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Grün, grün, grün
Last updated: 02.02.20
It was Nina Kreft who taught me this beautiful German folk-song. I loved the way she sang it and begged her to sing it so often that she became quite reluctant to perform it at all as she considered it too childish. We did take it into our repertoire of children's songs however and the version we sang was based on that found in Lieder, Songs und Gospels 2. This is a song about favourite colours being connected to the colour of the beloved's attire. Green for a hunter, blue for a sailor, white for a miller and so on. When singing this song we would get the audience to join in and after they had settled down we would introduce non-standard colours such as tartaned, pink, brown to hear what professions the audience might come up with. Good for warming up both adult and juvenile audiences.
     Performer CD Title Supplier
cd15.gif Various Artists Volkslieder-Festival flag15de.gif
cd15.gif Nymphenburger Kinderchor Die 22 schönsten Kinderlieder flag15uk.gif flag15de.gif flag15fr.gif
cd15.gif Tölzer Knabenchor Die Schönsten Kinderlieder flag15uk.gif flag15de.gif flag15fr.gif
     Title Performer
youtube15.jpg Grün, grün, grün (2:43) Childrens Songs