Robert P. Weston 
Last updated: 08.01.18
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 15 works by Robert P. Weston. It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Key: Items on hold

Our Little Garden Subbub (190-?;) wvicon.gif
My Boy (1918?;)
The Wobberly Walk (1900) wvicon.gif
Co-Author: F.W. Carter
Any Girl From Anywhere (1919c) wvicon.gif
Tickle Me, Timothy, Do! (1908c) wvicon.gif
A Noise Annoys an Oyster (1921c) wvicon.gif
The Matrimonial Handicap (1913c) wvicon.gif
The World's All Right It's the People Living in It (1921c) wvicon.gif
It's a Sure, Sure Sign (1915c) wvicon.gif
The Rich Man and the Poor Man (1923c) wvicon.gif
When Tommy's on Furlough and Jack's Ashore (1916c) wvicon.gif
What I Want Is a Proper Cup O'Coffee (1926c) wvicon.gif
Do You Want Us to Lose the War? (1917c) wvicon.gif
Hush! Here Comes the Dream Man (?)
Co-Authors: F. J. (Fred James) Barnes, Maurice Scott
Good-Bye-Ee (1917c) wvicon.gif