Carey Morgan  (1885-1960)
Last updated: 14.04.18
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 20 works by Carey Morgan (1885-1960). It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Key: Items on hold

The Brazilian (1913) wvicon.gif
Someday Somebody's Gonna Get You (1917) wvicon.gif
Words by: L. Wolfe Gilbert
Good-Bye Ragtime (1913) wvicon.gif
Words by: A. M. Swanstrom
Oh! How She Could Spanish (1918) wvicon.gif
Words by: Chas. R. McCarron
Florence Maxixe (1914) wvicon.gif
In Mizzoura (1919) wvicon.gif
Co-Author: Lew Porter Words by: Abel Green
When I Met You I Met My Waterloo (1914) wvicon.gif
Co-Author: Leo Bennett Words by: Arthur Monday
Sipping Cider Thru a Straw (1919) wvicon.gif
Words & Music: Morgan Co-Author: Lee David
Dicty Doo (1915) wvicon.gif
The Broadway Blues (1920) wvicon.gif
Words by: Arthur Swanstrom
Arr. by Charles N Grant;
Trilby Rag (1915) wvicon.gif
I'm a Jazz Vampire (1920) wvicon.gif
Words by: Art. Swanstrom
La Confession (1916) wvicon.gif
Arr. by Domenico Savino,;
My Greenwich Village Sue (1920)
Words by: Arthur Swanstrom
My Hawaiian Sunshine (1916) wvicon.gif
Words by: L. Wolfe Gilbert
When Dreams Come True (1921) wvicon.gif
Words by: Arthur Swanstrom
Hy-Sine (1917) wvicon.gif
Co-Author: R. Chapi
Bonus Blues (1922) wvicon.gif
Co-Author: Arthur Swanstrom Words by: Elsie Janis
My Princess of the Willow Tree (1917) wvicon.gif
Words by: Will J. Harris
I Want You (1925) wvicon.gif
Words by: Arthur Swanstrom
     Title Performer
youtube15.jpg The Brazilian (3:31) Ragtime Dorian Henry
youtube15.jpg Dicty Doo (3:11) Ragtime Dorian Henry
youtube15.jpg Florence Maxixe (2:46) Ragtime Dorian Henry
youtube15.jpg Hy-Sine (3:17) Ragtime Dorian Henry
youtube15.jpg Trilby Rag (2:51) Ragtime Dorian Henry