Complete Scott Joplin
Last updated: 28.01.20
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Label: Basta Records
Release Date: May 4, 2004
Works by Scott Joplin performed by Guido Nielsen.
No. Title MP3's
1. Please Say You Will flag15us.gif 
2. Picture of Her Face flag15us.gif 
3. I Am Thinking of My Pickaninny Days flag15us.gif 
4. Ragtime Dance flag15us.gif 
5. Little Black Baby flag15us.gif 
6. Maple Leaf Rag flag15us.gif 
7. Sarah Dear flag15us.gif 
8. Good-Bye Old Gal Good-Bye flag15us.gif 
9. Snoring Sampson flag15us.gif 
10. When Your Hair Is Like the Snow flag15us.gif 
11. Pineapple Rag flag15us.gif 
12. Lovin' Babe flag15us.gif 
13. Unknown Song Fragment flag15us.gif