Sam Coslow  (1902-)
Last updated: 17.10.18
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 64 works by Sam Coslow (1902-). It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Key: Electronic Resource Items
Title Year Co-Author Words By Remarks
Daddies 1919 Abel Green
It Might Have Been You 1920 Words & Music by Coslow  wvicon.gif
Deedle Deedle Dum 1922 Irving Mills, Al Sherman
When You're Near 1922 Al Sherman
Not Yet Suzette! 1923 J. Fred Coots
Wanita 1923 Al Sherman  wvicon.gif
I Ain't Got Nobody to Love 1924 Abner Silver  wvicon.gif
It Might Have Been Me 1924 Harold Berg, Charles Horvath  wvicon.gif
Animal Crackers! 1926 Harry Link, Fred Rich
Hello, Swanee, Hello 1926 Addy Britt  wvicon.gif
I Never Knew What the Moonlight Could Do 1926 Larry Spier
Does She Love Me? Positively Absolutely 1927 Jean Herbert  wvicon.gif
I Don't Believe You 1927 Larry Spier Sam Coslow, Larry Spier  wvicon.gif
I'll Think of You 1927 Larry Spier
Levine 1927 Saul Bernie, Joseph Tanzman
Nay! Nay! Neighbor 1927 Harry Chas. Tobias Harry Chas.Tobias  wvicon.gif
Title Year Co-Author Words By Remarks
One Summer Night 1927 Larry Spier  wvicon.gif
Was It a Dream? 1928 Larry Spier Addy Britt  wvicon.gif
Can You Read in My Eyes 1929 Sam Coslow  wvicon.gif
Daddy, Won't You Please Come Home 1929  wvicon.gif
The Flippity Flop 1929 Leon Robin, Richard A Whiting  wvicon.gif
You Want Lovin' 1929 Larry Spier, Jack Osterman  wvicon.gif
In My Little Hope Chest 1930 W. Franke Harling  wvicon.gif
Let's Be Domestic 1930 W. Frank Harling  wvicon.gif
Sing You Sinners 1930 W. Franke Harling  wvicon.gif
Sweepin' the Clouds Away 1930
Just One More Chance 1931 Arthur Johnston  wvicon.gif
You Didn't Know the Music 1931  wvicon.gif
You Little So-And-So 1932 Leo Robin  wvicon.gif
The Day You Came Along 1933 Arthur Johnston
The Boogie Man 1934 Words & Music by Coslow  wvicon.gif
Cocktails For Two 1934 Arthur Johnston
Title Year Co-Author Words By Remarks
Crooner's Lullaby 1934 Arthur Johnston
Ebony Rhapsody 1934 Arthur Johnston
Fare Thee Well 1934 Words & Music by Coslow  wvicon.gif
All's Well 1935 Richard A Whiting
Be Careful, Young Lady 1935 Words & Music by Coslow  wvicon.gif
Dancing the Viennese 1935
Easy on the Eyes 1935
In the Middle of a Kiss 1935 Words & Music by Coslow  wvicon.gif
Keep Your Fingers Crossed 1935 Richard A Whiting
A King Can Do No Wrong 1935 Words & Music by Coslow  wvicon.gif
A Little White Gardenia 1935 Words & Music by Coslow  wvicon.gif
You Took My Breath Away 1935 Richard A Whiting  wvicon.gif
You'll Have to Swing It 1936 Words & Music by Coslow  wvicon.gif
After You 1937 Al Siegel  wvicon.gif
Every Day's a Holiday 1937 Barry Trivers  wvicon.gif
Good Mornin' 1937 Words & Music by Coslow Arr. by Mario Agnolucci wvicon.gif
Title Year Co-Author Words By Remarks
I Hear a Call to Arms 1937 Al Siegel
I'd Love to Play a Love Scene 1937
If I Put My Heart in My Song 1937 Al Siegel
It's On, It's Off 1937 Al Siegel
Tea on the Terrace 1937
Thrill of a Lifetime 1937 Carmen Lombardo
True Confession 1937 Frederick Hollander  wvicon.gif
Turn Off the Moon 1937 Words & Music by Coslow  wvicon.gif
At a Little Hot Dog Stand 1939 Larry Spier
I'm in Love With the Honorable Mr. So and So 1939
Dreaming Out Loud 1940 Words & Music by Coslow  wvicon.gif
Beware, My Heart 1947
Je Vous Aime 1947 Words & Music by Coslow  wvicon.gif
Heavenly Music 1950
Don't Take That Black Bottom Away ? Addy Britt, Harry Link
Sweet Lotus Blossom ? Arthur Johnston