orient (1906)
 B. ArthurA Southern Dream (1905)
 Hamilton Carnival (1903)The Spirit of Freedom (1905)
 C. ArthurThe Steeple Chase (1914)
 The Top Notch (1908)Still Alarm (1914)
 H.W. ArthursSunbeams and Shadows (1911)
 Bonnie Brier Bush (1903)Sunlight and Love (1912)
 Coronation of King Edward VIII (1901)Sunset Limited (1910)
 Souvenir (1901)The Tempest (1913)
 G.W. AshleighThe Tournament (1906)
 Bells of Notre Dame (1921)Tri State (1906)
 Blue Eyes (1908)Trinity Chimes (1911)
 Boots and Saddles! (1910)The Twelfth Regiment (1908)
 Cathedral Bells (1911)Twilight Echoes (1913)
 The Cavalier (1905)Uncle Silas (1913)
 The Charioteer (1911)United Musician (1915)
 The U. S. A. Boys (1921)Vallamont (1903)
 S. AshVeribest (1914)
  Sunbeam (1919)Vesuvius (1907)
 F.T. AshtonWarbles at Eve (1913)
 The Caddy (1900)Which Way Did My Mamma Go? (1908)
 The Cavalryman (1902)Wolverine (1912)
 The Fencing Girl (1902)Zenith (1905)
 The Varsity Girl (1901)J. Lind
 W.G. AstleButtercups (1914)
 Maltese Cross Brand (1905)Telephone (1907)
 F.P. Atherton (1868-1911)C. Lindner
 The Avowal Op. 199 No. 2 (1911)Craneycrow March (1902)
 The Sky Scraper March (1896)J. Lindsay
 Sun Shower Op. 152 (1908)Asia (1913)
 O. AuerbachH.S. Liné
 1904 (1904)At Coontown's Picnic (1899)
 Down "Ole" Virginia (1897)Belle of Richmond (1902)
 Dreamtime (1906)Pan-American Exposition (1901)
 Moonshine (1908)G.W. Linn
 M. Aufderheide (1888-1972)Automobile Spin (1899)
  Pelham Waltzes (1911)F. Listman
 Pompeian Waltzes (1911)Chicago Hustle (1907)
 A Totally Different Rag - Song (1910)W.L. Livernash
 F. AufderheideBumble (1907)
 The Bachelors Waltz (1909)Georgia Giggle Rag (1918)
 The Flyer (1908)Sparkling Eyes (1911)
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 Admiral Jellicoe (1914)At the Ball (1904)
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 J.H. AustinEveline (1917)
 Pan-American (1901)Gum Drops (1915)
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 Everybody Loves My Girl (1914)Remorse Blues (1917)
 Gee! I Should Have Been Born a Boy (1912)The Silver Fox (1915)
 Gee, I Like the Music With My Meals (1911)Sneaky Shuffles (1910)
  If You Talk in Your Sleep Don't Mention My Name (1911)Tango Land (1912)
 Oh! You Beautiful Doll! (1911)Tokio Rag (1912)
 Rig-A-Jig (1912)F.K. Logan (1871-1928)
 When Yankee Doodle Teddy Boy Comes Marching Home Again (1910)Blue Rose (1917)
 You're My Baby (1912)Blue Rose - Waltz Song (1917)
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 G. Bachmann (-1894)Moonlight Waltz (1916)
 Gigue Bretonne (?)Pale Moon (1920)
 Isabelle (?)Star Blossom (1921)
 La Cigale (?)Summer Showers (1918)
 Les Bibelots (?)Thru the Night (1922)
 Les Hirondelles (1898)Will O' the Wisp (1919)
 Les Sylphes (1890)Wistaria (1907)
 The Pearl of Madrid (1905)L. Logatti
 Ronde des Mousquetaires (1898)El Irresistible (1913)
 A. BafunnoH. Longboat
 Queen of the Raggers (1898)Red-Man (1909)
  J.L. BafunnoW. Long
 Combination Salad (1916)The Microbe (1909)
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 Chicken Charlie (1905)Miss Chrysanthemum (1901)
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 Sonoma (1903)H.S. Lorch
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 Jennie (1920)Dixie (1904)
  J.A. le BargeWay Down in South Dixie (1903)
 Go to Sleep My Little Pickaninny (1915)We Wont Go Home Till Morning (1903)
 Vanderbilt University (n.d.)O. Lorraine
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 Lewis and Clark Centennial March (1902)Commander-In-Chief Op. 362 (1918)
 P. BarnesCorporal of the Guard Op. 366 (1916)
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 Whispers (1909)Dreams at Sunset Op. 347 (1909)
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 Beside the Old Oak Gate (1906)Happy Chaps Op. 310 (1912)
 Dandelion (1909)Happy Hearts Op. 301 (1911)
  Dixie Beauty (1908)Heather Bells Op. 201 (1906)
 Driving Home the Sheep With Mary (1916)Heather Rose Op. 335 (1913)
 If Time Was Money I'd Be a Millionaire (1902)Imperial Teteques Op. 222 (1908)
 In Sunny Africa (1902)Jolly Jingles Rag Op. 306 (1913)
 In the Shadow of the Dear Old Blarney Stone (1913)Killarney Op. 320 (1912)
 Let Me In, Dat's All (1903)Louisiana Purchase Exposition March (1903)
 Liberty (1916)Loyal Knights Op. 204 (1907)
 A Little Pep (1914)The Magic Mirror Op. 255 (1910)
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 Sunbeam Rose (1916)Rag Baby Op. 283 (1909)
 Throw Down Dat Key (1906)A Rural Festival Op. 270 (1908)
 When You're Lonesome For Someone Who's Lonesome For You (1917)Silver Bells Op. 326 (1912)
 With a Love Like Mine (1918)Silvery Stars Op. 319 (1912)
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 Foxy Sam (1903)Speed Kings Op. 312 (1912)
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 Rambling Mose (1903)Tanglefoot Rag Op. 300 (1910)
 Rooters March (1911)Triumphant America (1905)
 School Days (1915)Under Egyptian Skies Op. 307 (1912)
 Toboggan Rag (1912)White Crest (1913)
 M.M. BartholomewB. Lowe
 Tempus Ragorum (1906)Battery A (1905)
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 March of the Shadows (1912)Hello! Peaches! (1907)
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 I'm Going Home (1909)Dat's It (1903)
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  Cleveland Glide (1881)Battle in the Sky (1915)
 My Dear Old Village Home (1894)The Battle of the Marne (1916)
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 C. BayerOyster Rag (1910)
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 Alabama Ball (1918)Lyons & Yosco
 W. BeaudryMacaroni Joe (1917)
 Clodia (1908)F.J. Maas
 Hakama (1905)The Elks Home (1902)
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 Nouhika (1905)Ilona Tango (1914)
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 Violettes (1904)The Little House Upon the Hill (1915)
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 H. BeaumontThe Sterling (1906)
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 Merry Madcap (1908)Jungle Jingles (1903)
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 Butterfly (1919)College Boys (1907)
 The Dawn of Love (1898)Comet Rag (1910)
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 The Red Cross March (1897)Egyptian Glide (1914)
 A Southern Reverie (1900)Empire State (1910)
 The Third Degree (1909)Only Mother's Picture (1901)
 A Trip to Buffalo (1901)L. Marda
 G. BenkhartThe Studebaker Grand March (1899)
 Oh That Funny Rag (1910)R. Marine
 H. BennettMarine Fox Trot (1915)
 Strolling 'long the Pike (1904)W. Marion
 R. BennettDarktown Is Out To-Night (1899)
 Rube Bennet's Raggety Rag (1914)A.J. Markgraf
 S. BennettDiving Darlings (1922)
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 Ain't It Funny (1912)Hawaiian Dreams (1916)
 Fragrance of June (1941)Lucky Dog (1917)
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  The Fairest of the Fair (1903)G.P. Marshall
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 Joaquina (1912)Grand Polka De Concert (1905)
 H.L. BergerThe Lone Star (1905)
 Blue Ribbon March (1900)My Dear Old Texas Home (1906)
 Cazador (1906)Ripples of Winona (1906)
 Fantasma Star (1907)Sounds From the Missinieway (1902)
 The Gadfly (n.d.)What's to Become of Me (1907)
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 The Bon Marche (1904)The Possum Barbecue (1899)
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 One More Rag (1909)Across the Continent (1910)
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 Amoureuse (1900)A.F. Marzian
 Flirtation (1903)Evening Chimes (1913)
 Joyeux Negres (1903)Felicity (1914)
  Mon Cheri! (1909)Signal Bells (1914)
 Reponse à Amoureuse (1902)Tonawanda (1913)
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 Hampton Roads (1898)Daisy Waltz (1910)
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 Papa, Mama, Kiss and Be Friends (1899)A Bird of Paradise (1902)
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  The Ragtime Jockey Man (1912)Gainsborough (1908)
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 That Mesmerizing Mendelssohn Tune (1909)Sly Boots (1914)
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 The Turkey Trot (1912)L. McPhail (1895-1965)
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 The Katzenjammer Kids (1920)F. McPherran
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 In the Valley Where the Robins Used to Sing (1908)Begonia Waltz Op. 63 No. 1 (1883)
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 By-Gosh (1908)The Bycycle Girl (1895)
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 You Can't Fool Me No More (1900)Hard Boiled Rag (1910)
 You Can't Join This Show (1902)Lagoon Breeze (1903)
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 Lily Eyes (1909)Snoring Sampson (1907)
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 Jean (1919)That Waltz (1914)
 Ruff Johnson's Harmony Band (1914)W. Morrissey
 Some of These Days (1910)The Hobble Rag (1911)
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 When You Hear That Dixie Jazzband Play (1918)Mary Young Waltz (1912)
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 E-Yip-Yow! Yankee Boys Welcome Home Again! (1918)Another Rag (1911)
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 In My Old Home Town (1910)Arrah Wanna (1906)
 Let Me Spend My Vacation With You (1911)Blue Bell (1904)
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 Roll on the Rollaway (1908)Bobbin' Up and Down (1913)
 Sly Sal (1906)The Broadway (1895)
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 That Yodlin Zulu Rag (1910)Coontown Capers (1897)
 There's a Service Flag Flying at Our Home (1917)Crocodile Isle (1906)
 U.S.A. March (1905)Down in Jungle Town (1908)
  Yo-San (1904)The Good Old U.S.A. (1906)
 You're in Style When You're Wearing a Smile (1918)Good-Bye Betty Brown (1910)
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 Slipping It Over (1916)He's a College Boy (1909)
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 Apple Blossoms Waltz (1911)I'm a Veteran of '63 (1907)
 Coontown Vacation (1900)I've Got a Feelin' For You (1904)
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 Maurice Castello (1915)Jappy Johnny (1907)
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 Heap Big Chief (1913)Just a Little Rocking Chair and You (1905)
 I Need the Money (1900)Keep a Little Cozy Corner in Your Heart For Me (1903)
 Ireland, I Love You, Acushla Marchree! (1900)The Leader of the German Band (1905)
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 Let's Be Prepared For Peace and War (1916)A Little Boy Called "Taps" (1904)
 On the Warpath (1904)A Little Boy in Blue (1902)
 Pickaninny It's Time You Was in Bed (1898)The Lizard and the Frog (1901)
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 In the Candle-Light (1914)Make a Fuss Over Me (1904)
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 A Ride in Papa's Auto (1917)My World Is a Dream of You (1909)
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 The Sneak! (1922)Oysters and Clams (1904)
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 Dimples (1899)Salvation Nell (1913)
 The Directors (1902)Throw No Stones in the Well That Gives You Water (1917)
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 My Indian Queen (1904)Uly-Oo (1901)
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 U.S. Marine Band March (1911)The Washington Waddle (1911)
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 Texas Tommy Swing (1911)When a Blue Service Star Turns to Gold (1918)
 T. BrownWhen Mose With His Nose Leads the Band (1906)
 Progressive Rag (1913)When They Play "God Save the King" (1901)
 T. Brown (1881-1950)When Uncle Joe Plays a Rag on His Old Banjo (1912)
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 That Moaning Saxophone Rag (1915)A Wise Old Owl (1903)
 W. BrownWon't You Be My Honey? (1907)
 Darktown Excitement (1900)F. Morton (1885-1941)
 A. Bryan (1871-1958)Jelly Roll Blues (1915)
 When Alexander Takes His Ragtime Band to France (1918)L. Morton
 G. BryerStarlight (1906)
 Brown Paper (?)F. Morton
 Gamboling Goblins (?)The Western Flyer (1908)
 Just As the Clock Strikes Midnight (?)A.R. Moulton
 The Tango Tangle (?)The Ivory City (1904)
 J.T. Brymn (1881-1946)V. Moulton
 Build a Nest For Birdie (1906)Childrens Delight (1910)
  Come After Breakfast (1909)Our Nation's Colors (1910)
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 Josephine, My Jo (1901)Jim Crow Rag (1910)
 La Rumba (1913)A Jolly Crowd (1908)
 Look Into Your Baby's Eyes and Say Goo Goo (1903)Zepha (1908)
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 Please Let Me Sleep (1902)Danse Americaine (1921)
 Say Lize Will You Be My Honey (1900)Soft Shoe Dancer (1933)
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 L. BuckThat Daffodil Rag (1912)
 Freckles Rag (1905)G. Mueller
 R. BuechelWang Wang Blues (1921)
 Democratic Fun (1908)A, Muguerza
 E. BuffingtonDoll Rags (1906)
 Floating Along (1906)D.J. Muir
 A.L. BurkeHoot Mon! It's the Bonnie Scotch! (1899)
 A Rag-Time Joke (1905)Our Soldiers Again Are Marching (1908)
  Zig-Zag (1906)L.F. Muir (1884-1950)
 J.A. Burke (1884-1950)At the Yiddish Cabaret (1913)
 Raving Rag (1911)Buy a Bale of Cotton For Me (1914)
 B.H. Burt (1882-)Campmeeting Band (1914)
 My Fox Trot Wedding Day (1915)Chilly Billy Bee Rag (1910)
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 Bangalore (1919)Hitchy Koo (1912)
 Some Day (1918)I Had a Gal, I Had a Pal (1914)
 F.S. ButlerMammy Jinny's Jubilee (1913)
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 Come to the Beautiful Ragtime Ball (1915)The University March (1904)
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 P.M. Costa (1858-1933)Blacksmith Rag (1920)
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 J.I. CoveneyThe Parson's Glide (1915)
  Boston Americans (1903)Pride of the Regiment (1918)
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 Rag De Luxe (1913)I Never Knew I Could Love Anybody (1920)
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 Pro Yalensi (1903)Legend of the Bells (1902)
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 Take Me to the Midnight Cake Walk Ball (1915)Buddha (1919)
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 The Tickler (1908)High Stepper Rag (1917)
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 After You've Gone (1918)Cucumber Rag (1910)
 The Cute Little Wigglin' Dance (1917)Dance of the Dragons (1911)
 Ev'rybody's Crazy 'bout the Doggone Blues (1918)Dear Heart (1919)
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 I'll Sing You a Song (1919)Dope Rag (1909)
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 It Must Be Love (1920)Drifting (1920)
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 At the Garbage Gentlemen's Ball (1914)Recess Time (1911)
 The Birth of a Nation (1915)Regimental Daughters (1904)
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 The Cabaret Rag - Song (1913)Sunshine Rose (1920)
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 The Face of My Sweet Marie (1905)Virginia Beauties (1903)
 Full of Pep (1915)When Evening Shadows Fall (1916)
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 How Easy It Is to Remember (1914)M. Pollock (1895-1971)
 I'm All Dressed Up and No Place to Go (1913)Mandarin Fox-Trot (1918)
 If You Are No One's Sweetheart (1908)C.E. Pomeroy
 In the Heart of the City That Has No Heart (1913)The Funny Old Fakir (1898)
 Just For a Dear Little Girl (1910)W.J. Pond
 Miss Liberty (1909)Dreaming Dreams of You (1913)
 Our Gallant Boys (1906)The Firing Line (1915)
 Pitter-Patter Rag (1910)Keep Moving (1911)
 Poinsettia (1911)March of the Nations (1910)
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  Roses and Violets (1911)E. Poppen
 Scented Roses (1909)University Cadets (1896)
 Too Much Ginger (1913)M. Porcelain
 Toot Your Horn Kid You're in a Fog (1910)Bric-A-Brac Rag (1906)
 Turkey Trot (1912)B.M. Powell
 Venetian Waters (1910)Buster Rag (1915)
 What D'ye Mean You Lost Yer Dog (1913)H. Powers
 E. DangelQueen of the Rag Time (1899)
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 C.N. Daniels (1878-1943)Main Gazabo at a Corn Party (1903)
 After Vespers (1912)Ragtime Insanity (1900)
 Betty (1923)C.H. Pratt
 Borneo Rag (1911)The Pork-Packer's Daughter (1898)
 Cherry - Song (1906)The Winning Side (1897)
 Dancing With the Girl You Love (1919)P.C. Pratt (1890-1948)
 Fare Thee, Lizzie Lee (1911)On the Rural Route (1917)
 Fifty Years Ago (1910)Walhalla (1910)
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 In Monterey (1915)Moonbeams (1921)
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 The Island of Roses and Love (1911)Frozen Bill (1909)
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 Mickey (1918)Sweet Lorena Ray (1896)
 On Mobile Bay (1910)That Flying Rag (1911)
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 Boy Scouts Parade (1917)Come Back, Dixie! (1915)
 College Boy's March (1911)Cotton Babes (1909)
 King of the Air (1910)Cotton Blossom Time (1914)
 Salute to Panama (1914)Dance of the Daisies (1904)
 J.P. Johnson (1894-1955)Dance of the Merry-Legs (1905)
  Caprice Rag (1914)Dimples (1913)
 Over the Bars (1912)Don't You Think That You Could Learn to Love Me (1908)
 J.R. Johnson (1873-1954)Flowers of Spring (1906)
 The Saint Vitus Rag (1912)A Girl in Your Arms Is Worth Two in Your Dreams (1915)
 The Siberian Dip (1911)Golden Deer (1911)
 W.A. JohnsonGood-Bye Mary Dear (1905)
 The Treaty of Peace (1905)Good-Bye Summer! So Long Fall! Hello Wintertime! (1913)
 W.O. JohnsonI Ain't Got Weary Yet! (1918)
 The Little Trooper March (1896)In Old Ireland Where the River Kenmare Flows (1911)
 C. JohnstonIn Tepee Land (1911)
 The Leap-Year Girl (1904)In the Glory of the Moonlight (1915)
 A.M. JonesIn the Purple Twilight (1924)
 The Flight of the Aeronauts (1897)It's Moonlight All the Time on Broadway (1908)
 C.M. JonesKentucky Days (1912)
 The Candy (1909)Lindy Lady (1923)
 Casey Jones Went Down on the Robert E. Lee (1902)Love's Telephone (1922)
 Lightning (1908)Macaroni Joe (1910)
 One Wonderful Night (1914)Moonlight Bay (1912)
  Only You (1915)My Hula-Hula Love (1911)
 Pauline Waltz (1914)Rag Time Chimes (1911)
 Thanks For the Lobster (1914)Rainbow - Song (1908)
 That Baseball Rag (1912)The Recipè For Love (1908)
 Victorius America! (1918)Shamrock Belles (1912)
 C.F. JonesSugar Moon (1910)
 Lasca (1909)Sweet Cider Time, When You Were Mine! (1916)
 H.P. JonesSweetheart (1916)
 Deviline (1908)That Lovin' Two-Step Man (1910)
 H.W. JonesWe've Kept the Golden Rule (1910)
 Swamptown Shuffle (1902)What's the Matter With the Mail? (1905)
 Topeka (1907)When It's Moonlight in Mayo - Song (1913)
 Topeka - Song (1908)When You Skate With a Wonderful Girl (1916)
 I. JonesWhen You're Living in a College Town (1918)
 Take Your Clothes and Go (1897)T. Wenzlik
 S. JonesDarkies Mardi Gras (1906)
 The Girl From Utah Lancers (1913)B. West
 S. Joplin (1868-1917)King-Bee (1918)
  I Am Thinking of My Pickaninny Days (1901)H. Weston
 Little Black Baby (1903)Tom Cat Rag (1912)
 Overture (1911)R.P. Weston
 A Picture of Her Face (1895)The Wobberly Walk (1900)
 Please Say You Will (1895)J. Whidden (1890-1968)
 Prelude to Act 3 (1913)High Jinks (1910)
 Sarah Dear (1905)J. White
 School of Ragtime (1908)At the Million Dollar Tango Ball (1914)
 Silver Swan Rag (1971)Floating Down the River (1913)
 Superstition (1911)Flower Garden Blues (1919)
 When Your Hair Is Like Snow (1907)He's a Soldier of the U.S.A. (1914)
 J. Jordan (1882-1971)I Know Somebody Who's Crazy About You (1919)
 The Darkey Todalo (1910)J.A. White Jr.
 I'm Going to Exit (1906)Kappy Signa Waltz (1910)
 Pekin Rag (1904)L. White
 Play Dat Darkey Tolado (1910)Nigger Blues (1913)
 That Teasin' Rag - Song (1909)M.A. White (1885-1968)
 A.F. JuddRagged Terry (1913)
  Frost on the Pumpkin (1908)W.V. Whiteman
 K. KafferThe Coons Jubilee (1898)
 Going to Pieces (1915)T.V. White
 C. KahnHot Air Rag (1904)
 The Elephant Trot (1904)W. White
 The Irish Minstrel (1904)Keep Moving (1915)
 Kamona (1903)R.A. Whiting
 G. Kahn (1886-1941)Caberavings (1914)
 An Old Guitar and an Old Refrain (1927)I Wonder Where My Lovin' Man Has Gone (1914)
 You're a Great Big Lonesome Baby (1917)F. Whitney
 C.H. KainThe Bootblack Rag (1911)
 The Ardelle Waltzes (1903)H. Whitney
 The University Girl Waltzes (1898)The Donkey Laugh (1901)
 J.J. KaiserFrog Puddles (1901)
 Dream of the Rose (1907)I Wants a Ping-Pong Man (1902)
 Evening Devotion (1907)A Lucky Duck (1903)
 Memories of Love (1907)The Mosquitoes' Parade (1899)
 Our Boys and Girls (1903)The Mouse and the Clock (1905)
  E.F. KammanOld Daddy Peg-Leg (1907)
 Dance of the Brownies (1895)Sweetheart's Time Waltz (1903)
 Darkey Doings (1899)J. Whitney
 H.L. KannHarmonious Hiram (1903)
 Army and Navy Autograph (1899)H. Widmer
 My Black Papoose (1899)Pickin' on De Ole Banjo (1915)
 V. Karns (1882-1925)K.L. Widmer
 Kentucky Rag (1898)Notoriety Rag (1913)
 A.G. KaufmanF.A. Wilbur
 Stanford University March (1895)Bunch of Heather (1908)
 M.B. Kaufman (1879-1932)W. Wiley
 Bing! Bing! (1915)Haphazard (1901)
 C. O. D. Come on Dance (1916)H.W. Willett
 Frisky Fox Trot (1919)Ohio Flo (1913)
 Good Scout (1915)L.L. Willey
 Listen to This (1916)Rochester Fair Rag (1914)
 Me-Ow (1918)A.A. Williams
 Muslin Rag (1918)The Teddy Bear (1907)
  Step With Pep (1916)C. Williams (1898-1965)
 Taxi (1919)I Can Beat You Doing What You Doing Me (1915)
 Umbrellas to Mend (1917)D. Williams
 Yah-De-Dah (1917)The Hooking Cow Blues (1917)
 M.R. KaufmanE.S. Williams
 The Leader (1906)Blue Grass Rag (1909)
 P.H. KaufmanThe K. of P (1908)
 Up in My Flying Machine (1910)Wellesley Girls March (1905)
 J.H. KaylorH.H. Williams
 Maude Fealy (1905)Gathering of the Moose (1912)
 E.C. Keithley (1880-1955)What's the Matter With Father? (1910)
 Bumble Bee Rag (1909)J.O. Williams
 Dixie Kisses (1909)Let's Go Out to the Roller Link (1907)
 Merry Widow (1908)M. Williams
 F.C. KeithleyMy Ann Elizer (1898)
 Glide Away Rag (1910)C. Williamson
 Vivacity Rag (1910)Blennerhassett (1902)
 Won't You Love Me Honey? (1909)Consolation (1907)
  T. KelleyFifth Massachusetts (1909)
 Deep Purple (1911)La Reve d'Amour (1906)
 W. van D. KelleySail On (1903)
 Argonaut (1898)Smiling Susan (1906)
 J.E.C. KellyWild Flower (1910)
 Icycles (1907)O.E. Williams
 E.F. Kendall (1870-)Seattle Times (1907)
 African Hunter (1909)R. Williams
 The Arabs Dream (1908)Sweet Baby Blues (1917)
 The Arabs Dream - Song (1910)S. Williams (1889-1965)
 Charme d'Amour - Song (1909)Pipe Dream Blues (1918)
 A Gay Gossoon (1905)Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble (1917)
 It Was Summer Time in Dixieland (1904)Tishomingo Blues (1917)
 Leap Frog Rag (1908)S.A. Williams
 The Manhattan Rag (1906)Red Ribbon March (1904)
 Mosquito Bites (1907)W.C. Williams
 Rig-A-Ma-Role Rag (1910)Home Sweet Home Syncopated Waltzes (1912)
 That Scandalous Rag (1912)F. Willis
  Village Belles (1908)Kentucky Rag (1908)
 Vision of Spain (1911)L. Wills
 J. Kendis (1883-1946)The Sinking of the Titanic (1913)
 All Over You (1922)W.G. Wilmarth
 Feather Your Nest (1920)Dat Soldier Coon (1896)
 Forget-Me-Not (1919)A. Wilson
 Golden Gate (1919)Down by the Old Apple Tree (1922)
 I Am Climbing Mountains (1919)B. Wilson
 I Know What It Means to Be Lonesome (1919)Down on the Old Plantation (1899)
 I'm Like a Ship Without a Sail (1919)C.J. Wilson
 It Seems Like Ages and Ages (1920)The Rag Time Patrol (1899)
 We're Bound to Win With Boys Like You (1918)E.E. Wilson
 We're Going to Hang the Kaiser (1917)Aunt Betty (1919)
 M.H. KenneyF. Wilson
 Loretta (1903)Fiddle Sticks (1910)
 W.B. Kernell (1891-1963)G. Wilson
 The Canary (1919)Yankee Doodle Rag (1911)
 J. Kern (1885-1945)G.R. Wilson (1863-1941)
  Babes in the Wood (1916)Eat, Drink and Be Merry (1906)
 Ol' Man River (1927)Eat, Drink and Be Merry - Song (1903)
 They Didn't Believe Me (1914)H.S. Wilson
 Till the Clouds Roll By (1917)The Sparkler Rag (1908)
 Whose Baby Are You? (1920)G.I. Winchell
 A.W. Ketèlbey (1875-1959)Cupid's Frolic Waltzes (1907)
 In a Chinese Temple Garden (1923)J.M. Winne
 In a Monastery Garden (1915)Atlantic City (1906)
 In a Persian Market (1920)Bayside Fox Trot (1914)
 Victory Bells (1919)Fun in a Barber Shop (1908)
 L. Kidwell (1888-1954)Pond Lilies (1905)
 Red Onion Rag (1911)F. Winstein
 F.R. KimballCity of Bisbee (1904)
 Blind Mans Buff (1911)L.O.de Witt
 Chanticleer (1910)New Amsterdam 250th Aniversary (1903)
 Emblem of Peace (1908)Uncle Josh's Huskin' Dance (1898)
 Love's Message (1910)T Wittmann
 Voices of the Night (1912)Baby Dollar (1911)
  M. KingWizz Bang Orchestra
 If My Dream Were True (1907)Whizz Bang (1920)
 Niscona (1905)S. Wolerstein
 The Village Barn Dance (1909)The Brazilian Nut (1915)
 Yokohama (1904)A.B. Woods
 R.A. King (1862-1932)Jumping Jack's Jubilee (1901)
 Americana (1905)B. Woods
 Beautiful Ohio (1918)Lemon Two Step (1897)
 Everything Is Ragtime Now (1899)Nectar Nocturne (1897)
 Fanella (1907)C. Woods (1888-1956)
 Flowers and Ferns (1905)The Graveyard Blues (1916)
 French Airs (1906)Meteor March (1903)
 From Valley Forge to France (1918)J.H. Woods
 German Airs (1905)The Boston Subway March (1895)
 Granada (1917)C.L. Woolsey (1884-1946)
 In Starlight (1906)Funny Bones (1909)
 Irish Airs (1905)H.C. Work (1832-1884)
 A Little Ball of String (?)Andy Veto (1866)
  National Airs (1902)Babylon Is Fallen! (1863)
 Sesame (1901)Brave Boys Are They! (1861)
 Sunbeams and Shadows (1901)Come Back to the Farm! (1867)
 B.F. KleinbeckCome Home, Father (1864)
 Eliza's Trip to the Pan-American (1901)Corporal Schnapps (1864)
 The Old Homestead (1900)Crossing the Grand Sierras (1870)
 M. Klein (1876-1919)The Days When We Were Young (1863)
 The Hippodrome Tango (1913)The Girls at Home (1863)
 J.W. KleinsmithGod Save the Nation (1862)
 A Spade Flush (1902)Grafted Into the Army (1862)
 Wheel of Fortune (1899)Grandfather's Clock (1876)
 R.K. KlickerGrandmother Told Me So (1861)
 The Carnival King (1911)Just Before the Battle Mother (1865)
 F.H. Klickmann (1885-1966)King Bibler's Army (1877)
 Diane of the Green Van (1914)Kingdom Coming! (1862)
 Dream Waltz (1914)Lillie of the Snowstorm (1866)
 Floatin' Down to Cotton Town (1919)Lilly-Willy-Woken (1855)
 Garden of Allah (1912)Little Major (1862)
  Hesitation Waltz (1913)Lost on the Lady Elgin (1861)
 I Will Love You When the Silver Threads Are Shining Among the Gold (1911)Marching Through Georgia - Song (1865)
 I'm Goin' Back to My Mammy (1923)Nellie Lost and Found (1863)
 Just a Dream of You Dear (1910)Now Moses (1865)
 Mama Can't Pray For Us Now (1914)Our Captain's Last Words (1861)
 My Sweetheart Went Down With the Ship (1912)Poor Kitty Popcorn (1866)
 Old Glory Goes Marching On (1918)Ring the Bell, Watchman! (1865)
 Overalls (1920)Sequel to Grandfather's Clock (1878)
 Sabbath Chimes (1913)Shadows on the Floor (1877)
 Sing Me the Rosary (1913)The Ship That Never Returned (1884)
 Star of Paradise (1916)Song of a Thousand Years (1863)
 Sweet Dreams (1912)Take Them Away! They'll Drive Me Crazy (1871)
 Sweet Hawaiian Moonlight - Song (1918)Tis Finished (1865)
 Uncle Sam Won't Go to War (1914)Uncle Joe's Hail Columbia (1862)
 Weeping Willow Lane (1919)Used-Up Joe (1876)
 When the Little Blue Star in the Window Has Turned to Gold (1918)Wake Nicodemus (1864)
 Wishing Moon (1919)Watching For Pa (1863)
 G.H. KlineWe Are Coming, Sister Mary (1853)
  Coonville Festival Cakewalk (1898)We'll Go Down Ourselves (1862)
 R. KnippenbergWho Shall Rule This American Nation? (1866)
 University Rag (1912)R. Wray
 S. KnopfNoisy Notes Rag (1915)
 A Bunch of Keys (1907)M. Wulff
 P.J. KnoxBaseball Rag (1910)
 I Don't Care if I Never Wake Up (1899)B. Wyman
 I Would Rather Be a Beggar Than to Be Your Bride (1900)Columbia's Call (1917)
 Sag Harbor Waltzes (1900)M.M. York
 Sam Johnson's Band (1901)The Derby Winner (1907)
 A Warm Proposition (1899)J.V. Youmans
 B.A. KoellhofferYon Yonson's Version of a Cake-Walk (1899)
 The Darkey's Wedding March (1912)E.T. Young
 Echoes From Ireland (1912)De Winnin' Coon (1901)
 The Heptasoph Waltz (1901)The Twentieth Century March (1922)
 C. KohlmanL.W. Young
 Lovey Mary (1903)Honey Girl (1903)
 W. KolloJ.S. Zamecnik (1872-1953)
  Bubi (1913)The Bee and the Floweret (1911)
 C. Konedski-DavisBlue Bells (1920)
 The Aeroplane Waltz (1914)Captain Betty (1914)
 S. Koninsky (1879-1952)Co-Ed (1914)
 Beneath the Starry Flag (1900)College Capers (1912)
 College Days Waltzes (1907)College Yell (1908)
 In Lovers' Lane Waltzes (1906)The Fox Trail (1917)
 June Roses (1905)In a Canoe (1919)
 Life in Camp (1907)La Petite Coquette (1913)
 The Minstrel King March (1895)The Last Farewell (1916)
 Old Glory (1905)Legend of a Rose (1915)
 Return of the Troops (1902)Mandy's Ragtime Waltz (1912)
 M. Kortlander (1890-1961)Movie Rag (1913)
 Drop Me Down in Dixieland (1918)Neapolitan Nights (1923)
 Tell Me (1919)Ole South (1919)
 A.M. KrausOut of the Dusk to You (1922)
 Meadowbrook Fox Trot (1914)The Secret of the Sea (1911)
 Smiling Sammy Fox Trot (1917)Spirit of America (1917)
  C.T. Krauss, Jr.Star of the Orient (1921)
 Hobble Skirt Rag (1911)A Trip to the North Pole (1909)
 C.H. KrellValse Annette (1915)
 The Masquerade (1907)Valse June (1914)
 W.H. Krell (1873-1933)Valse Rose (1919)
 Shake Yo' Dusters - Song (1898)The Wooing Hour (1917)
 I. KrogerWorld Peace (1914)
 As We Go Down the Pike (1903)H. Zeiler
 C.W. KrogmannFlight of the Air Ship (1908)
 The Little Drummer Boy (1896)My Lady Love (1903)
 H.S. KrouseReturn of Spring (1906)
 Silver Cloud (1910)H.H. Zickel
 C.H. KueblerAmerican Beauty (1908)
 Bizzy Izzy (1903)Belle of Koontucky (1897)
 Cupid's Pranks (1901)Black America (1895)
 Daughter of the Nation (1902)Democracy (n.d.)
 P. KusselThe Ford (1908)
 Happy Mose (1899)The Girl of '99 (1896)
  J.M. Lacalle (1859-1937)The Jolly Student (1902)
 Yumuri (1903)Story of the Chimes (1905)
 J-P. LafreniereWe Are For Bliss (1900)
 Au Pole Nord (1909)C.A. Zimmermann (1861-1916)
 Balloon Rag (1911)Anchors Aweigh (1907)
 Jannôt Valse (1911)Bon-Ton (1895)
 Jeannette Valse (1912)The Elite (1897)
 John Chow Chow Rag (1912)McGee's Backyard (1889)
 Mario (1914)The Princeton University March (1896)
 Patria Waltz (1911)The Severn March (1896)
 Raggity-Rag (1907)R.A. Zita
 Silly-Ass (1907)Slavery Days (1906)
 Taxi Rag (1911)Sleepy Eye (1908)
 Victo Mazurka (1904)C.F. Zittel
 C. LaineThat Hypnotizing Rag (1909)
 The Pocket Waltz (1915)C. Zollinger
 M.L. Lake (1879-1955)Fight For the Flag We Love (1917)

Original Sheet Music Wanted

This page is now obsolete but has been retained in order to thank those Subscribers who from 2003 until 2010 sent copies of their original sheet music ito be transcribed to scores for Recorder Ensembles. In exchange subscribers were sent free printed copies of the transcribed work as well as a CD. The subscribers could dedicate the transcription to any person or body of their choice, the wording of the dedication being completely subject to their approval. br

Geoff Grainger, Newcastle Upon Tyne

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