Anthony J. Stasny 
Last updated: 27.03.18
Anthony J. Stasny was an American composer and publisher who was born in Czechoslovakia and emigrated to the New World sometime before 1905. Initially he established his publishing company Cleveland, under the Czech name of "Stastny". He moved to New York in 1918 and Americanised his name to "Stasny." He is remembered for his High Stepper (1907) and Dance Of The Moon Birds. Of ragtime interest is his Mephisto Rag (1908).

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This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 11 works by Anthony J. Stasny. It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Key: Items on hold

The Cactus and the Rose (1907) wvicon.gif
Words & Music: Stasny Co-Author: M. J. Bohannon
Rose Dreams - Song (1918) wvicon.gif
Words by: J.R. Shannon
High Stepper (1907) wvicon.gif
Bangalore (1919) wvicon.gif
Words & Music: Stasny Co-Author: Earl Burtnett
Mephisto Rag (1908) wvicon.gif
An Arabian Fantasy (1923)
Motor Boat (1908) wvicon.gif
Don't Waste Your Tears Over Me (1923) wvicon.gif
Words & Music: Stasny
Rose Dreams (1914) wvicon.gif
We Can't Get Along Together (1923) wvicon.gif
Dance of the Moon Birds (1915) wvicon.gif