Axel W. Christensen 
Last updated: 03.04.18
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url15.gif Axel W. Christensen Biography and list of works by "Perfessor" Bill Edwards  
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This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 46 works by Axel W. Christensen. It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Key: Items on hold

Mendelsohn's Wedding March (1905) wvicon.gif
Ragtime Rings the Bell (1915) wvicon.gif
Words & Music: Christensen
Ragtime Wedding March (1905) wvicon.gif
Way Down Upon the Swanee River - Ragtime Version (1915) wvicon.gif
Irmena Rag (1908) wvicon.gif
The Webster Grove Rag (1915) wvicon.gif
The Cauldron Rag (1909) wvicon.gif
When You and I Were Young, Maggie - Ragtime Version (1915) wvicon.gif
Lange's Flower Song (1909)
Hurry (1916) wvicon.gif
Marching Thro' Georgia (1909) wvicon.gif
Moonlight (1916) wvicon.gif
The Ragtime King (1909)
That Potatoe Bug Rag (1916) wvicon.gif
Star and Garter Ragtime Waltz (1910) wvicon.gif
CoronationMarch (1917)
Glen Oaks Rag (1912)
For Introductions (1917)
Press Club Rag (1912) wvicon.gif
Pantaloon (1917) wvicon.gif
In My Mercer Racing Car (1913) wvicon.gif
Words & Music: Christensen Co-Author: John S. Meck
Quarrel or Struggle Scenes (1917)
The Minnesota Rag (1913) wvicon.gif
Turkish (1917)
Pathetic Rag (1913) wvicon.gif
Nobody's Business (1923) wvicon.gif
The Progressive Rag (1913)
Teasing the Klassics (1923) wvicon.gif
Star and Garter (1914)
Axel Grease (1924) wvicon.gif
Annie Laurie (1915) wvicon.gif
Take It Easy (1924) wvicon.gif
Auld Lang Syne - Ragtime Version (1915) wvicon.gif
Syncophonic Number 1 (1925)
Believe Me, if All Those Endearing Young Charms - Ragtime Version (1915) wvicon.gif
Syncophonic Number 2 (1925)
Home, Sweet Home (1915) wvicon.gif
Syncophonic Number 3 (1925)
Last Rose of Summer (1915) wvicon.gif
Syncophonic Number 4 (1925)
Massa's in the Cold, Cold Ground - Ragtime Version (1915) wvicon.gif
Syncophonic Number 5 (1925)
My Old Kentucky Home (1915) wvicon.gif
Boogie Woogie Blues (1927)
Old Black Joe in Ragtime (1915) wvicon.gif
Syncophonic Number 6 (1929)
     Title Performer
youtube15.jpg Axel Grease (2:32)  
youtube15.jpg The Cauldron Rag (2:43)  
youtube15.jpg Irmena Rag (2:37)  
youtube15.jpg The Minnesota Rag (2:34)  
youtube15.jpg Nobody's Business (3:48)  
youtube15.jpg Pathetic Rag (2:51)  
youtube15.jpg Press Club Rag (3:23)  
youtube15.jpg Ragtime Wedding March (1:14)  
youtube15.jpg Ragtime Wedding March (1:14)  
youtube15.jpg  Star and Garter Ragtime Waltz (2:33)  
youtube15.jpg That Potatoe Bug Rag (2:37)  
youtube15.jpg The Webster Grove Rag (2:49)  
youtube15.jpg Maggie - Ragtime Version When You and I Were Young (1:45)