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Nina & Geoff
Beauty and the Beast
The Beginning:Right from our very first meeting in May 2001, which was very odd in itself by the way, we enjoyed the contrasts. There are the obvious optical ones: beauty & ugliness, youth & age, black & white (being our first choice colour for clothing) and so on but despite the almost four decades separating us, we very quickly arrived at our common interests.
This included not only being fond our pop, as my father would say, but our love of singing and folk music in particular. For my part, I was fascinated by meeting someone so young who not only enjoyed the music of the Comedian Harmonists but also wanted to and could sing it (along with Kurt Weil lyrics by the way!). Her other heroes include Hannes Wader and Liederjahn whilst her heroines include Maryln Monroe, Doris Day and her very own mother, Andrea Kreft, the lead-singer of the almost all-girl Los Wochos, a Mexican ballad punk-rock band. My heroes include the Canadian Stan Rogers, the East Anglian Bob Roberts, the Clancy Brothers, the Liverpudlian Stormalong John and the Dubliner Ronnie Drews. From this unlikely mix we started singing together on a weekly basis - just for fun.
After experiencing a hugely enjoyable Festival Musik Maritim 2002, we decided to take our fun a little more seriously and become a folk duo, principally to meet some of our new friends from the festival in their home countries starting with England & Wales in July 2003. We would like to sing on the streets, in pubs, folk clubs and schools and hope to meet all you surfers out there someday.

Nina Kreft and Geoff Grainger, Bremen-North, Germany, March 2003

Festival Musik Maritim 2002

All the below photos were taken by and are © 2002 of Thomas Kreft during the Festival Musik Maritim 2002, 13th-15th September 2002.
fmm2002_0118.jpg fmm2002_0114.jpg fmm2002_0124.jpg
Nina totally enchanted with Geoff's final programme change. Nina & Geoff with their top salesman, "Oaky" Eichholz", who had just been awarded the top salesman prize. Nina & Geoff warming up the Weser Promenade spectators.
fmm2002_0127.jpg fmm2002_0147.jpg fmm2002_0130.jpg
A really warmed up Weser Promenade spectator. Nina sings a real mean Jan Bart. Geoff doing his walk-about.
Publicity Stills, Feb. and March 2003

All the below photos were taken by and are © 2003 of Nina Luciae Würz outside the Gustav Heinemann Bürgerhaus and in the Pinöckel in February and March 2003.

nw005.jpg nw004.jpg nw006.jpg
Dramatic pose at the rear entrance of the Bürgerhaus. Nina has just seen her Mum. Nina telling Geoff that she has just seen her Mum. Nina & Geoff showing the photographer, Nina Würz, what they can do.
nw008.jpg nw009.jpg nw010.jpg
Nina & Geoff really belting it out. Nina & Geoff enjoying the photographer's joke in Pinöckel. The portrait of the year, our logo! Thanks a lot Nina!
Private Ceilidh, Vegesack, April 13th 2003

All the below photos were taken by and are © 2003 of Manfred Eichholz
dscf0001.jpg dscf0009.jpg dscf0031.jpg
Nina & Geoff's warming up Britta and André. André and Imke joining-in with their recorders. Victor Besch astonishes Geoff with his virtuoso guitar playing using a beer can ring as plectrum.
dscf0033.jpg dscf0036.jpg dscf0039.jpg
Nina bewitches the photographer. Vic trying not to laugh when Geoff plays in G but sings in D (again!). Now we've finally got our act together. Victor Besch, the star of the Ceilidh. just about to bring the house down. Thanks a lot, Vic!

Nina - die Schöne Nina & Geoff
at Festival Maritim 2010
Geoff - das Biest
Nina & Geoff along with "special guest" Laura Laura will be perform Irish and sea songs at the venues given below. Mirco & Dawid Wiaderek and C. Giessel, the hosts of New Cucina and Zum Leuchtturm respectively, cordially welcome all participants performing at the Festival Maritim 2010. In appreciation of their efforts, all those wearing the offical Festival Maritim 2010 identity badges are offered a 10% rebate on all items on the menus at both localities.

New Cucina, Vegesack
Photo © 2010 Mirco Wiaderek
New Cucina - Schlesische Küche
Reeder-Bischoff-Straße, direkt am Kleinen Markt
Please "click" New Cucina Logo for more information.

Saturday 7th August 2010: 16:45 - Irish Folk Songs
Sunday   8th August 2010: 13:30 - Irish and Sea Songs

Zum Leuchtturm, Vegesack
Photo © 2010 Laura Schuler
Zum Leuchtturm

Saturday 7th August 2010: 19:00 - Songs of the Sea
Sunday   8th August 2010: 19:00 - Sea and Irish Songs

Past Performances