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Cork Sacred Harp
8th Irish Convention
1st- 5th March 2018
10.00 - 16.00

Paris Sacred Harp
3rdAll-Day Singing
13th- 15th April 2018
10.00 - 16.00

Sacred Harp Amsterdam
1stAll-Day Singing
21st April 2018
10.30 - 16.00

East Midland Sacred
Harp Convention

28th- 29th April 2018
10.00 - 16.00

Sacred Harp Köln
5th German Convention
25th- 27th May 2018
10.00 - 16.00

Sacred Harp Auvergne
1stAll-Day Singing
1st - 3rd June 2018
09:00 - 16.30

Geoff Grainger's Webpages
20 Years in Internet
Last updated: 20.02.18
Welcome to my web pages. It is hard to believe that they now been in the world wide web for 20 years. They reflect my musical interests from childhood to the present (June 2017) day. These interests include, on an amateur basis, choir singing, drumming in a military band, recorder playing, folk singing, adapting ragtime piano scores for recorder ensembles, opera and chamber singing, piping and shape note singing.
Much of my later years have been heavily influenced by my friend and mentor, Dr. Oliver Rosteck, whose support and encouragement has taken me on an amazing journey.

Geoff Grainger, Sheffield, June 2017

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My interest in brass band music goes all the way back to my childhood as is fully described when you "click" the Brass Button below to go to the Main brass Webpage. That these brass web pages were set up results from my very first hearing of Harmonic Brass Munich in Bremen-Vegesack in 1999 and then meeting them on their home ground in Munich in 2001. I've become a regular groupie of theirs owning most of their CDs and have been rewarded with their magnificent cap tp prove it.
Their ensemble compises (August 2017) Manfred Häberlein (tuba), Thomas Lux (trombone), Elisabeth Fessler (trumpet), Hans Zellner (trumpet) and Andreas Binder. (French Horn)


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My interest in choral music dates right back to my earliest memories up to the present day (January 2018) from St. Stephen's School, Worcester to Shapenote singing around the globe.
  • St. Stephen's School, Worcester: 1947-1952
  • Worcester Royal Grammar School: 1952-1957
  • Collegium Musicum, Bremen: 1997-1999
  • KITO Chor, Bremen-Vegesack
  • Chor Courage, Brake
  • Die Zeitlupe, Bremen-Grohn
  • Das Trio, Bremen-Vegesack
  • Blaschke Ensemble, Bremen-Blumenthal
  • Studiooper der Universität Bremen
  • Tyneside Maritime Chorus: 2011-2014
  • Shape Note Singing: 2011-2018

St. Stephen's School: 1947-1952

St. Stephen's, or Stevoes as we children called it, was a Church of England school attached to the same-named church in the parish of Barbourne. The school colours were black and white but in those post-war WWII times there were no school uniforms. Just a tie or a belt (or both if it could be afforded) bore those colours. There was still rationing and we kids were all very skinny - in my class of 30 there was only one slightly chubby lad who we cruelly nick-named "Fatty". Everybody walked - even the teachers some of whom may have had bikes.
Not finished ....

Worcester Royal Grammar School: 1952-1957

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My folk singing started litereally on my mother's knee in the early 1940s where I was regaled with some of the songs to be found on the kids webpage It was in the Royal Navy from 1957 onwards, however. that I started to take an interest in my shipmates songs noting and writing down the mostly bawdy songs from around the UK and Ireland that appealed to me. 23 Petty Officers' Mess HMS Victorious got me into ceilidhs and The Holy Ground was the mess hymn sung by the PO's Mess HMS Lofoten. Whilst on a promotion course in HMS Collingwood things got serious where a fellow petty officer and mate, red-haired Paddy Lynch of Dublin, introduced me to the songs of The Clancy Brothers and others which now find their place on the Irish webpage.
More to come ...


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I'm really on it!


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Ditty Box Enterprises opened its doors as a going concern on 14.09.1999 with a small circle of business and private friends. On the same day, as part of the opening proceedings, webpages for Sönke Hohn's CD GAWD along with that of Walter Wiehert's Pinökel Grooves were launched into the World Wide Web.
Ditty Box Enterprises was set up as a new venture principally to provide Internet services for musicians. It was seen to be an ideal way of combining very active private music-making together with professional qualifications as an engineer with expertise in the various arcane arts (going back to the late 1950s with analog-computers) of computer hard- and software.
The enterprise was started resulting from dissatisfaction with the local music trade and being unable to promote my first CD, Ditty Box, in a manner fitting to the third millennium.
In 2002 activities were expanded to include the publication and sale of ragtime sheet music for recorders as well as the sale of self-produced "homemade" CDs.


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