Arthur J. Weidt  (1866-1945)
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According to the Internet source given below, Arthur J. Weidt was an American teacher and director of large banjo and mandolin orchestras. He was born in Buffalo, New York but spent most of his career in Newark, New Jersey. He was nicknamed "The Captain" for his involvement in boating and spending the summers on his houseboat The Rambler. He is said to have written hundreds of pieces including some 96 solos for guitar, not to mention the many for classic and tenor banjo, mandolin orchestra, etc.

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The Black Cupid Schottische
By Arthur J. Weidt.
Publisher: Walter Jacobs
Suppliers: flag15us.gif flag15es.gif
Printed: 1900. Sheet Music 3 pages. Limited Availability.
Popular Compositions For Mandolin
That Banjo Rag
By Arthur J. Weidt.
Publisher: Walter Jacobs
Suppliers: flag15us.gif flag15es.gif
Printed: 1912. Sheet Music 2 pages. Limited Availability.
Jacobs' Amateur Series For Banjo
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Ragtime Music CDs:
cd15.gif Nashville Mandolin Ensemble on "All the Rage: Mandolin Ensemble Music From 1897-1924" flag15us.gif flag15uk.gif flag15de.gif flag15fr.gif flag15ca.gif flag15it.gif flag15es.gif
cd15.gif The Skirtlifters on "A Ragtime Episode" flag15us.gif flag15de.gif flag15fr.gif flag15es.gif
Brass Music CDs:
cd15.gif South Shore Circus Concert Band on "Sounds of the Circus - Volume 21" CD(s) & MP3 Album(s) flag15us.gif flag15uk.gif flag15de.gif flag15fr.gif flag15ca.gif
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 108 works by Arthur J. Weidt (1866-1945). It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Key: Items on hold

Koonville Koonlets (1899)
The Home Town Band (1920) wvicon.gif
The Black Cupid (1900) amazon15.gif wvicon.gif
Ole Sambo (1920) wvicon.gif
Luella Waltz (1901) wvicon.gif
Why Not? (1920) wvicon.gif
The Colored Guards (1903) wvicon.gif
Banjo Bugs (1921) wvicon.gif
Kaloola (1909) wvicon.gif
Japanola (1921) wvicon.gif
Onion Rag (1909) wvicon.gif
Lightnin' (1921) wvicon.gif
Rag Tag (1909) wvicon.gif
My Caroline (1921) wvicon.gif
Yankee Dandy (1909) wvicon.gif
Pink Lemonade (1921) wvicon.gif
Chain of Daisies (1910) wvicon.gif
Jolly Sailors (1922) wvicon.gif
Gloriana (1910)
Black Rover (1923) wvicon.gif
Montclair Galop (1910) wvicon.gif
Community March (1923) wvicon.gif
The Red Rover (1910) wvicon.gif
Down Main Street (1923) wvicon.gif
The Speedway (1910) wvicon.gif
My Tennessee Lou (1923) wvicon.gif
Sweet Corn (1910) wvicon.gif
Two-In-One (1923) wvicon.gif
Phantom Bells (1911) wvicon.gif
Dusty Rags (1924) wvicon.gif
Dat Yam Rag (1912) wvicon.gif
Hodge Podge (1924) wvicon.gif
That Banjo Rag (1912) amazon15.gif wvicon.gif
Love and Roses (1924) wvicon.gif
That Rag (1912)
Words by: A.J.
School Belles (1924) wvicon.gif
The Amazon (1913) wvicon.gif
Got 'Cha (1925) wvicon.gif
Arion Schottische (1913) wvicon.gif
Junior High (1927) wvicon.gif
Boston Galop (1913) wvicon.gif
Airy Fairy (?) wvicon.gif
Bright Eyes (1913) wvicon.gif
Atta Boy (?) wvicon.gif
The College Boys (1913) wvicon.gif
Blue Stocking (?) wvicon.gif
Darkies' Delight (1913) wvicon.gif
The Booster (?) wvicon.gif
Festival Schottische (1913) wvicon.gif
Boston Yodle (?) wvicon.gif
Ger-Ma-Nee (1913) wvicon.gif
Breath of Spring (?)
The Hazers (1913) wvicon.gif
Castillian Beauty (?)
The Hikers (1913) wvicon.gif
Cold Molasses Rag (?)
Kinky Koons (1913) wvicon.gif
Cupid's Victory (?) wvicon.gif
Little Queen (1913) wvicon.gif
Golden Glow (?)
Maid to Order (1913) wvicon.gif
Golden Memories (?)
The Marionette's Frolic (1913) wvicon.gif
Harmony Kid (?) wvicon.gif
Merry Moments (1913) wvicon.gif
Ken-Tuc-Kee (?) wvicon.gif
Pert and Pretty (1913) wvicon.gif
Kentucky Moon (?) wvicon.gif
Ping Pong Galop (1913) wvicon.gif
Kiddikins (?)
The Raiders (1913) wvicon.gif
The Lillies of the Valley Waltz (?) wvicon.gif
Silvia (1913) wvicon.gif
Long Run Galop (?)
Strolling Down a Shady Lane (1913) wvicon.gif
May Belle (?) wvicon.gif
Student Waltz (1913) wvicon.gif
Monday Morning Blues (?) wvicon.gif
The Tall Cedars (1913) wvicon.gif
My Lady Jazz (?) wvicon.gif
Tommy Glynn's Polka (1913) wvicon.gif
Northern Lights (?)
Turkey in the Straw (1913) wvicon.gif
The Optimist (?) wvicon.gif
Two of a Kind (1913) wvicon.gif
Posies (?) wvicon.gif
Valse Unique (1913) wvicon.gif
Queen of the Cross (?)
Yankee Boys (1913) wvicon.gif
Shattered Dreams (?) wvicon.gif
Butterscotch (1914) wvicon.gif
Summer Girl (?) wvicon.gif
Dance of the Moths (1914) wvicon.gif
Sunflower (?)
Fanchon (1914) wvicon.gif
Take Me Back Home, Lizzie (?) wvicon.gif
Kiddie Land (1915) wvicon.gif
Whyte Laydie (?) wvicon.gif
Mos-Kee-Toe (1915) wvicon.gif
Ye Olden Tyme (?)
Joy Boy (1916) wvicon.gif
Alpine Flowers Waltz (n.d.) wvicon.gif
Hitting the High Spots (1918) wvicon.gif
Fire-Fly (n.d.) wvicon.gif
Krazy Kapers (1919) wvicon.gif
Light Heart (n.d.) wvicon.gif
Veronica (1919) wvicon.gif
Me Melican Man (n.d.) wvicon.gif