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J. Albert & Son has 123 publications posted in these webpages. They include 2 items of piano sheet music at the Amazons and 121 items of sheet music in the Lists of Works (Werkverzeichnisse).
     Title Author Supplier
Piano Sheet Music:
sm15.gif Safe in My Heart J.G. Gilbert flag15uk.gif
sm15.gif Shine on Victory Moon J.G. Gilbert flag15uk.gif
     Title Music Attribution
sm15.gif March of All Nations (1914) Harry Appel
sm15.gif How Do Yer Do-Di-Day? (1908) Harry Bedford R P Weston (words)
sm15.gif Value For Money (1907) Bert Brantford C Carlton (words)
H Carlton (words)
H. Boden (words)
sm15.gif How's Everything? (1923) Harry Carlton John P. Long (words)
sm15.gif Across the Purple Sage (1945) Michael Carr(w&m)
sm15.gif Can't You See the Silver Lining? (1943) Michael Carr Jack Popplewell (words)
sm15.gif Kon-Tiki (1961) Michael Carr
sm15.gif Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot (1937), The Michael Carr Tommy Connor (words)
Jimmy Leach (words)
sm15.gif My Beautiful Sarie Marais (1945) Michael Carr Tommie Connor (words)
sm15.gif My First Love Was Irish (1946) Michael Carr Jimmy Kennedy (words)
sm15.gif My Heart Is Irish (1954) Michael Carr(w&m)
sm15.gif Rose Bud (1906) Will D. Cobb
sm15.gif If Captain Cook Should Come to Life (1906c) George. M. Cohan(w&m)
sm15.gif All's Well Mademoiselle (1944) Tommie Connor Michael Carr (words)
sm15.gif Daughter of Mademoiselle From Armentières (1939), The Tommie Connor Reub Silver (words)
sm15.gif Kiss and a Rose (1948), A Tommie Connor(w&m) Patrick Toohey (co-author)
sm15.gif I Like the Girls in Ninon (1916c) Hermann E. Darewski
sm15.gif  Leetle Mr. Baggy Breeches (1915c) Hermann E. Darewski
sm15.gif Maid of the Mist (1916c) Hermann E. Darewski
sm15.gif Roses Made Me Remember (1916c) Hermann E. Darewski Lilian Grey (words)
sm15.gif Smoke Clouds (1917c) Hermann E. Darewski
sm15.gif Swing Song (1916c) Hermann E. Darewski
sm15.gif Anything That's Good Enough For You Is Good Enough For Me (1912) Worton David G. Arthurs (co-author)
sm15.gif At the Vicar's Fancy Ball (1915) Worton David
sm15.gif I'm Going to Sing a Song (1906) Worton David F.V. St. Clair (words)
S. Mayo (sung by)
sm15.gif Listen to Me and I'll Prove That I'm Right (1908) Worton David Sam Mayo (words)
Fred Earle (words)
S. Mayo (sung by)
sm15.gif Rest of the Day's Your Own (1915), The Worton David J.P. Long (co-author)
Jack Lane (sung by)
sm15.gif When Mr. Smith Was in and Mrs. Smith Was Out (1911) Worton David Bert Lee (words)
Clarice Mayne (sung by)
sm15.gif Fishing (1906) Bert H. Delmar G. Wells (words)
sm15.gif Aurora Borealis (1921) Kenneth Duffield Ronald Jeans (words)
sm15.gif Caravan Days (1921) Kenneth Duffield
sm15.gif Valse Blue Rose (1912) Kenneth Duffield
sm15.gif Won't You Come Over to Gay Paree (1912) Kenneth Duffield
sm15.gif Listen to Me and I'll Prove That I'm Right (1908) Fred Earle Worton David (words)
S. Mayo (sung by)
sm15.gif Return of Albert (1935), The Marriott Edgar(w&m)
sm15.gif  My Little Suzanne (1921c) Jack Egan
sm15.gif Dear Old Fighting Boys (1915c), The Herman Finck C.M.S. McLellan (words)
sm15.gif M'yes! M'no! (1921) Melville J. Gideon
sm15.gif Safe in My Heart (1950) Joseph Geo Gilbert Reg Connelly (co-author)
Jenny Howard (sung by)
sm15.gif Shine on Victory Moon (1944) Joseph Geo Gilbert(w&m) Hatton & Manners (sung by)
sm15.gif South Sea Rose (1929) Louis Wolfe Gilbert A. Baer (co-author)
sm15.gif Welcome Song to Digger Bill and Sailor Jack (1917) Louis Wolfe Gilbert(w&m)
sm15.gif That Funny Little Bob-Tailed Coat (1907) Robert Gorman Harry Champion (words)
Tom Lowen (words)
H. Champion (sung by)
sm15.gif When It Strikes Home (1915) Charles K. Harris(w&m)
sm15.gif Earthenware (1923) R. Harris-Weston R.P. Weston (words)
Bert Lee (words)
sm15.gif We Must All Pull Together! (1930) R. Harris-Weston R.P. Weston (words)
Bert Lee (words)
sm15.gif Dancing (1925) Herschel Henlere
sm15.gif Balloon Song (1914), The Louis Achille Hirsch
sm15.gif Teach Me to Float on the Rolling Sea (1914c) Louis Achille Hirsch George Arthurs (words)
sm15.gif It's No Use to Love, Little Girlie (1911) Tom Kelley Edgar Selden (words)
sm15.gif We're Gonna Hang Out the Washing on the Siegfried Line (1939) Jimmy Kennedy(w&m)
sm15.gif A.R.A.B.I.A. (Arabia) (1921) Alf J. Lawrance Ivor Hylton (words)
sm15.gif Anyone Could See She Was a Lady (1914) Alf J. Lawrance(w&m)
sm15.gif  I'm Glad I'm Born an Aussie (1907) Alf J. Lawrance Harry Evans (words)
Will Finlay (words)
Norm Byron (words)
sm15.gif Take Me Back to the Congo, Pongo! (1914) Alf J. Lawrance C W Murphy (words)
sm15.gif That Old Fashioned Gingham (1921) Alf J. Lawrance George Willoughby (Firm) (words)
sm15.gif There's a Girl in Maoriland (1928) Alf J. Lawrance(w&m)
sm15.gif I Do Like an Egg For My Tea (1919) Frank Leo(w&m)
sm15.gif I've Struck a Chorus (1908) Frank Leo(w&m) W. Bard (sung by)
sm15.gif Rose of My Heart (1916) Frederic Knight Logan Virginia K. Logan (words)
sm15.gif Bubbles (1918) Andrew MacCunn Evelyn E. Greig (words)
sm15.gif City Where Love Shall Reign (1913), The Andrew MacCunn Frank Dix (words)
sm15.gif Diamond & Rose (1912) Andrew MacCunn
sm15.gif Golden Grove (1913) Andrew MacCunn
sm15.gif Good Bye & Good Luck (1916) Andrew MacCunn
sm15.gif Ilona Tango (1914) Andrew MacCunn
sm15.gif Jack and the Beanstalk (191?) Andrew MacCunn
sm15.gif Keep Me in Your Heart (1917) Andrew MacCunn Claude McKay (words)
sm15.gif Lads in Blue (1918) Andrew MacCunn Harry Taylor (words)
sm15.gif My World Is the World of Love (1912) Andrew MacCunn Harry Taylor (words)
sm15.gif Valse Lente (191?) Andrew MacCunn
sm15.gif  Village Revels (1911), The Andrew MacCunn
sm15.gif Hello, Hello, Melbourne Town (1912) Henry I. Marshall Stanley Murphy (words)
sm15.gif I'm Going to Sing a Song (1907) Sam Mayo W. David (words)
sm15.gif Oh! Oh! It's a Terrible Tale (1908) Sam Mayo(w&m) S. Mayo (sung by)
sm15.gif Smith, Jones, Robinson and Brown (1920) Sam Mayo John P Harrington (words)
Ella Retford (sung by)
sm15.gif Ireland and Liberty (1910) Theodore F. Morse Allen Doone (words)
sm15.gif Where There's a Girl There's a Boy (1919) Ralph Penso G. Arthurs (words)
sm15.gif Awake! (1917) Henry E. Pether Percy Edgar (words)
sm15.gif Sad Hawaiian Sea (1923) Lee S. Roberts
sm15.gif May Be (1901) George Rosey Frank Tannehill (words)
sm15.gif Ours Is a Nice House Ours Is (1921) Herbert Rule F Holt (words)
Alfred Lester (sung by)
sm15.gif Little Bird Told Me So (1926c), A Joe Sanders
sm15.gif Follow the Plough (1941) Leslie Sarony(w&m)
sm15.gif Tam, Tam, Tam, Tam, Tam (1920) Alfred Baldwin Sloane John Murray Anderson (words)
Arthur Swanstrom (words)
sm15.gif Egyptian Rose (1925) Clay Smith Fred Godfrey (words)
sm15.gif He's Coming Home (1919) Clay Smith
sm15.gif We've Got a Servant (1919) Clay Smith
sm15.gif When We've Company at Our House (1920) Clay Smith
sm15.gif  Winter Time (1920) Clay Smith
sm15.gif I Left Because I Love You (1900) Tony Stanford(w&m)
sm15.gif Oh Boy, I've Found the Baby For Me (1920) Jack Stanley
sm15.gif On Mother Kelly's Doorstep (1925) George A. Stevens(w&m) Vi James (sung by)
Randolph Sutton (sung by)
sm15.gif Back Home (1918?) Reginald Alberto Agrati Stoneham(w&m)
sm15.gif Day by Day (1916) Howard Talbot A. Wimperis (words)
sm15.gif I Want to Snuggle (1919) James W. Tate Clifford Harris (words)
sm15.gif Ne'er Do Well (1919), The James W. Tate Clifford Harris (words)
sm15.gif Oriental Maid (1917) James W. Tate(w&m)
sm15.gif We're All Crazy (1916) James W. Tate Clifford Harris (words)
sm15.gif Waters of Venice (1918) Albert von Tilzer Neville Fleeson (words)
sm15.gif Insufficient Billy (1923) Gilbert Wells C.L. Johnson (words)
I. Jones (words)
sm15.gif Insufficient Sweetie (1924) Gilbert Wells I. Jones (words)
sm15.gif Earthenware (1923) Harris Weston R P Weston (words)
B. Lee (words)
sm15.gif Mamma's Gone Young - Papa's Gone Old (1927) Harris Weston R P Weston (words)
B. Lee (words)
sm15.gif Our Avenue (1925) Harris Weston R P Weston (words)
B. Lee (words)
sm15.gif Palais Glide (1938), The Harris Weston E. Leslie (words)
Joe Burke (words)
sm15.gif Salome (1941) Harris Weston(w&m) John Turner (sung by)
sm15.gif  We Must All Pull Together! (1930) Harris Weston R P Weston (words)
B. Lee (words)
sm15.gif With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm (1934) Harris Weston R P Weston (words)
B. Lee (words)
sm15.gif Any Girl From Anywhere (1919c) Robert P. Weston
sm15.gif It's a Sure, Sure Sign (1915c) Robert P. Weston
sm15.gif Noise Annoys an Oyster (1921c), A Robert P. Weston
sm15.gif Our Little Garden Subbub (190-?) Robert P. Weston
sm15.gif Rich Man and the Poor Man (1923c), The Robert P. Weston
sm15.gif What I Want Is a Proper Cup O'Coffee (1926) Robert P. Weston E. Mayne (sung by)
sm15.gif When Tommy's on Furlough and Jack's Ashore (1916c) Robert P. Weston
sm15.gif World's All Right It's the People Living in It (1921), The Robert P. Weston Ella Shields (sung by)
sm15.gif Old Erin, the Shamrock, and You (1914c) Edna Williams Robt. S. Vaughan (words)
sm15.gif Don't You Remember the Time? (1919) W.R. Williams(w&m)
sm15.gif I'll Never Miss Another Girl As I Miss You (1915) W.R. Williams Al. B. Coney (co-author)
sm15.gif You're So Easy to Remember (1927) Harry Woods Mort Dixon (words)