Duke Ellington  (1899-1974)
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This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 51 works by Duke Ellington (1899-1974). It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located.

The Black Beauty (1928) wvicon.gif
The Blues With a Feeling (?)
The Mooche (1928)
Words by: Irving Mills
The Creole Love Call (?)
Swampy River (1928)
Doin' the Crazy Walk (?)
Mood Indigo (1931) wvicon.gif
Words by: Irving Mills, Barney Bigard
Drop Me Off in Harlem (?)
Words by: Nick Kenny
Fast and Furious (1932)
Drummer's Delight (?)
Words by: Barney Bigard
It Don't Mean a Thing (1932)
Words by: Irving Mills
East St. Louis Toodleoo (?)
Words by: Bubber Miley
Sophisticated Lady (1933) wvicon.gif
Words by: Irving Mills, Mitchell Parish
Flaming Youth (?)
Solitude (1934) wvicon.gif
Words by: Eddie DeLange, Irving Mills
Hop Head (?)
In a Sentimental Mood (1936)
Words by: Irving Mills, Manny Kurtz
I'm Checking Out-Goom Bye (?)
Words by: Billy Strayhorn
Caravan (1937) wvicon.gif
Co-Author: Juan Tizol Words by: Irving Mills
Immigration Blues (?)
I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart (1938) wvicon.gif
Words by: Irving Mills, Henry Nemo, John Redmond
Jazz Lips (?)
If You Were in My Place (1938)
Words by: Irving Mills, Henry Nemo
Jig Walk (?)
Words by: Jo Trent
Prelude to a Kiss (1938)
Words by: Irving Mills, Irving Gordon
Jubilee Stomp (?)
All Too Soon (1940)
Words by: Carl Sigman
Jungle Nights in Harlem (?)
I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good (1941) wvicon.gif
Words by: Paul Francis Webster
Misty Mornin' (?)
Words by: Arthur Whetsol
Don't Get Around Much Anymore (1942) wvicon.gif
Words by: Bob Russell
Red Hot Band (?)
Things Ain't What They Used to Be (1942)
Rent Party Blues (?)
Words by: Johnny Hodges
Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me (1943) wvicon.gif
Words by: Bob Russell
Rockin' in Rhythm (?)
Words by: Irving Mills, Harry Carney
Don't You Know I Care? (1944) wvicon.gif
Words by: Mack David
Rub-A-Dub-Blues (?)
I Didn't Know About You (1944) wvicon.gif
Words by: Bob Russell
Saturday Night Function (?)
Words by: Barney Bigard
I'm Beginning to See the Light (1944)
Words by: Johnny Hodges, Harry James, Don George
Shout 'em, Aunt Tillie (?)
Words by: Irving Mills
I'm Just a Lucky So and So (1946)
Words by: Mack David
Showboat Shuffle (?)
Awful Sad (?)
Soda Fountain Rag (?)
Birmingham Breakdown (?)
Stevedore Stomp (?)
Words by: Irving Mills
Black and Tan Fantasy (?)
Words by: Bubber Miley
Sweet Mama (?)
Blues of the Vagabond (?)
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youtube15.jpg The Black Beauty (3:11)  
youtube15.jpg The Mooch (1:34)  
youtube15.jpg Swampy River (2:48)  
youtube15.jpg Swampy River (3:00)