Charles K. Harris  (1864-1930)
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This list is arranged by title and contains 3 lyrics written by Charles K. Harris. The lyrics/monologues and *.pdf files have been kindly compiled by Keys: pdf15.gif
     Title Attribution Remarks
url15.gif After the Ball - Song Charles K. Harris (words & music)
J. Aldrich Libbey (sung by)
url15.gif After the Fall (Parody) Charles K. Harris (music)
J. Whitney (words)
G.W. Hunter (sung by)
url15.gif Break the News to Mother Charles K. Harris (words & music)
Charles Foster (sung by)
     Title Instruments Remarks
pdf15.gif After the Ball - Song Piano, Voice Charles K. Harris (w&m)
pdf15.gif Break the News to Mother Piano, Voice Charles K. Harris (w&m)
pdf15.gif Break the News to Mother Piano, Voice Charles K. Harris (Music)
pdf15.gif I'm Trying So Hard to Forget You Piano, Voice Charles K. Harris (w&m)
pdf15.gif In the City Where Nobody Cares Piano, Voice Charles K. Harris (Music)
pdf15.gif Kathleen Piano, Voice Charles K. Harris (w&m)
pdf15.gif My Virginia Piano, Voice Charles K. Harris (w&m)
pdf15.gif Nobody Knows, Nobody Cares Piano, Voice Charles K. Harris (w&m)
pdf15.gif Somewhere Piano, Voice Charles K. Harris (Music)
pdf15.gif Tis Not Always Bullets That Kill Piano, Voice Charles K. Harris (w&m)
pdf15.gif Yesterday Piano, Voice Charles K. Harris (Music)
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 157 works by Charles K. Harris (1864-1930). It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Keys: ER (w&m)
Title Year Attribution Remarks
As We Sang and Played Together (w&m) 1890  wvicon.gif
Can Hearts So Soon Forget? (w&m) 1890  wvicon.gif
Creep, Baby, Creep 1890  wvicon.gif
Hello! Central, Hello! (w&m) 1891  wvicon.gif
Humming Baby to Sleep (w&m) 1891  wvicon.gif
Kiss, and Let's Make Up (w&m) 1891  wvicon.gif
School Bells (w&m) 1891  wvicon.gif
You'll Never Know (w&m) 1891  wvicon.gif
After the Ball - Song (w&m) 1892 J. Aldrich Libbey (sung by)
arr.: Henry E. Pether
 wvicon.gif pdf15.gif
Fallen by the Wayside (w&m) 1892  wvicon.gif
Only a Tangle of Golden Curls (w&m) 1892  wvicon.gif
After Nine 1893  wvicon.gif
After the Ball 1893  wvicon.gif
After the Fall (Parody) 1893 J. Whitney (words)
G.W. Hunter (sung by)
Hearts (w&m) 1893  wvicon.gif
Is Life Worth Living 1893 Julie Mackey (sung by)  wvicon.gif
Since Katie Rides a Wheel (w&m) 1893  wvicon.gif
Sitting by the Kitchen Door (w&m) 1893  wvicon.gif
Strangers (w&m) 1893  wvicon.gif
Thou Art Ever in My Thoughts (w&m) 1893  wvicon.gif
Fifty Times a Day (w&m) 1894  wvicon.gif
Fifty Years Ago (w&m) 1894  wvicon.gif
I Heard Her Voice Again (w&m) 1894  wvicon.gif
I Was Talking in My Sleep 1894
Mud-Pie Days (w&m) 1894  wvicon.gif
Waiting For Footsteps That Never Came (w&m) 1894  wvicon.gif
What Does the Flower Say? (w&m) 1894  wvicon.gif
While the Dance Goes On (w&m) 1894  wvicon.gif
Better Than Gold 1895  wvicon.gif
Cast Aside (w&m) 1895  wvicon.gif
Don't Forget to Tell Me That You Loves Me Honey (w&m) 1895  wvicon.gif
There'll Come a Time (w&m) 1895  wvicon.gif
Too Late! Alas! Too Late! (w&m) 1895  wvicon.gif
All For the Love of a Girl (w&m) 1896  wvicon.gif
I Love Her Just the Same 1896  wvicon.gif
Just Behind the Times (w&m) 1896  wvicon.gif
Title Year Attribution Remarks
Then Comes the Sad Awakening (w&m) 1896  wvicon.gif
When the Lights Went Out (w&m) 1896  wvicon.gif
Break the News to Mother (w&m) 1897 Charles Foster (sung by)
Lydia Barry (sung by)
 wvicon.gif pdf15.gif
I've Been Faithful to You (w&m) 1897  wvicon.gif
I've Just Come Back to Say Good-Bye (w&m) 1897  wvicon.gif
Organ Grinder's Serenade, The 1897  wvicon.gif
Dear College Chums 1898  wvicon.gif
Mid the Green Fields of Virginia (w&m) 1898 or "In The Vale Of Shenandoah"  wvicon.gif
There Is No Flag Like the Red, White and Blue (w&m) 1898  wvicon.gif
Will I Find My Mamma There? (w&m) 1898  wvicon.gif
Without Your Love, Ah! Let Me Die! (w&m) 1898 Eleanor Kent (sung by)  wvicon.gif
Just Tell Her That I Loved Her Too (w&m) 1899  wvicon.gif
Ma Filipino Babe (w&m) 1899  wvicon.gif
One Night in June (w&m) 1899 Nielsen Sisters (sung by)
H. Mora (sung by)
Rabbi's Daughter, A (w&m) 1899  wvicon.gif
For Old Tiime's Sake (w&m) 1900  wvicon.gif
I've a Longing in My Heart For You, Louise (w&m) 1900 Inga Orner (sung by)  wvicon.gif
Just One Kiss (w&m) 1900  wvicon.gif
Last Night (w&m) 1900  wvicon.gif
What Is a Home Without Love? (w&m) 1900  wvicon.gif
Hello Central, Give Me Heaven (w&m) 1901 Mark Fisher (sung by)  wvicon.gif
In the Good Old Fashioned Way (w&m) 1901  wvicon.gif
Must We Say Goodbye Forever Nellie Dear (w&m) 1901  wvicon.gif
Tie That Binds, The (w&m) 1901  wvicon.gif
Tis Not Always Bullets That Kill (w&m) 1901  wvicon.gif pdf15.gif
I'm Wearing My Heart Away For You (w&m) 1902 Eva Grau (sung by)
Pierce &. Maizee (sung by)
Minnie Fisher Middleton (sung by)
In the Hills of Old Carolina 1902
Just Next Door (w&m) 1902 Chas. K. Harris (words)
Lillian Robson (sung by)
Always in the Way (w&m) 1903 Martha Lowe (sung by)
Chas. Falk (sung by)
For Sale - a Baby (w&m) 1903  wvicon.gif
Girl of My Dreams, The (w&m) 1903 Madame Mantelli (sung by)  wvicon.gif
Isle of Dreams Waltzes, The 1903 arr. Raymond Hubbeli;  wvicon.gif
Last Farewell, The (w&m) 1903  wvicon.gif
You Never Spoke to Me Like That Before (w&m) 1903  wvicon.gif
Chas. K. Harris Popular Songster 1904
Down in the Vale of Shenandoah (w&m) 1904  wvicon.gif
Title Year Attribution Remarks
Harris Mandolin and Guitar Folio - No. 5 1904  wvicon.gif
I'm Trying So Hard to Forget You (w&m) 1904 Delia Donald (sung by)
Francis Elwood (sung by)
 wvicon.gif pdf15.gif
Just a Gleam of Heaven in Her Eyes (w&m) 1904  wvicon.gif
Love and Kisses 1904  wvicon.gif
Why Don't They Play With Me? (w&m) 1904  wvicon.gif
Dreaming Love of You (w&m) 1905  wvicon.gif
Fly Away Birdie, to Heaven (w&m) 1905 Lottie Learn (sung by)  wvicon.gif
Would You Care? (w&m) 1905  wvicon.gif
And a Little Child Shall Lead Them (w&m) 1906  wvicon.gif
Belle of the Ball (w&m) 1906  wvicon.gif
Somewhere (w&m) 1906  wvicon.gif pdf15.gif
Without a Wedding Ring 1906  wvicon.gif
Best Thing in Life, The (w&m) 1907  wvicon.gif
My Virginia (w&m) 1907  wvicon.gif pdf15.gif
Take Me in Your Arms Again (w&m) 1907  wvicon.gif
There's Another Picture in My Mamma's Frame (w&m) 1907  wvicon.gif
Yesterday 1907  wvicon.gif pdf15.gif
Always Me (w&m) 1908  wvicon.gif
I'm Starving For One Sight of You (w&m) 1908  wvicon.gif
It Might Have Been (w&m) 1908 Chas. K. Harris (words)  wvicon.gif
Man, a Maid, a Moon, a Boat, A (w&m) 1908  wvicon.gif
After 'While (w&m) 1909  wvicon.gif
Mid the Blue Grass of Kentucky (w&m) 1909  wvicon.gif
Nobody Knows, Nobody Cares (w&m) 1909  wvicon.gif pdf15.gif
Scuse Me To-Day (w&m) 1909  wvicon.gif
Was I a Fool? (w&m) 1909  wvicon.gif
Don't Give Me Diamonds, All I Want Is You (w&m) 1910  wvicon.gif
In the City Where Nobody Cares (w&m) 1910  wvicon.gif pdf15.gif
It's Always June When You're in Love (w&m) 1910  wvicon.gif
Don't Blame Me For Lovin' You (w&m) 1911  wvicon.gif
Fairy Moon (w&m) 1911 Grace Edmonds (sung by)  wvicon.gif
When the Golden Leaves Are Falling (w&m) 1911  wvicon.gif
Will the Roses Bloom in Heaven? (w&m) 1911  wvicon.gif
Climb a Tree With Me (w&m) 1912  wvicon.gif
I Long For You To-Night (w&m) 1912  wvicon.gif
Not 'till Then (w&m) 1912  wvicon.gif
Title Year Attribution Remarks
Tell Me a Beautiful Story (w&m) 1912  wvicon.gif
That Swaying Harmony (w&m) 1912  wvicon.gif
Won't You Come to Dolly's Party? (w&m) 1912  wvicon.gif
Baby Hands (w&m) 1913  wvicon.gif
Don't You Wish You Were Back Home Again? (w&m) 1913  wvicon.gif
I'm Coming Back to You (w&m) 1913 Byrd Dougherty (co-author)  wvicon.gif
No One Else Can Take Your Place (w&m) 1913  wvicon.gif
Please, Miss Central, Find My Mamma (w&m) 1913  wvicon.gif
Suppose I Met You Face to Face (w&m) 1913  wvicon.gif
Hooks and Eyes (w&m) 1914  wvicon.gif
I Wonder Who's Next in Your Heart (w&m) 1914  wvicon.gif
When Angels Weep (w&m) 1914  wvicon.gif
You Kissed Me 1914  wvicon.gif
Can You Pay? (w&m) 1915  wvicon.gif
Lights of My Home Town (w&m) 1915  wvicon.gif
My Mama Lives Up in the Sky (w&m) 1915  wvicon.gif
Those Wonderful Words (w&m) 1915  wvicon.gif
When It Strikes Home (w&m) 1915  wvicon.gif
All I Want Is a Cottage, Some Roses, and You (w&m) 1916  wvicon.gif
American Hearts 1916  wvicon.gif
Come Back! (w&m) 1916  wvicon.gif
One-Two Polka 1916  wvicon.gif
Story of a Soul, The 1916 Leo Wood (words)  wvicon.gif
Dry Your Tears 1917 Lucille Cavanagh (sung by)  wvicon.gif
Kathleen (w&m) 1917  wvicon.gif pdf15.gif
Love O' Mine (w&m) 1917  wvicon.gif
Thou Shalt Not Steal 1917 Jack Yellen (words)  wvicon.gif
Yankee (w&m) 1917  wvicon.gif
You Came, You Saw, ''You Conquered'' 1917
Fireflies 1918  wvicon.gif
One, Two, Three, Boys Over the Top We Go 1918
When the Cherry Trees Are Blooming in Japan (w&m) 1918  wvicon.gif
Why Did You Come Into My Life? (w&m) 1918  wvicon.gif
Will You Be True? 1918  wvicon.gif
Sing Me to Sleep (w&m) 1919 Nitta Jo (sung by)  wvicon.gif
Smiling Lips (w&m) 1919  wvicon.gif
Title Year Attribution Remarks
When the Lotus Flowers Bloom in Chinaland (w&m) 1919  wvicon.gif
Just Let Me Creep Back 1920 Chas. K. Harris (words)  wvicon.gif
Little Brook, a Little Girl, a Little Love (w&m) 1920 Sam Coslow (co-author)  wvicon.gif
Ma Mississippi Babe (w&m) 1920  wvicon.gif
You Never Knew (w&m) 1920  wvicon.gif
On a Little Side Street (w&m) 1921 Joseph E. (Joseph Edgar) Howard (co-author)  wvicon.gif
Back Home and Broke (w&m) 1922 Thomas Meighan (sung by)  wvicon.gif
List'nin' In (w&m) 1922  wvicon.gif
Without You by My Side (w&m) 1924  wvicon.gif
Danger in You Eyes (w&m) 1925  wvicon.gif
I Knew (w&m) 1925  wvicon.gif
Iola (w&m) 1925  wvicon.gif
Do Wuja Starca (w&m) n.d.  wvicon.gif